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A biometric consists of an individual’s fingerprints and their photo. They are used by governmental officials to verify someone’s identity. When you are applying for any kind of visa, and if you haven’t given your biometrics to the Canada authorities before, you need to submit them with your visa application. Now, what is a Canada biometric validity letter, you ask? A biometric validity letter just lets you know that IRCC received your biometrics and that you don’t need to give them again for the next 10 years. 

A biometric validity letter is kind of like COPR. What is COPR ? Confirmation of Permanent Residence is an official document that you receive before you get the actual PR card. Both these documents are substitutes that confirm the actual thing. In case of COPR, your permanent residence is confirmed, while a biometric validity letter confirms your biometrics. 

What are Biometrics? 

Biometric information consists of the individual’s photograph and their fingerprints. This vital information is required to verify the identity of an individual entering Canada. Once submitted, the individual does not need to give them again for another 10 years. 

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Steps to Give Biometrics

Step 1 

In the very step you need to pay the biometric fee. Along with your application, you should make the full payment of the biometric fee so that you won’t face any hindrance or delays later on. 

Step 2 

In the second step, you will receive an instruction letter which will let you know where to go to give your biometric information. When you will go to give the biometrics, make sure to keep this letter and your passport with you. 

Step 3 

Now, go to a biometric collection site to give your fingerprints and photograph!

What’s a Canada Biometric Validity Letter? 

A Canada biometric validity letter confirms that the applicant has paid for the biometric fee and they can now give their biometric information. The letter also tells them where they should go to give the biometrics. This letter only comes through after you have paid for the biometric and submitted your application. 

Why Give Biometrics for Canada Visa? 

If you have never entered Canada before, meaning you never applied for a Canada visa before, and hence did not submit your biometric ever before, then you need to give your fingerprints and photograph. 

You see, this information is saved to recognize you and verify your identity for the next 10 years. This means after giving your biometric information once, you are free for another ten years as there’s no need to submit them in the time period. 

If you are entering Canada on any of the following visas, you need to submit biometrics with the visa application. These visas are:-

  • Permanent Residence
  • Visitor Visa
  • Refugee/ Asylum Status
  • Work/ Study permit (permit extensions included too)
  • Extending stay in Canada 

What is the biometric validation letter in Canada?

Once you pay the biometrics fee, you receive a biometric validation letter. This letter confirms that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has received your information. It also tells you where to give your biometrics.

What are the requirements for Canada biometric?

Make sure that your hands are free from any cuts, injuries; do not have henna applied on it; and do keep your face visible when you are giving your biometrics.

How much is Canada biometrics fee?

The Canada biometrics fee is CAD $85 per individual.

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