What is SINP Eligibility for immigration to Saskatchewan?

SINP Eligibility for Immigration to Canada

What is SINP Eligibility for immigration to Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is one of the most popular Canadian provinces with incredible opportunities, high paying career, fantastic personal life and high education standard for anybody who wishes to move to Canada.

Being one of the quickest developing economies among Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan is advancing at an amazing rate. There are 98,200 employment opportunities for the Saskatchewan region alone for 2019 to 2023.

The Saskatchewan Labor Market has understood the need to keep up the pace with scientific and technological advancements in the different modern areas and has taken on a liberal policy to advance talented occupation business offers. Employment opportunities are supposed to spike by 76% in this province.

SINP eligibility criteria: Eligibility criteria for the SINP, you really want a base score of 60 on the SINP point assessment grid. Generally, a score of 65 points or above has a fair opportunity of receiving an ITA. SINP gives additional score (max 10 score) to bilingual International Skilled Worker candidates with English and French language capacities.

SINP points Table

Aspects Points

Education and training

Max 23 points

Language abilities

Max 20 points

Skilled work experience

Max 15 points

Connection to Saskatchewan labor market

Max 30 points

Special Merit

As per case profile


Max 12 Points

Total points

Max 100 points

Minimum Points Required

 60 points

How to apply for saskatchewan pnp through Express Entry:

Stage 1: Create an Express Entry Profile.

Stage 2: Choose Saskatchewan, when they ask for preference for residence.

Stage 3: Create your profile on SINP online portal also called OASIS.

Stage 4: If you have been nominated through the SINP, you will receive 600 in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Stage 5: Get an ITA or Invitation to Apply during the Express Entry draws. 

Stage 6: Apply for permanent residence within 60 days.

Stage 7: You will then get your Canada PR visa.

Saskatchewan immigration eligibility documents:

  • Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code
  • Language test results, for example,
  • Global International English Language Testing System (IELTS, GENERAL TRAINING)
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Test d ‘assessment de français (TEF)
  • Reports of you preparing for post-auxiliary training
  • Minimum 1 year, full-time, paid work in NOC O, A or B Skilled Occupations
  • Evidence of Employment and Reference Letter
  • Evidence of Professional Status or Licensure (if applicable)
  • Evidence of settlement funds
  • Records of close family or close relations (if applicable)
  • Proof of Saskatchewan work and education Experience (if applicable)
  • Identification, Health, Passport, and character certificates.

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