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  1. Benefits of Australia Immigration through Permanent Resident Visa
  2. Australian Permanent Resident Visa Process and Processing Time
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Australia is the land of opportunities offering plenty of work prospects to skilled migrants. The growing economy of the country attracts many skilled immigrants every year that are willing to immigrate to the golden continent of Australia and contribute their valuable skills towards development of the economy. If you too seek to relocate in Australia, then Permanent Resident Visa (PR visa) is the most suitable option for you. Looking for Australia Immigration Services? We are here to help.

Unlike rest of the visas, a Permanent resident visa allows you to move, stay, study, work and live in the country for an indefinite period of time. After spending 5 years in the country, you can renew your permanent residency. Also, you can apply for Citizenship of Australia after completing 3 consecutive years inside the Australian boundaries.

Australian Permanent Residence visa offers various Sub-categories of Visas. Presently, only three sub-classes are actively inviting skilled individuals namely,

  • Skilled Independent Visa 189 (Sub-class 189)
  • State Nomination Visa 190 (Sub-class 190)
  • Regional/ Provisional Visa 489 (Sub-class 489)

Benefits of Australia Immigration through Permanent Resident Visa

Australia has a surplus infrastructure and health facilities to cater to its residents. Let us sketch out few of the key benefits of Australia immigration:

  • Career growth opportunities for skilled immigrants to due shortages of workforce in the country
  • Access to best health facilities
  • World class educational institutes and universities for science, arts and other streams
  • Beautiful lands to make your home at with stunning beaches to explore and high-end pubs to spend your weekends
  • High standard of living with vibrant quality of life
Being an Australian permanent resident is a respectable feeling in and of it since the Australian Permanent Resident Visa comes with a slew of benefits! After obtaining PR status, you have full access to the following rights and advantages in the country: a. The right to live in the country as a lawful civilian b. Right to receive an education or study in any part of the country c. Right to work/find work in any part of the country d. The ability to leave and return to the country e. Right to use public health facilities and participate in public health programs f. After three years in the country, you have the right to seek citizenship. g. In Australia, you have the right to live, study, and work. h. You have the right to sponsor relatives and friends in the country. Thus, a Permanent Resident Visa gives you a legal entitlement of a resident of the country. One more benefit that the Government of Australia offers is the ‘Right of Citizenship’ for child of a PR visa holder provided the child must have been born in Australia after gaining of PR status by the parents of such child. This means that any child born in Australia to parents with the status of a Permanent Residence will be called a bona fide, lawful Citizen of Australia. Australian Permanent Resident Visa Eligibility Criteria: Australian Permanent Resident Visa is a point based system which mainly focuses on the potential of an individual. The point system evaluates the capability of an individual to perform in the economy by considering factors such as age, educational qualification, work experience and language proficiency. To be eligible for Australian Permanent Resident Visa, an individual has to be ‘Skilled’ enough to score 65 points out of 100 on Australia’s point assessment grid based on the above mentioned factors of age, education, skills, etc. An individual is called ‘Skilled’ if he/she satisfies the following requirements:
  • Age not more than 45 years
  • Work experience not less than 3 years (in any Job profile listed in Skilled Occupation List of Australia)
  • Educational qualification not less than 3 years
  • English language proficiency equivalent or greater than 7 IELTS bands
  • Must have at least 65 points of out 100 on Australia’s point assessment grid
  • Must have a relevant work experience in any of the mentioned Job profile in SOL (Skilled Occupation List)/CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) of Australia
  • Other Health and Character requirements met
  • Must get a sponsorship (in case of 489 visa)/ nomination (in case of 190 visa) from any Australian state/ relative living in Australia
Spouses A spouse is defined as an individual who is 16 years of age or older and is a:
  • spouse by marriage;
  • common-law partner; or
  • conjugal partner
Dependents A dependent child is defined as:
  • A child under the age of 19 and does not have a spouse or common-law partner;
  • A child who financially dependent on a parent since before the age of 19 because of a disability.
Australia’s point assessment grid is also known as Australia Point Calculator. Using our professional Australia point calculator tool, you can get a close estimation of your PR score. Calculate your score here.

Australian Permanent Resident Visa Process and Processing Time

With the guidance of a skilled Immigration Consultant like Talent Connected Worldwide, acquiring a Permanent Residence Visa is very possible. An immigration consultant acts as your agent and handles all of the paperwork and filing that the customer is responsible for.

Following is the process steps for applying to Australian Permanent Resident Visa:

  • Make a document checklist and gather all of the documents that must be provided.
  • Choose the Visa category that best fits your needs (Sub-class 189, 190 or 489). Also go through eligibility requirements of each of these sub-class
  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to immigration authority. An Expression of Interest is a formal way to let the authorities know that you are interested in migrating to the country
  •  Skill Select will now analyze your application and assess your EOI. It will also give you a score based on your qualifications, such as your age, educational background, work experience, language skills, and other pertinent characteristics.
  •  To be considered, you must get 60 points out of 100 on the above-mentioned qualifications. In case of visa class 190, you are required to get nomination from any Australian state. In case of visa class 489, you need sponsorship from any Australian state or relative living in the country
  • The ITA is an official invitation to the candidate to pay the fee, complete the necessary paperwork, and then apply for a Permanent Residence Visa.

The processing time varies from 6 months to 12 months. If you want to process your application faster, get in touch with our Immigration Executives at 011-40391555 (CP) / 011-40040850 (NP) or write to us at [email protected]Australian Immigration from India through TCWW’s professional consultancy!

Australia has become a hub of Indian nationals who are living and contributing in the Australian economy. Excellent working condition, suitable climate and high quality of life are primary reasons why country is attracting more and more aspirants every year.

If Australia immigration is your dream, take our professional consultation without any delay! Talent Connected Worldwide is a professional immigration consultant helping immigration aspirants realise their dream. If your vision is settling down overseas permanently for a better future, growth and development then this is the right time to get started!

Our team of experts are trained to deliver you the best. They are led by Ms. Rachal Sidhu who is an ICCRC accredited consultant with many years of industry experience and complete knowledge of Australian immigration laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum age for immigration to Australia from India?

 The maximum number of immigrants to Australia from India is 55 years.

What are the various Australian visa categories?

The list of Australian visa categories: 

  • Family and partner visas 
  • Working and skilled visas 
  • Studying and training visas 
  • Visitors Visas.
What are the benefits of using an Australian immigration consultant?

The benefits of hiring a consultant must be a good step they provide every single detail about the migration and the documentation facilities, there are many you need to keep in mind about the Visa and the complete process of it