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When it comes to Canada immigration consultation, Talent Connected Worldwide is the leading consultancy in India. We are highly regarded all over India as one of the most proficient, reliable and successful agencies for Canada immigration in the country.

Our services have already helped over 6000 applicants get selected for Canada immigration as Permanent Residents. This has been done over a 7-year period since we formally inaugurated our business. Naturally, this shows how excellent our Canada immigration consultation services are and we continue to add more successful and happy clients to our list with each new Express Entry Draw.

The reason why Talent Connected Worldwide enjoys such an elite status among all Indian Canada immigration consultancies is that we take our profession personally. All our consultants are trained by industry veterans and go through a very complex orientation phase before they are actually given a client’s case.

Even then, they work under experienced immigration consultants with many years of work experience and a long line of successful Canada PR visa placements under their belt. We do this to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best from us. Naturally, the overwhelming majority of our clients get selected for Canada PR in a very short amount of time.

Another reason why Talent Connected Worldwide has achieved its prominent position and market reputation is our leadership. Our director, Ms. Rachal Sidhu is a successful Canada immigration lawyer and oversees the processing of every client. Let us tell you a little more about her.

About Rachal Sidhu

Rachal Sidhu is one of the leading authorities and figures in the Indian Canada immigration industry. A veteran in the field, Rachal has been working prestigiously in this field for many years. Not only does she have a tremendous amount of experience, but she also has a thorough knowledge of the immigration laws in multiple countries.

This allows her to be a guiding light for countless clients as she continues help more and more Canada immigration aspirants get selected for PR visas. Thanks to all these factors, she has earned a formidable reputation and is held in high regard by clients, collaborators and competitors alike.

Rachal is the co-founder of Talent Connected Worldwide and serves as the Director of our Canada immigration consultancy. She takes a personal interest in all client cases and encourages our consultants to do the same.

According to her, immigration consultation is not only a profession, it is the job of creating wonderful futures for people. She believes that unless you understand each client individually, you will not be able to provide them with the advice they need.

After all, our clients don’t want to immigrate to struggle for a better life. They want to immigrate to get into a situation full of opportunities. And Rachal always ensures our clients are able to achieve this dream.

Currently, Rachal is an RCIC (R527196) accredited lawyer and holds an active membership with CAPIC (R16157). Her valuable expertise and knowledge make her the biggest asset for our immigration consultancy and the pillar of our continued success.

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What We Do

Thanks to Rachal as well as other leading figures at Talent Connected Worldwide, we have cultivated a very sophisticated services process. Our methodical approach guarantees the highest chance of success while also accommodating the differences in preferences for each client.

Working under Rachal’s guidance, our consultants provide highly customized advice and guidance. We treat every client as unique and do the utmost to ensure they get the best opportunity to achieve their Canada immigration dream. This dedication and regard for the individual requirements of our clients means that all our services are modified to suit their needs. As a result, our clients are able to cut overall expenses and still get their PR visas as quickly as possible.

A focal point of our Canada immigration consultation services is our highly beneficial job search service. Since we are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and have been for many years, we have extensive connections in the provincial market. We specialize in IT consulting but also offer our placement services in many other fields as well.

As a rule, we always recommend our placement services to our clients in case they do not have a job offer already. We believe that the best way to start their new lives overseas would be with a regular full-time well-paying occupation. And thanks to our considerable market presence, we are more than adept at helping them find just the kind of job they need.

In short, our Canada immigration consultancy services are the complete package. They offer the perfect balance between cost and value and help clients embark on a journey that will help them reach the pinnacle of their ambition.

Why Choose Us?

As you can tell by now, Talent Connected Worldwide is a great option for Canada immigration applicants. Our excellent track record, licensed status, eminent leadership, quality services and fair pricing validate the same. Further, we strive to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We understand that you as an individual might move to Canada today and might want to help your family or friends immigrate later. So, we ensure that you do not need to go anywhere else to successfully secure that Canada PR visa for yourself or any other loved one.

In short, Talent Connected Worldwide is the best Canada immigration consultancy that you can approach. Our combination of superb knowledge, tremendous experience, overseas presence, customized consultation and most important, client-friendly policies and practices ensure you the best immigration help money can buy.

We are also always upgrading our services to keep in line with the latest policy changes. So, when you get consultation services from us, you can be sure to take advantage of the latest immigration laws and schemes. These might very easily get you the visa and that too at the best possible price. If you want to get the best Canada immigration consultation in India, then Talent Connected Worldwide should be your first choice.

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