Steps to extend a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

Extend Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

Business trips, vacation or exploring, there are various reasons for the temporary resident visa. However, the question remains what is a temporary visa? Sometimes people want to know about the place or country themselves before deciding to immigrate there. The reasons behind the temporary visas are many. People may apply for educational purposes, business purposes or working purposes. The name Temporary Resident Visa itself suggests the main attribute of the TRV. It is “temporary”. The TRV is only valid for a certain time duration. If your visa expires then you need to apply for renewal. In this blog we will discuss the temporary visa in Canada and ways through which one can extend the validity of the temporary visa. 

Temporary visa in Canada benefits & requirements

Temporary visa in Canada will help you enter into the state of Canada legally. Temporary visa lets you visit and stay in Canada for months and years as per requirement. If your visa expires then you can also apply for the extension of the visa. It is quite beneficial for the business professionals and students, they can stay there for months till the completion of their work. Temporary visa in Canada is the document issued by the visa office that is attached to the person’s passport. One cannot travel to Canada without a Temporary visa or eTA (electronic Travel Authorization). An eTA will automatically get linked with your passport. There are three different types of temporary visa in Canada.

  • Single entry visa– if you have a single entry visa then you can only enter Canada for one time. After leaving you need to apply for it again.  
  • Multi entry visa– this visa allows you to enter and exit many times within the validity.
  • Transit visa– if you are traveling to another country and you need to stop over in Canada then you need to apply for the transit visa. It’s valid for 48 hours only.
  • Super visa– it is for the old people for parents or grandparents, and it’s for a long period of time. One doesn’t need to frequently extend the validity.

Documents one needs to apply for the temporary visa are enlisted below.

  • A passport or traveling document
  • A medical examination result, to prove your that you are healthy
  • Document to prove that you don’t have any criminal record
  • Prove that you have enough funds.
  • Identity or civil documents
  • A document to explain your traveling reason.
  • Prove that you will go to your bative country after your visa expires.
  • Proof of submission of visa fees.
  • Photographs for the application
  • Letter of invitation issued by someone from Canada.

These are a few of the things and information which are very much important for someone seeking to have a temporary visa in Canada.

Temporary resident visa Canada validity

Before explaining visa validity we are going to tell you how one can apply for a temporary visa in Canada. There are different ways of application process for different types of visa, as mentioned above. There are different types of visa such as work permit visa, student visa and temporary resident visa. In this section, we will tell you how to apply for the temporary visa in Canada.

After being eligible for the visa and submission of the application of the visa, applicants can choose the online or offline method for the process. Once the application is submitted, it goes for the review or assessment. Your application will be assessed on the basis of documents you have provided. The application gets processed within a few weeks after which you will receive the notification related to the application. An applicant will be asked to submit the passport with the application and will receive the passport with the visa if approved.

Usually the validity of the temporary visa in Canada is 6 months but if someone has his or her parents or grandparents with them, then the visa extends for a year or 2 years. However, the basic validity of visa is six months, after that you need to apply for the extension of the visa.

Canada temporary resident visa extension

For the extension of the temporary visa in Canada you must apply for the extension before 30 days of expiration. In the extension process you must submit the application to IRCC first, but your visa should be valid. Then you need to apply for the visitor record. During this process, you can stay in Canada even if your visa expires, as a “maintained status”. Your visitor record document will have the expiry date, after that you need to leave the country.

Extend temporary resident visa within Canada

In the above section, we have explained how one can extend their temporary visa in canada. The process of visa extension is quite easy. Only thing one needs to keep in mind before the extension is the validity of their Temporary visa in Canada. To know more you can contact legal visa immigration consultants at Talent Connected Worldwide, who can help you and guide you in the best way possible.

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