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Canada is one of the favorite immigration destinations for professionals worldwide. Ever since the Express Entry program was started, moving to Canada has become easier than ever before. But this also means that more people are applying for immigration each year.

Despite the fact that Canada has lowered its immigration requirements, most applications from India do not get selected. This is often because the applicants apply on their own and make silly mistakes that invalidate their application.

On the other hand, they also tend to go for best Canada immigration consultancy services in Delhi that cannot provide them with guaranteed results. Most of them get frustrated within a few tries and resort to never being able to achieve their dreams. But we are here to tell you that you can achieve them!

In order to succeed in this environment, getting professional help is essential. Without that, your chances of getting approved for immigration are very low. So, you are going to need the guidance and professional assistance of dedicated immigration experts. This is where we come in.

How to Get Canada PR?

Canada has one of the most transparent immigration programs in the world. It offers fair and open opportunity to all people. The following is the immigration application process for Canada:

   1. Express Entry Program

The first step for applying for Canada immigration requires you to make an Express Entry profile. You must provide details about yourself like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability etc. These factors will be marked and you will be given a CRS score which will decide your immigration chances.

Best Canada immigration consultancy services in Delhi

   2. Provincial Nomination Programs

PNPs are one of the best ways to immigrate to Canada. Basically, every province of Canada like Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario etc. has its own PNP. The process for applying for these is the same as the Express Entry program. However, the minimum requirements vary with each province. If you get selected for PNP, then your immigration is guaranteed. That is why PNPs are highly recommended.

   3. Wait for Express Entry Draw

Once you have made the Express Entry profile and or received the PNP, you will have to wait for the Express Entry draws. These are held once every 15 days. Each Express Entry draw has a CRS cut-off. If your CRS score is above the cut-off, you will get an Invitation to Apply.

   4. Applying for PR Visa

After getting the Invitation to Apply, you must apply for a PR visa within 90 days. Once you get that, you will have one year to move to Canada. It is highly recommended that you speak to immigration consultants throughout the process to ensure smooth immigration.

What Is Talent Connected Worldwide?

In the simplest of words, TCWW is the biggest company for immigration to Canada in India. Established in 2010, we have helped more than (add a number here) immigration hopefuls move to Canada and achieve their ambition of living a great life. Our success rate has made us one of the most respected and envied Canada immigration consultancies in India. But none of that actually tells you what we can do for you. So, let us help you understand just that.

What Can Talent Connected Worldwide Do for Your Canada Immigration Dreams?

Talent Connected Worldwide has a proven track record of helping scores of Canada immigration aspirants become Canadian residents and citizens. We strive to deliver the most exceptional and successful immigration services at fair prices. Here is a list of reasons why we are the only immigration consultancy that you should rely on to make your Canada immigration dreams come true:

  1. TCWW is highly-reputed and has a tremendous track record for success with over 6000 successful immigration applications under its belt.
  2. We are an ICCRC accredited 7-year-old company with an extensive network of immigration offices and workers all over the world.
  3. We offer complete immigration solutions to clients including all aspects Canada immigration like customized immigration consultation, documentation help, job assistance etc.
  4. We are led by expert ICCRC certified immigration lawyers who have intimate knowledge of Canadian immigration laws.
  5. All immigration consultation projects are based on the individual needs of clients. This means you only pay for the services you need to successfully immigrate.
  6. For immigration aspirants who want to get complete packages, we offer tailor-made programs which can give you the best immigration opportunities.
  7. We also have a highly sophisticated system for evaluating immigration cases. This helps in assessing each case and telling our clients about their immigration chances.
  8. We are in constant contact with our head office in Toronto, Ontario and keep track of the latest developments. This allows our clients to benefit from rule changes as soon as they are implemented.
  9. We are an immigration agency which prides itself on dealing with clients on a personal basis. We ensure that your time and money are put to best use.
  10. We have a completely transparent evaluation process that ensures you know every step involved. This means you can trust us to deliver the best immigration services in the market.

So, as you can see, Talent Connected Worldwide is a highly-professional immigration consultancy offering comprehensive immigration packages to clients. Further, our customized services are the best chance you can have of making your dreams come true. Now, let us tell you how we work our magic!

What Is the Immigration Evaluation Process at TCWW?

Canada immigration involves the evaluation of a lot of factors. As a leading economy of the world, Canada only wants the best and the brightest to immigrate into the country. Our job is to ensure that your application has the best chance of achieving success and is forwarded through the right channels. To ensure this, we follow a well-defined protocol for evaluating immigration applications. Let us tell you its major segments:

  1. Case Submission : This is the first part of the process and basically covers the submission of the right information related to your immigration application. Usually, the client is asked to visit our office or connect via video call. After a brief discussion of their immigration requirements, our consultants ask them to submit the right documents. This is accompanied by a pre-defined fee which is refundable in case the client application cannot be taken forward. Once the client makes the payment we undertake the next step of the process.
  2. Document Evaluation : This is the core part of the case evaluation process. Here, we take a look at your chances of immigrating based on the relevant information you have provided. More specifically, we look at all the factors like age, educational qualification, work experience, family in Canada and all other factors that will impact your Express Entry score. This evaluation can take up to 5 days. After this process is completed, we have another discussion with the client.
  3. Customized Consultation : Having evaluated the case closely, our immigration consultants now provide you with the key advice that will maximize your immigration chances. This is based on the current requirements of the Express Entry or Provincial Nomination Programs. If the application cannot be improved, we refund the evaluation fee. But if we think you have a fair chance of immigrating, then we take the case forward. Our consultants inform the client of the best way they can immigrate to Canada and inform them of the process. Once they approve and make the remainder of the payment, we embark on the next step.
  4. Enhancing Immigration Possibilities : In this segment of the process, our focus in on improving your Express Entry score. While the Express Entry profile can be changed at any time, it is best to get all the documents together and present them in one go. So, our consultants engage in procuring all the necessary documents that will help in your immigration. These include – educational qualification documents, job-related documents, offer letters from Canadian companies (if relevant and required) etc. Once the documents have been gathered, we create an Express Entry profile on your behalf.
  5. Applying for Multiple Immigration Pathways : Other than Express Entry, PNPs are a great way to move to Canada. So, we discuss where the client wants to immigrate and apply for a provincial nomination to ensure their immigration. We also ensure that all information on the client’s Express Entry profile is validated by document submission through the proper channels. Further, we use our own recruitment networks in Canada to secure great jobs for our clients if they request us to do so.
  6. Express Entry Draw and Immigration Nomination : Once an Express Entry draw is held, we quickly inform our clients if they get an Invitation to Apply. Next, we apply for Canadian visas on behalf of the client and ensure that they get it quickly. We also provide them vital consultation on the immigration process once they have landed on Canadian soil. This helps them immigrate quickly and without any hassles. All throughout this process, our lawyers are in contact with the client and ensure all legalities are taken care of.

By now, you understand that Talent Connected Worldwide has a very detailed and effective immigration process. This guarantees you the best results and ensures you can move to Canada in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest expense. If you are still wondering whether you should approach us or not, let us help you come to a decision.

Should You Choose Talent Connected World wide’s Canada Immigration Consultancy Services in Delhi?

TCWW is a leading Canada immigration consultants in Delhi that works with people. We understand that the value of your time, money and your dreams. Our evaluation and application process is designed to help you understand your immigration chances with complete transparency. So, you do not need to waste any time, money or effort when it will not get you results. This makes us one of the most reliable Canada immigration experts in India.

Get Professional Guidance from ICCRC Accredited Lawyers

Talent Connected Worldwide is led by Director (Name of Person). She is an eminent ICCRC-accredited immigration lawyer (Put registration number here) with many years of industry experience. She has helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada successfully and can help you do the same. Let her and our team of Canada immigration experts give you the best chance of making it to Canada.

What Other Benefits Can You Get from Us?

Further, our extensive customized immigration packages ensure that you can immigrate to Canada at minimum expense. We also offer job placement service to help you make the perfect start to your life in Canada. Whether you want to move to Canada by yourself or with family, we can provide you with valuable legal counsel that will help turn your immigration dreams into reality. Trust us to make your dream life in Canada a living reality. Contact Talent Connected Worldwide today and lay the foundations for your ideal life overseas!

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