0621 NOC Code

0621 NOC Code: Analysis of Skills required & Job duties to Perform

Do you know what the 0621 NOC code stands for? Well, this NOC code stands for retail and wholesale trade managers. However, according to the new version of NOC codes, the 2021 version, the code has changed to 60020. So, this is the new accepted NOC Code. 

The main task of these managers is to look over the whole establishment that is selling out merchandise or services. Thus, the selling of these services and merchandise can be on a retail or wholesale basis. 

Do you want to look for a job abroad under this NOC code? Then first you must know the basic information about job profiles under this NOC. Let’s get started then. 

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About 0621 NOC Code

The 0621 NOC code is a job title that includes relevant job positions similar to that of retail and wholesale trade managers. Professionals under this NOC code perform a number of duties including hiring staff, training them, as well as managing them. Apart from this, retail and wholesale trade managers also know how to handle consumers or clients’ demands and work with them. Further job duties are mentioned below in this blog.

Employment Requirements Under this NOC Code

  • So, the candidate must have completed their secondary education. 
  • Also, you must have a degree/diploma in business administration. A degree or diploma is also acceptable in any other field as long as it is related to the service or product being sold. 
  • Since this is a managerial position, many years of work experience is required. When a person has years of experience in the same field, they naturally learn how to take on responsibilities. 

Job Titles Included

Under the 60020 NOC code, there are many job titles included. Take a look at them below:-

  • Antique Dealer
  • Appliance Store Manager
  • Area Manager – Retail Store Chain
  • Art Dealer
  • Art Gallery Manager – Retail
  • Assistant Department Manager – Retail
  • Assistant Manager – Food Store
  • Assistant Manager – Retail
  • Assistant Manager – Retail Trade
  • Assistant Manager – Wholesale Trade
  • Audio Equipment Store Manager
  • Auto Dealership Manager
  • Auto Glass Repair Shop Manager
  • Auto Rustproofing Shop Manager
  • Automobile Repair Garage Manager
  • Automobile Repair Shop Manager
  • Automobile Servicing Manager
  • Bakery Department Manager
  • Bakery Manager – Food Store
  • Bakery Manager – Retail
  • Beer Store Manager
  • Bicycle Shop Manager
  • Bird Seller
  • Bookstore Manager
  • Brake Shop Manager
  • Branch Manager – Retail
  • Camera Store Manager
  • Cannabis Dispensary Manager
  • Cannabis Shop Manager
  • Car Dealer
  • Car Dealership Manager
  • Car Leasing Branch Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Cattle Dealer
  • Clothing Store Manager
  • Coin Dealer
  • Computer Products Dealer – Retail
  • Computer Products Store Manager
  • Concession Holder
  • Concession Manager
  • Confectionery Department Manager – Retail
  • Confectionery Manager
  • Convenience Store Manager
  • Custom Tailoring Shop Manager
  • Customer Service Manager – Automobiles
  • Customer Service Manager – Retail
  • Dealer – Retail
  • Deli Manager – Food Store
  • Delicatessen Department Manager – Retail
  • Department Manager – Department Store
  • Department Manager – Retail
  • Department Store Manager
  • Dispensing Opticians Office Manager
  • Drugstore Manager
  • Electronic Products Store Manager
  • Fabric Store Manager
  • Farm Heavy Equipment Dealership Manager
  • Flea Market Concession Operator
  • Flea Market Manager
  • Floor Coverings and Draperies Store Manager
  • Floor Manager – Retail
  • Flower Shop Manager
  • Flower Store Manager
  • Food Store Department Manager – Retail
  • Food Store Manager
  • Front End Manager – Retail
  • Fruits And Vegetables Manager – Retail
  • Furniture Store Manager
  • Garden Centre Manager – Retail
  • Gas Station Manager
  • General Store Manager
  • Gift Shop Manager
  • Grocer
  • Hardware Store Manager
  • Jewelry Store Manager
  • Leather Goods and Clothing Store Manager
  • Liquor Store Manager
  • Livestock Dealer
  • Management Trainee – Retail
  • Manager – Retail Store Chain
  • Manager Trainee – Retail
  • Managing Supervisor – Retail
  • Meat Department Manager – Food Store
  • Meat Department Manager – Retail
  • Metal Dealer
  • Motor Vehicle Repair Shop Manager
  • Muffler Shop Manager
  • Numismatist
  • Office Supplies Store Manager
  • Paint Store Manager
  • Parking Garage Operator
  • Parking Lot Operator
  • Parts Manager – Retail
  • Pawnbroker
  • Pet Store Manager
  • Pharmacy Department Manager – Retail
  • Pharmacy Manager – Retail
  • Philatelist
  • Photographic Equipment Store Manager
  • Photographic Studio Manager
  • Pleasure Boat Dealer
  • Produce Manager – Retail
  • Record Store Manager
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Retail Sales Manager – E-Commerce
  • Retail Store Owner
  • Retailer
  • Salvage Dealer
  • Scrap Metal Dealer
  • Section Manager – Retail
  • Service Manager – Retail
  • Service Station Manager
  • Ship Chandler
  • Shoe Store Manager
  • Shop Manager
  • Sporting Goods Store Manager
  • Stamp Dealer
  • Stationery Store Manager
  • Stereo Equipment Store Manager
  • Store Manager – Retail
  • Supermarket Manager
  • Television And Stereo Equipment Store Manager
  • Tire Dealer
  • Toy Store Manager
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • Variety Store Manager
  • Video Rental Store Manager
  • Video Store Manager
  • Wholesale Establishment Manager
  • Wholesaler
  • Wine Store Manager

Job Titles Excluded

  • 10022 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
  • 10020 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
  • 60030 Restaurant and food service managers
  • 62010 Retail sales supervisors

These are the Main Job Duties:- 

  • Those managers under the NOC Code 60020 have to, no doubt, manage staff as well as assign them suitable duties. 
  • Also, they are the ones to decide which merchandise and services would be sold. Moreover, they determine the price of the merchandise and look over the credit policies. 
  • Since there are many departments that need to engage with establishments in the wholesale and retail stores, the managers are the ones that look over the whole planning, directing, and evaluating the operations process. 
  • If it’s necessary, they also communicate with vendors to procure merchandise for resale.
  • They not just develop essential market strategies but also implement them. 
  • Moreover, managers plan budgets and authorize expenditures. They also monitor revenues.  
  • They have to study market trends so they can understand consumer demand, potential sales volumes, and also the effect that their competitors’ operations on sales could have on them. 
  • Moreover, they work on consumer issues and find solutions to the customer’s request. 
  • They hire the staff so they are the ones to determine the staffing requirements too. 

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What is the role of a store manager in Canada?

A store manager has a lot of things to manage in a store. Moreover, they have to look over the day-to-day operations of the store on a general day. 

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