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Canada ranks as one of the top immigration destinations in the world. The wide civil liberties, job opportunities and easy path to citizenship have contributed immensely to its current status. The Canadian immigration program, called Express Entry program, is also one of the best in the world. Not only can people immigrate easily but they can do so at very little expense compared to other countries. But there is a catch.

Since the Express Entry program is very open and fair, the CIC receives a huge number of immigration applications each year. Out of these, Indians make up for a very large chunk of the immigration applications. However, the truth is that most of them get rejected. This is usually because they file the application on their own and do not know the process. Others go to inexperienced Canada immigration consultancies in Delhi and get rejected.

The best way to ensure your immigration application to Canada gets selected is by going to ICCRC registered immigration consultants in Delhi like Talent Connected Worldwide. We are going to tell you what makes us the best Canada immigration consultants in Delhi. But before that, let us talk about the Canada immigration application process itself.

How Can You Apply for Canada PR?

The Express Entry program gives equal opportunity to all applicants to immigrate to Canada. However, you need to know the process before you even think about applying. Here is a breakdown of the process:

   1. Express Entry Program

The first step in Canada immigration is to create an Express Entry profile. To do this, you need to go to the CIC website and create a profile. You will need to provide details like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability etc. These factors will then be used to give you a CRS score. This score will ultimately decide if you will get selected for Canada immigration or not.

Canada immigration consultancies in Delhi

   2. Provincial Nomination Programs

Every province in Canada runs its own immigration program. These PNPs are great for those who cannot get through via the Express Entry program as they have lower requirements. Getting a PNP nomination will guarantee you immigration. You will need to go to the individual immigration website of the province and follow their application process.

   3. Express Entry Draws

Express Entry draws are held every 15 days and declare who can apply for Canada PR visa. They give a CRS cut-off and if your score is above that, then you can apply for the visa. Also, if you have a PNP, then you can apply as well. All those with CRS score above the cut-off will get an Invitation to Apply. After they get this, they will have 90 days to apply for the visa.

   4. Moving to Canada

Once you get the visa, you will have 1 year to move to Canada as a PR. There are a number of immigration protocols that need to be met like police clearance, medical clearance, financial documents etc. We highly recommend you speak to our Canada immigration experts to learn about the process completely.

How Can Talent Connected Worldwide Help You Canada Immigration Dreams Come True?

Talent Connected Worldwide is one of the most successful Canada immigration consultancies in Delhi and India. We offer a number of immigration consultancy services at fair prices to help all kinds of immigration hopefuls realize their dreams. Let us tell you why we are the only ICCRC registered Canada immigration consultancy you should approach:

  1. TCWW has helped over 6000 people move to Canada successful since we started our consultancy.
  2. We have ICCRC accreditation and have successfully worked in the Canada immigration industry for the past 7 years.
  3. We offer a wide range of immigration programs designed to help our clients successfully move to Canada.
  4. Our company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and led by ICCRC accredited immigration lawyers with profound knowledge of immigration laws and years of practical experience.
  5. All our Canada immigration consultancy services are based on our client’s needs. This saves the valuable time and money in all steps of the process.
  6. Since we are headquartered in Canada, we are the first to get the latest updates related to immigration and can help our clients make the most of them.
  7. Our immigration case evaluation process is completely transparent and client-centric. You can trust us to give you the right advice all the way to Canada.

From the above, you can see that Talent Connected Worldwide is an extremely professional Canada immigration consultancy in Delhi. You can rely on us to help you achieve your immigration dreams and get it done for the best price. Now, let us tell you how we actually help our clients.

How Does TCWW Handle Client Immigration Application Cases?

The Express Entry program is very straightforward. But there are tons of factors that go into deciding who can be selected for immigration. At TCWW, we make it our personal mission to help every client who has the potential of getting selected for Canada immigration ensure just that. To check this, we follow a very sophisticated evaluation process. Here are the details that you should know:

   1. Case Submission

The evaluation process starts when the client contacts us and submits the required documents. In addition, they are asked to pay a refundable evaluation fee in case we cannot help them immigrate. Once the documents and payment are submitted our professional Canada immigration consultants get to work.

   2. Assessing Documents

The documents submitted by the client are evaluated by our team of veteran Canada immigration experts. They use these documents to make an estimate of your average CRS score. Then the score is compared to previous Express Entry draw scores. If our experts feel the score can be improved to reach above the minimum CRS requirement, then we set up a private consultation with the client.

   3. Customized Consultation

In this step of the process, the client is informed of the best possible case for their Canada immigration chances. They are given a detailed insight into what it will take for them to get selected. Further, our experts explain all the important details of the process and how they believe they can help our clients become Canada Permanent Residents in the shortest time.

   4. Optimizing Immigration Chances

Based on the discussion with the client, our immigration experts get to work on their case. They regularly contact the client to help them improve their CRS score and bring it to the level where they have a very good chance of getting selected. This usually requires effort from both our experts and the client as well. Once all the necessary documents have been gathered, our consultants create an Express Entry profile. In case they feel it will benefit the client, they also create PNP profiles for the nomination. This is usually done for those clients who can immigrate to specific provinces in Canada. All throughout this process, the client is informed of all activities taken on their behalf by our consultants.

   5. Express Entry Draw and Immigration Nomination

When the Express Entry draws are held, our clients are notified first by our consultants. In most cases, our clients get selected in the first attempt. In case, they don’t our consultants do a detailed review and enhance their CRS score further, if possible. All our clients who get selected for immigration get a detailed consultation on the next step of the process. Our experts then proceed to apply for the visa on their behalf and also gather all the necessary documents to finally help them immigrate.

It must be clear by now that Talent Connected Worldwide offers a very transparent, dedicated and professional Canada immigration consultancy program. This is the main reason why the majority of all our clients get selected for immigration in a very short period of time. Are you still wondering if we are the Canada immigration consultants in Delhi you should choose? Let us help you decide!

Why is TCWW The Best ICCRC Accredited Canada Immigration Consultancy in Delhi?

Talent Connected Worldwide is widely recognized as the most powerful force in the Indian Canada immigration consultancy industry. Our combined talent pool of experienced immigration experts along with authentic and transparent evaluation process makes us highly successful and reliable.

Further, our consultancy is headed by (Name of Person). She is a highly experienced and educated ICCRC accredited (put registration number here) immigration lawyer. Also, she has personally helped thousands of our clients move successfully to Canada.

In addition to our consultancy services, TCWW also offer job recruitment options to help clients get selected. This naturally gives our clients a clear advantage over other applicants. If you want to move to Canada in the shortest time possible, let TCWW show you how we can make it happen for you. Choose Talent Connected Worldwide, the best ICCRC accredited Canada immigration consultants in Delhi, and let us help you become a Canada PR in no time!

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