How Many Bands are Required for Canada PR from India?

The answer to how many bands are required for Canada PR from India depends on which Canadian immigration program you are applying through. Generally, if you have an IELTS Bands 6.0 it is considered a good score. Before we go in-depth into how many IELTS bands are actually required according to each immigration program, let’s first understand the general requirements that you need to fulfill in order to immigrate to Canada from India

Canada PR General Requirements From India

Usually, there are a lot of documents required to apply for Canadian permanent residency from India. We will mention some of the general documents required for Canada PR below:

  • First and foremost, your passport
  • Submit language test results to prove you can communicate well
  • If your education was completed in a country other than Canada, submit an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) as well
  • An Immigration Medical Exam result to show your health is fine, and a Police Clearance Certificate 
  • Then submit documents that prove your work experience 
  • Moreover, you may also need to show a provincial nomination, digital photos of yourself, a birth or adoption certificate of your children, marriage, death, or divorce certificate according to your marriage certificate
  • If the immigration authorities need more documents, you need to provide them as well 

Now that you know the general documents that you will have to submit along with your Canada PR application, let’s move on to see how many IELTS bands are required for Canada PR but according to the immigration program. 

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    IELTS Band Required for Canada PR (Immigration Program-wise)

    There are many pathways by which you can immigrate to Canada. Each pathway has specific requirements so if you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you should at least understand your options and how many IELTS bands are required for that particular Canada immigration program

    Below, we are going to discuss the minimum IELTS bands are required for Canada PR according to the programs:

    Canada Immigration ProgramsIELTS Band Requirement
    Federal Skilled Worker Program6.0 Band (CLB 7)
    Federal Skilled Trades ProgramReading & Writing- 4.0 Band (CLB 4)Speaking & Listening- 5.0 Band (CLB 5)
    Canadian Experience ClassTEER 0 & 1- 4.0 Band (CLB 4)TEER 2 & 3- 5.0 Band (CLB 5)
    Atlantic Immigration ProgramTEER 4- 4.0 Band (CLB 4)TEER 0, 1, 2 & 3- 5.0 Band (CLB 5)
    Rural and Northern Immigration PilotTEER 4 & 5- 4.0 Band (CLB 4)TEER 2 & 3- 5.0 Band (CLB 5)TEER 0 & 1- 5.5 Band (CLB 6)
    Start-up Visa program5.0 Band (CLB 5)
    Agri-Food Pilot4.0 Band (CLB 4)

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