Biometrics for Canada Visa


If you are thinking of applying for a Canada visa for the first time, you must give your biometrics information. Giving biometrics for the Canada visa includes giving your fingerprints and photos. Biometrics are typically required if you are considering immigrating to Canada as well as applying for a visitor visa, work or study permit, or applying as a refugee for permanent residency.

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), having access to biometrics makes it simpler for immigration and border services officers to identify and detain people threatening Canadians’ health and safety. 

Additionally, it assists government authorities in verifying the identities of travelers, streamlines the application processing procedure, and makes admission simpler for legal travelers.

Who Needs to Give Biometrics for a Canada Visa?

You must give biometric information If you apply for any one of the following:

What Information is Collected during Biometrics?

IRCC collects the following information for biometrics for a Canadian visa:

  • Fingerprints
  • Digital photographs
  • Information (name, birth date, age, and other personal information) that is mentioned on the applicant’s passport.

Biometrics for Canada Visa Fees in India

Fee ComponentAmount (CAD)Amount (INR) 
Per Person85.005,200 (approx)
Per Family(2 or more candidates applying at the same place and time)170.0010,500 (approx)
Per Group(3 or more performing artists applying at the same place and time)255.0015,700 (approx)

How Often Do I Need to Give Biometrics for the Canada Visa Application?

If you apply for a Canada visa for the first time, you need to give your biometrics information. After that, you need to give biometric information once every 10 years.

Requirements for Canada Biometrics

Here are the requirements to meet to give biometrics for a Canada visa application.

  • Make sure you do not have henna applied on your hands at the time of the biometric appointment.
  • Your hands are free from any cuts, injuries, or cracks on your fingers
  • Keep your face visible at the time of photo taken
  • Avoid wearing headgear (headgear allowed only for religious purposes as long as the whole face is visible)

Required Documents for Biometrics

The following documents are required when you go to an India biometric collection site to give biometrics. 

  • Biometrics instruction letter
  • Passport or any other valid travel document that supports your application

NOTE: Make sure to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time.

Validity of Biometrics for Canada Visa

  • If you are applying for a visitor visa, study permit, or work permit, you need to provide your biometrics every 10 years.
  • If you have provided biometrics as part of an application for a tourist visa, work, or study permit and they are still valid, you do not need to provide them again.
  • If you’ve never given your biometrics before, or if it’s been more than ten years, you’ll need to give them again.

Steps to Give Biometrics for a Canada Visa

The following are the steps to give biometrics for a Canada visa application:

STEP 1# Pay the Biometric fee

Along with the application, the applicant needs to submit the full biometric fees to avoid any kind of hindrance in your application.

STEP 2# Obtain a Biometric Instruction Letter

After paying the biometric fee, you will get a biometric instruction letter that tells you the location and time to give the biometric information.

Make sure that you keep this letter and passport with you when you go to give your biometrics.

STEP 3# Visit the Official Biometric Collection Site

Finally, after paying the fees and receiving a biometric instruction letter, now it’s time to visit the biometric collection site and give your photographs and fingerprints. Don’t forget to bring your passport and biometric instruction letter along with you.

1. Why give biometrics for a Canada visa?

Ans: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) uses biometric information to verify applicants’ identity.

2. How much are biometrics fees?

Ans: The biometric fee is $85 per person.

3. Does biometrics mean approval in Canada?

Ans: No, biometrics is a part of the application process which you have to provide before the application can be processed.

4. What is a biometric instruction letter?

Ans: After paying the biometric fees you will receive a letter (biometric instruction letter). This letter shows that IRCC has received your information, and also tells you the time and place where you will need to give your biometric information.

5. What documents are needed to give biometrics for a Canada visa?

Ans: The following documents are required to give biometrics for any Canadian visa:

  • Biometrics instruction letter
  • A passport or any other valid travel document