Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad

Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad

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Canada is one of the most progressive countries in the world. It has one of the best legal systems for immigrants and a very liberal society that is always welcoming towards new immigrants. Further, Canada has a massive economy with many job opportunities for skilled professionals. The growth rate of the economy is such that Canada must get talent from outside the country to fulfill their requirements.

These are some of the many reasons why Canada is the top immigration destination for many Indians. And the new Express Entry program has made moving to Canada easier than ever. However, this also means that there are a lot of people applying for immigration. So, the chances of each person getting selected are rather low.

The best way to apply for Canada immigration is through reputed consultants. In Ahmedabad, there are plenty of Canada immigration experts. However, you should only choose someone with a good success record. We are going to tell you what makes Talent Connected Worldwide the best Canadian immigration consultant in Ahmedabad.

But before that, you should have some idea of the Canada immigration application process. Let us give you a good overview of that.

What is the Canada PR Immigration Application Process?

   1. Express Entry Program

The Express Entry program is Canada’s national immigration pathway. It requires applicants to make a profile with is the basis for evaluating the application. To make this profile, go to the CIC website and fill out the profile form. You must provide details like age, education, language ability, work experience etc. This information must be provided with verification documents. Once the profile is verified it will be entered into the Express Entry immigration pool.

Best Canadian immigration consultant in Ahmedabad

   2. Provincial Nomination Programs

PNPs are the immigration programs for individual provinces in Canada. They are a great way to ensure immigration and have basically the same application process as Express Entry. You need to go to the immigration website of the particular province to make the profile. Some provinces charge an evaluation fee. So, be careful about where you apply.

   3. Express Entry Draws

Express Entry draws are the process through which new Invitation to Apply documents are sent out. The draws are held once every 15 days. So, you do not need to wait for long after your profile is approved. In Express Entry draws, a base CRS score is released. Anyone whose CRS score is above that will get an Invitation to Apply. Those below it will not and will need to improve their CRS score to be successful.

   4. Canada Immigration

Once you are given the ITA, you will have 90 days or 3 months to apply for a Canada PR visa. After you get the PR visa, you will have 12 months to move to Canada. Before you book that flight ticket, you should get all your documents together. In particular, you are going to need a police clearance certificate and financial documents showing you have enough money for yourself and your family for at least 3 months in Canada. Also, once you land in Canada, you and anyone immigrating with you will have to go for a medical exam. You must pay for the exam so carry money for that. After you get the medical clearance certificate, you can officially become a Canada PR.

That was a general overview of the Canada immigration process. There are many more technicalities and subtleties in the process than we can mention here. So, you should definitely speak to our Canada immigration experts before you apply. Now, let us tell you what makes us the best Canadian immigration consultancy in Ahmedabad.

Why is Talent Connected Worldwide the Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad?

TCWW is one of the most well-known Canada immigration consultancies in India. As one of the most reputed and successful consultancies for Canada immigration in India, we offer our clients the best chance to get Canada PR within a short amount of time. Our immigration packages are cost-effective and designed to suit the individual needs of our clients.
Here are the biggest reasons why we are the best:

  1. TCWW has been working the Canada immigration industry in India for over 7 years and has placed over 6000 applicants in Canada so far.
  2. We are regarded as the best in the business by clients and peer alike as we provide top-notch immigration consultancy services.
  3. All our clients get packages that perfectly fit their specific requirements. This not only saves them valuable time but money as well.
  4. We are based out of Toronto, Ontario. This allows us to be the first Indian Canada immigration consultancy to get the latest news and updates.
  5. We are led by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable Canada immigration lawyers. This helps us give the best legal and technical advice to our clients.
  6. Our consultation services provide sound advice and guidance on all aspects of immigration that impact our client’s case. This naturally greatly enhances their immigration chances.
  7. We have a very clear and well-defined working process which is a result of years of working experience and professional expertise. So, our clients always know what we are doing with their case.

These factors alone make Talent Connected Worldwide the best Canadian immigration consultancy in India. However, we want you to know exactly why we are so successful and can help you achieve your Canada immigration dreams. Read on to find out how we work our magic and why our working process gives you the best chance to immigrate to Canada successfully.

What Are the Main Stages of TCWW’s Working Process and Why is it So Successful?

Talent Connected Worldwide is a consultancy driven by the desire for excellence and giving the best immigration consultation that money can buy. Our process is simple, effective and well-defined. This lets our clients have complete control over the process while also giving them the expert knowledge of our Canada immigration professionals. Let us tell you a little more about it:

   1. Preliminary Consultation

The preliminary consultation we conduct is based around gathering all the client’s personal information and related documents. We talk with our clients to get a fair idea of their specific immigration needs. Further, we ask them to submit the relevant documents so we can figure out their immigration chances and the best way to enhance them. The client is also asked to pay an evaluation fee which is refunded in case we think we cannot help them immigrate.

   2. Evaluating Immigration Chances

This stage involves taking a detailed look at all the documents submitted by the client. The process can take up to a week and comprises of all relevant factors contributing to the client’s immigration as well as job search if they want it. Once the evaluation is completed, we ask the client to come for a private consultation to speak with them in detail about their case.

   3. Detailed Consultation

In this detailed consultation session, we tell the client about our evaluation and how likely they are to immigrate successfully. Most clients require some work on their profile and so, we provide them with a detailed roadmap for how we will proceed with their application submission. If the client approves, we create a contract containing all the services we will provide and the client’s legal right to the same. The client is also asked to pay the remainder of the consultation fee before we begin working on their case.

   4. Enhancing Immigration Possibilities

In this stage of the process, we take all the necessary steps to ensure our client will get selected in the next Express Entry Draw. This includes gathering all the required documents and creating the Express Entry, and in some cases, the PNP profile. We also conduct a job search in case the client wants that. Some tasks may require effort from the client like retaking the IELTS exam for a better score. Once all the documents are submitted we provide our clients with their CRS score and an estimate of how long it will take for them to get selected.

   5. Express Entry Draw and Immigration Nomination

At each Express Entry draws, we see most of our clients getting an ITA. We are usually the first to know when the draws are declared and inform our clients immediately. This is followed by a consultation on the next steps required to make the client ready for immigration. For those few clients who may not get selected, we rework their profile to increase their CRS score. Mostly, they get selected quickly after this.

So, it is clear that TCWW’s working process gives applicants the best chance for immigration. If you are still in doubt, let us help you out.

Why Should You Choose TCWW?

Talent Connected Worldwide is the best Canadian immigration consultant in Ahmedabad. We work hard to ensure all our clients get selected within the shortest time. This is evidenced by the 6000 happy TCWW clients living in Canada right now. Our company is led by Ms. Rachal Sidhu. As an ICCRC accredited (Regn. No. R527196) immigration lawyer with many years of experience, she provides our clients the best legal advice to make their dreams come true. If you would like to live the ideal life in Canada, Talent Connected Worldwide is for you. Contact us now!

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