153 New candidates invited to apply for provincial nomination in the latest Manitoba draw

153 New candidates invited to apply for provincial nomination in the latest Manitoba draw

In a draw held on April 9, 153 candidates were invited to apply for a provincial nomination by Manitoba.

Candidates who had submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile from one of three immigration streams were invited by Manitoba Province Nominee Program(MPNP). Here is the number of invitations issued from each stream, often known as Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs):

– Skilled Workers in Manitoba: 123

– Skilled Workers Overseas: 16

– International Education Stream: 14

Of the 153 invitations, 15 were sent to candidates with a valid Express Entry profile.

In the categories Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas, candidates must register an EOI with MPNP should they plan to apply for provincial nomination from Manitoba. An EOI is an online profile ranked out of a score of 1,000. Points for education, professional experience, ties in Manitoba, language proficiency in English or French, among other factors, are responsible for the final score.

In the most recent draw, the number of candidates invited under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream had a score of 500. The lowest candidate invited through the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream had a score of 742.

Skilled Workers Overseas And Skilled Workers In Manitoba

The Skilled Workers Overseas Category enables the MPNP to select and nominate skilled foreign workers who can support and sustain the labour market of Manitoba.

Candidates must have an established connection with Manitoba such as close family or associates, prior provincial education or work experience, or an invitation to one of the Strategic Recruitment Initiatives of the MPNP, among other criteria. To be qualified, they need not be in Manitoba at the point of application.

Under a Strategic Recruitment Program, the applicants recruited via the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream were directly invited by the MPNP. Among other qualifications, applicants who have been accepted to the Manitoba Skilled Workers category must include a full-time, permanent work offer from a Manitoba employer.

International Education Stream

Within the International Education Stream, Manitoba international student graduates with the in-demand skills may be invited. There are three sub-categories in this stream: Graduate Internship Pathway, Student Entrepreneur Pathway, and the Career Employment Pathway.

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