Canada Declares 17,000 Application Openings for Parents and Grandparents in 2019

A great bit of news has just emerged in the Canada immigration market. Canada has long been trying to reunite citizens and permanent residents with their families overseas. This year, the IRCC has increased their number of applications slots from 10,000 to 17,000. This declaration has been received with widespread appreciation. Individuals who have immigrated to Canada will now reunite with their families. But, of course, there is a fixed criterion for who is eligible to apply for this. Given below are the important details.

Eligibility Criterion for Apply for Parents and Grandparents Canada Immigration as Permanent Residents

First off, it is the person who is currently living in Canada who will apply as a sponsor for their parents and grandparents. In order to be eligible, then need to fulfil two primary requirements

  1. They need to be at least 18 years of age.
  2. They need to be Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada.

In addition to these requirements, there are a number of others that you need to fulfil. Here they are:

  1. The applicant or sponsor will need to provide financial support to any and all dependants that they sponsor into Canada as permanent residents.
  2. The applicant will need to qualify a certain income level that shows they are capable of supporting those they sponsor. This requirement will be determined through the submission of legal notices given out by the Canadian Revenue Agency.
  3. Next, the sponsor or applicant needs to show that they have the required level of income for at least three consecutive years. In case they are married or in a common law relationship, then the incomes of both individuals can be taken into account.
  4. In case the application made by the sponsor is accepted, they along with the people they sponsor will need to sign a legal document. This document will state that the sponsor will be legally required to financially support the people they have sponsored for at most 20 years.

What is the Process?

To apply for this kind of PR visa, you will need to fill the right application with the documents as mentioned above in Canada. Once the people you wish to sponsor are selected, they will be notified and will have 60 days at the maximum to apply for their PR visas. If they do so within the given time, they will receive their PR visas and be allowed to enter Canada as permanent residents.

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