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ICCRC accredited

ICCRC accredited


Being India’s only CICC accredited Canadian Immigration consultancy (R527196, CAPIC R16157), Talent Connected Worldwide ensures that your immigration journey is seamless and successful.

Being India’s only CICC accredited Canadian Immigration consultancy (R527196, CAPIC R16157), Talent Connected Worldwide ensures that your immigration journey is seamless and successful.

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No one else is CICC/ICCRC authorized in India, we are!

Earning an ICCRC certification is synonymous with hard work and dedication and is no child’s play. We never take transparency and trust lightly. Being India’s only CICC (formerly ICCRC) Canada immigration consultancy firm, we are

  • Dependable and Answerable: Being legally bound, we are always answerable to any malpractices or fraudulent.
  • Best in the field: We are constantly abreast with the latest updates in the minutest of Canada immigration laws, guidelines and policies.
  • Proficient and efficient: Rigorously imbibing the best of knowledge, our consultants are always in good standing and are the absolute best in the field.

Our Director

Rachal is the Co-Founder of Talent Connected Worldwide.
Rachal Sidhu is a popular figure in the Canadian immigration industry who has been helping clients successfully immigrate to Canada since the beginning of the company. Rachal is an RCIC (R527196) accredited immigration representative and holds an active membership with CAPIC (R16157).
Being a seasoned professional, she not only has immense expertise, but also an in-depth understanding of constantly changing rules & regulations of the Canadian immigration process. At Talent Connected Worldwide, she takes a keen interest in each of our client’s case and motivates our immigration representatives to do the same.

Choosing Our Canada PR Services

Talent Connected WorldWide is globally-renowned for delivering top-notch, customized permanent residency and citizenship solutions to its clients. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to work with Talent Connected Worldwide.

We got your back!

We don’t just take care of the paperwork, we equip you with premium training

Your language score might break or make your chances of immigrating to Canada. We ensure that you score the highest possible language points by providing IELTS training absolutely free. We provide personalized, one-on-one language training and work with every individual at his/her pace. We are constantly invested in your immigration journey and ensure that your profile scores as many points as possible.

We allot you the most lucrative NOC code for your profile!

There are thousands of NOC codes which might overwhelm you and make it difficult to pick the most suitable, most probable designation for your immigration profile. Being authorized experts in Canada immigration, we intuitively know what NOC codes are in current demand and are guaranteed to  increase your chances of successfully clearing the immigration process. Being legally authorized, we execute a rigorous process of shortlisting all the eligible NOC codes and help you pick the most suitable and lucrative one.

We won’t let you miss any document

Immigration process is notoriously associated with hefty, intimidating and complicated paperwork. However, once you are with us, this headache becomes ours. From documents regarding your age, language, work experience to the lesser known documents on settlement plans, we got your back! We will never encourage and allow submission of fake documents and would provide completely transparent and legal alternatives in case you are unable to provide the required papers.

We stay updated for you

Being an active member of CAPIC, Rachal Sidhu constantly participates in important conferences and presentations. Thus, staying constantly abreast with every single minute change in immigration laws, policies and guidelines comes naturally to us. You will never have to lose sleep over missing out on PNP draws, or any other crucial change that might affect your profile.

We will represent you

Being India’s only CICC/IRCC authorized, we will be your spokesperson and will portray you in the most favorable light. We would constantly stay in touch with the Canadian government and will always be available for any correspondence.  

We will be there for you!

We will always be invested in you. We work relentlessly to ensure you a hassle-free Canada immigration and root for you even when the chances are slim. You might lose hope, we will not! Once successful we also cheer for you the loudest!

About Talent Connected WorldWide

Talent Connected Worldwide is a pioneer in the Canadian immigration industry. Showcasing excellent track records, our ICCRC authorized immigration consultants offer result-oriented services that make us the best immigration consultants in India. Having an industry experience of more than 15 years, Talent Connected Worldwide is one of the top-ranked consultancies with a perfect balance between cost and value – making us a complete package. Applying for a visa can be both intimidating and an expensive affair. Even a minor error on your application can sabotage your chances of immigrating to Canada due to delays and cause a heavy financial and mental loss. Hiring an ICCRC immigration consultant can make this taxing process simpler and would ensure that you are successfully able to make Canada your home.

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Why Canada?

  • Strong, stable and growing economy- offering more job opportunities
  • Best education in the world which is also super affordable
  • Accessible health care with social health consciousness
  • Extremely tolerant society increasing the social capital
  • Best environment to live and raise a family
  • Lot of scope to grow professionally

Benefits Of Canada Immigration

  • Being a highly developed nation, Canada is indeed ‘paradise on earth’. It offers an increased standard of living and allows the residents to live a happy and content life.
  • The Canadian state takes good care of its immigrants and offers free and universal healthcare. The medical facilities are world-class with customer satisfaction as the priority.
  • With a negligible inflation rate and very few recessions, Canadian economy is booming. All the provinces are highly productive. There are massive trickle-down benefits which are reaped by the residents.
  • Strict implementation of law and order with minimal crime rate. Special care for senior citizens by providing them old age security net.
  • There are many immigration pathways to Canada like Canada PR, Express Entry program visas, Canada PNP visas, family visa, visitor visa, student visa, etc.
  • Canada is one of the most peaceful country with a multicultural and tolerant society. The immigrants blend in the Canadian society while maintaining their own distinct identity.
  •  Canada has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world. The abundance of resources with a relatively smaller population and a thriving economy, offers a lot of employment opportunities.
  •  Clean air, many beautiful lakes, Niagara Falls, Great Bear Rainforest and the list goes on. Canada is the land of natural beauty. Canadian residents enjoy this serenity every day as part of their routine.

Canada PR – Wings To Your Dreams

  • Canada PR allows the immigrants to live a more productive and healthy life by availing the various social security benefits
  • Canada PR visa is valid for 5 years, with the provision to extend this status many times.
  • Canada PR benefits gives the Canadian immigrants right to move to any territory of Canada of their choice
  • Having a Canada PR card allows you to sponsor your family, friends and acquaintances if you are more than 18 years of age.
  • Kick start your own business or invest in a franchise of your choice in any of the Canada provinces.
  • According to Canada PR requirements, you have to live in Canada for 1095 days or 3 years to become eligible to gain citizenship of this amazing country.

Annual Salaries in Canada in 2022

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2021


Current dollars

Goods-manufacturing sector

$ 33.17

Agricultural Industry

$ 22.44

Industries in Forests, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas.

$ 43.40

Utilities Industry

$ 46.09

Construction and building industries

$ 33.61

Manufacturing Industries

$ 30.03

Industries of Services-providing sector

$ 33.23

Retail and wholesale trades

$ 27.35

Warehouse and transportation industries

$ 31.57

Occupations in the property dealing and finance

$ 37.11

Occupations in scientific, technical and professional services

$ 38.58

Support services and business building

$ 24.74

Academic and educational services

$ 37.78

Health and Social services

$ 30.72

Information, culture and recreation

$ 35.83

Accommodation and food services

$ 20.23

Other services (except public administration)

$ 29.03

Public administration

$ 40.66

What Clients Are Saying

" I recently received my Canada PR visa and I admit that the team has been extremely Professional and helpful. There were times when I was stuck in my Immigration application process, but TCWW and team made it look very simple and guided me at every step. "

Shangrilla Singh

" I had a very smooth experience with Talent Connected Worldwide. My case manager was Cherry Khanna and she did an excellent job managing my PR application. She was always available when needed and answered all my queries on time. Highly recommend working with them. "

Candida Reshma Rajan

" Talent connected worldwide is the best immigration company in Delhi. They work for the clients in very professional manner and superb team.

Gurpreet Singh

" It took me 3-6 months to search for an agency that I would entrust my partner’s visa processing to come here in Canada under “Family Class Sponsorship” until I came across Talent Connected Worldwide."

Payal Puri