Top 3 Immigration Communities in Canada

Top 3 Immigration Communities in Canada

With a high immigration rate, Canada is one of the most welcoming countries to immigrants. The country’s high quality of life, universal and free health care system, and premium education has made it one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Additionally, Canada is famous for its safety and liberal freedoms.

The Canadian government has maintained its commitment to immigration despite the outbreak of pandemic disease.

In late October 2020, Canada announced that it would welcome more than 400,000 new permanent residents in 2021— Immigration is expected to be the sole source of growth for the country’s economy by 2030.

 So, where are most of Canada’s immigrants coming from?

Who makes the Top 3 Immigration Communities in Canada?

Indian communities in Canada

Around 25% of the immigrants coming to Canada each year are from India. Indian immigrants generally go on to settle in Ontario, British Columbia or Alberta. Because of their strong academic programs, most Indian nationals tend to gravitate towards these three provinces.

Student visas are usually granted in larger numbers to Indian students than to students of any other nationality.

Many international graduates remain in Canada and find work through programs such as the Post-Graduate Work Program, which gives them a chance to apply for permanent residency.

The high demand for skilled workers in the tech, medical, engineering and agricultural industries in these provinces makes them attractive to Indian immigrants.

Chinese Communities in Canada

Chinese immigrants are more likely to settle in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia (BC), Ontario, Quebec and Alberta than elsewhere.

In 2019, the Chinese student community represented the second-largest non-European immigrant population in Canada after India.

Many international students are drawn to British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta for their top-quality educational institutions as well as dynamic job markets, and for professionals in many different industries, including those working for IT companies, engineers and financial firms.

The relatively constant number of Chinese citizens moving to Canada clarifies that they have continued to view this country as a viable immigration destination.

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Filipino Communities in Canada

Although a small population of Filipinos lived in Canada until the late 20th century, their numbers increased substantially . As of 2016, 851,410 people of Filipino descent live in Canada—although most are concentrated in urban areas.

Filipino-Canadians make up the third-largest Asian Canadian group in Canada, after Indians and Chinese. They are also the largest Southeast Asian community within this nation.

The Filipino community in Canada grew by 7% between the 2011 and 2016 censuses, compared to 5% for the rest of Canada.

People who migrate to Canada are likely to live in one of the country’s major cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver or Winnipeg.

The Live-in Caregiver Program was closed in Canada, and replaced with two new Home Support Worker Pilots designed to simplify the application process. This is generally sort after by immigrants from Philippines.


Canada is a popular destination for immigrants because of its status as a constitutional monarchy, bilingualism, multiculturalism and family policies. The country has a stable economy and a world class universal health care system. These factors make Canada an attractive place to live in.

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