Canada Student Visa Processing Time 2024

Canada Student Visa Processing Time 2024: How Long Does It Take?

Canada student visa processing time can take 04-11 weeks months depending on your application complexity after submission of your application and biometrics.

Canada Study Visa Processing Time 
From India04 Weeks
From Canada11 Weeks
Study Permit Extension 56 Days
Student Direct Stream 20 Days 

Tips to reduce Canada Student Visa Processing Time 

Here are tips to speed up your Canada student visa processing time. 

  • When you know that the whole process is time-consuming, make sure you start the application process six months before your exam begins. 
  • Try collecting your documents beforehand. 
  • Apply online! Apply Early!
  • Get your medical and police certification ASAP! 
  • Pay the proper fee and apply on time.
  • Get done with the biometrics process ASAP! 
  • Apply through SDS.

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

Student Direct Stream (SDS) can help you get your study permit within 20 calendar days. However, some applications can take longer. A study permit is different from a study visa. Hence, a study permit allows you to stay and study in a country legally as long as it is valid. 

Application Procedure For Canada Study Visa

Now let us check the application procedure for Canada study visa. 

  • Shortlist the Canadian university that offers your desired course. 
  • Apply for international admission. 
  • After application and fee submission, you may be asked for an interview. 
  • After selection, you will receive an Acceptance letter. 
  • Now, immediately apply for a Canadian study visa. 
  • With application, you will be required to submit necessary information and documents like SOP, LOR, PAL, medical certificates, proof of funds and acceptance letter along with biometrics. 
  • Make sure to submit the full visa application fee. 
  • Afterward, you must crack the visa interview. 

Required Documents For Canada Study visa 

Here is the list of documents required for Canada study visa application. 

  • IELTS Score Report 
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Strong SOP
  • A valid passport
  • Recent passport-size photograph 
  • Acceptance letter 
  • Bank Statement 
  • Proof Of Funds 
  • Updated CV
  • Residential Address Proof 
  • Proof Of work experience 
  • Medical Certificates 
  • GMAT/ GRE Test scores (if applicable) 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Letter Of Recommendation

Canada Study Visa Fee 

The Canada study visa fee is CAD 150 which is paid through an online method. However, the biometric fee is CAD 85 and Canada study visa extension fee is also CAD 150.

Interview Questions For Canada Study Visa 

Here are few question that your visa interviewer may ask: 

  • Tell us about your academic qualification?
  • What is your purpose for going to Canada? 
  • Why did you choose this university? 
  • Have you ever been abroad?
  • For which course you are going? 
  • Why didn’t you choose this course in your home country?
  • How are you going to fund your education?
  • Have you applied for any scholarship?
  • When will the course start?
  • Why did you choose Canada instead of other countries?
  • What would you do after completing your program in Canada?
  • How will this course help you in your career goals?

What To Do When A Canada Study Visa Is Rejected?

A Canada study visa can be rejected due to many reasons like incomplete information, a weak SOP, insufficient funds or having criminal records, etc. Hence, make sure you have everything accurate in order to avoid rejections. If you face any problems then it is important to consult with an expert or study abroad consultancy. 

Summing up, now you know everything about Canada Student Visa Processing Time 2024! So, what are you waiting for? However, for any queries, feel free to connect with us! Our team of experts, which has extensive expertise, would love to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much bank balance is required for a Canadian student visa?

ANS: The minimum bank balance required for a Canadian student visa is CAD 10,000.

Does the Canadian Embassy verify bank balances?

ANS: The Canadian Embassy can verify bank balances to check authenticity and transparency when bank statements are submitted as a part of the application process.

Which bank is best for a Canadian student visa?

ANS: CIBC, BMO, HSBC, and ICICI banks are best for a Canadian student visa.

What is proof of funds for a student visa?

ANS: You can use a loan approval letter as proof of funds for a student visa.

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