Express Entry Draw CRS Hits 441 in July

Canada is really stepping up their immigration drive this year. Coming in line with their declaration that they want over 1 million immigrants in the country by 2020, Canada has consistently lowered its CRS requirements.

What is New with Express Entry Draws?

In the recent Express Entry draw, the CRS score was dropped to 441. This is certainly a good sign for all Canada immigration aspirants as more and more people will become eligible for getting an ITA. At the same time, the number of ITAs has also increased considerably from Express Entry draws earlier this year.

These earlier draws had released 3,500 ITAs per Draw on average. Now, for the past 3 draws, the number of ITAs issued has increased to 3,750. This means more and more people are getting ITA and they are going to achieve their Canada immigration dream soon.

Is Canada Going to Issue More ITAs?

Another good bit of news for Canada immigration aspirants is that the number of ITAs issued with each draw is likely to increase. As per the CIC, Canada wants to get just under 75,000 immigrants into the country by the end of 2018. This means that the door for immigration maybe swung wider than it has at the moment.

The following year in 2019, the immigration target is even higher at 81, 400. This means that those who want to move to Canada before 2020 should apply immediately. It takes an estimated 6 to 9 months for profile verification via Express Entry. So, if you want to move to Canada, applying now is the best time to do so.

Will The Canada Immigration Acceptance Rate Drop after 2020?

Canada is currently experiencing an immigration boom. This is because the Canadian economy is also growing quickly. This trend is likely to continue even after 2020. However, there is no guarantee of this and it is best to apply when the opportunity is present.

It is estimated that after the current inflation is over, the Canadian economy will revert down to a steady growth rate. While this means that Canada will always want immigrants to fuel its growing skilled labor requirements, the massive immigration drive going on right now will most likely be tapered off.

This means that the chances of moving to Canada are the best at the moment. We can ensure a very high immigration rate at least until 2020. So, immigration hopefuls wanting to move to Canada should apply asap through trusted immigration experts.

What Would be the Best Way to Apply for Canada Immigration?

Since Canada is lowering their immigration requirements, the competition is also high. The number of ITAs are limited and so, only the highest scoring people will be able to get through. There are multiple immigration options for Canada PR including the national Express Entry and specific PNPs. The best way to determine your chances of moving to Canada is to speak to seasoned immigration experts specializing in Canada immigration.

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