How Long To Get Canada Study Visa After Biometric?


As of the current IRCC processing times, a study permit application takes 15 weeks to process. However, the processing time does not include the time it takes to give biometrics. Actually, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will only start processing your application once you have given your biometric information

Hence, it takes 16 weeks for a Canada study visa to get processed after giving biometrics.  

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Canada Study Permit Processing Time from India

Canada study permit processing time from India is about 15 weeks. This period does not include the time you’ll take to give biometrics. Once you give the fingerprints and photographs, IRCC will begin processing your application.

So, the faster you submit biometric information, the sooner the Canada study permit application will be processed.

Does Canada Study Permit Application Need Biometrics?

Yes, a Canada study permit application needs your biometric information if you are applying for the first time. In case you have already given your biometrics, you don’t need to give them again for 10 years. 

Biometrics for Canada Visa

The immigration officers ask for biometric information to verify an individual’s identity. Biometrics are essential to give along with your visa application. They play a crucial role in establishing your unique identity, and that’s what the IRCC uses it for. 

Tips to Give Biometrics Correctly

  • The whole face must be visible
  • Try to avoid light-colored clothing 
  • Keep your hands henna or mehndi free
  • In case of injuries, cuts, or cracks, let them heal before giving biometrics

What is the next step after giving biometrics for Canada visa?

After IRCC receives biometric data, they start processing the application. Without the biometric information, they cannot process the application.

Does visa processing start after biometric?

Yes, IRCC starts processing an application only after receiving the candidate’s biometric information.

Does biometric mean visa approved?

No, biometrics does not mean that your visa application is approved. Biometric information of an individual consists of their fingerprints and photographs.

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