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CICC Authorized
Fastest PR
High Success Rate
Free IELTS Training
No Hidden Cost
2 Year Contract

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About Rachal Sidhu

Rachal is the Co-Founder of Talent Connected Worldwide. She is a well-renowned figure in the Canadian immigration industry and has been helping clients to successfully immigrate to Canada. Currently, Rachal is an RCIC (R527196) accredited immigration representative regulated by CICC (previously ICCRC), and holds an active membership with CAPIC (R16157). She has an in-depth understanding of frequently changing rules & regulations of the Canadian immigration process and participates in several governmental proceedings to improve the immigration rules and regulations.

About Talent Connected Worldwide

Talent Connected Worldwide is one of India’s Top Immigration Companies. Our co-founder, Rachal Sidhu is an RCIC which makes us authorized by the Canadian government. Other immigration firms only have third-party ties that makes them unreliable. Talent Connected Worldwide started operations in Canada in 2008 and opened its first office in India in 2015. Since then, it has helped fulfilling the dreams of thousands of immigration aspirants across the globe. Safeguarding and protecting the interst of its clients is the principal driving force of Talent Connected Worldwide.

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Is your consultant in the ICCRC members list?

If the name of your immigration consultant / representative or the company is not visible in the ICCRC members list, then they are fraud. Hiring an authorised consultant can make the immigration process hassle-free. Applying for an immigration visa can be both time consuming and an expensive affair. Hiring an immigration consultant saves you both time and money. Even a small error on your application can result in visa rejection, which, in turn, leads to delays and a loss of total payment. Please ensure you only deal with legitimate Immigration Consultants. Talent Connected Worldwide is in the ICCRC members list.


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What makes Talent Connected Worldwide the best immigration consultant ?

We are in the ICCRC members list: To maintain the safety of immigrants, the ICCRC/CICC makes the authorized immigration consultants accessible to everyone. We are India’s only ICCRC registered consultants and are therefore accountable and verifiable. 

Being an RCIC is not easy: Being a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant does not come easy. Continuously undergoing rigorous training becomes a part of an RCIC Canada. We are the only ICCRC approved immigration consultants in India,  and this makes us the first choice among the Canada PR consultants.

We Never guarantee Canada PR: Canada Immigration consultants might guarantee jobs in Canada or even a Canada PR. Being the only ICCRC approved immigration consultants in India, we never guarantee you anything. Even though we tirelessly help you realize your Canadian dreams, we are well aware that the ultimate decision lies with the IRCC.

Your are safe with us: Being ICCRC approved immigration consultants in India, you can be assured of your safety when you apply for Canada PR with us. Canada Immigration process from India can be an overwhelming process. With us, we make it simple and easy. This makes us the best consultant for Canada PR.