Biometrics for Canada PR Application: Why & When to Give Them?

Biometrics for Canada PR Applications: Why & When to Give Them?

Previously, foreign nationals did not need to give their biometrics for Canada PR applications if they have already given them. This exemption was put in place due to COVID-19 regulations. However, this is no longer the case. 

On 14 June, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced that all candidates applying for Canada PR would need to give biometrics. 

According to the previous exemption, if a candidate has given their biometrics, say for a Canadian work visa, study visa, or visitor visa in the last 10 years, then they don’t need to give them again while applying for PR. 

But now, all the PR applications submitted on 14 June 2023, or after, would require the applicant’s biometrics. 

Biometrics- What are they actually? 

Biometrics are special features of an individual which identifies a particular person. They are physical characteristics used to identify an individual. 

But why does Canada need it? When an individual gives biometrics to the Canadian immigration authorities, they give their photograph and fingerprints. The immigration authorities then use this information to identify the individual. 

Why does Canada need biometric identification? 

The main reason why the Government of Canada requires biometric information is to stop thievery, or fabrication from happening. 

Thus, the Canadian government makes sure that it becomes hard for fraudsters to commit fraud using someone’s identity. 

Moreover, biometric identification also helps in separating two individuals apart who may have similar names, birthplace, and birthdates. 

Hence, from the above given clarifications, we can conclude why biometrics are crucial information. 

When to Give Biometrics? 

When you are applying to immigrate or visit Canada, you must apply for a visa, right? Well, this is when you submit your biometric information too. Whether it’s a work visa, study visa, or a visitor visa, the visa applicant submits their biometrics. 

All applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 years must submit this important biometric information. Now, your biometrics will be valid for around 10 years. 

But, when you go to apply for Canadian permanent residence, then you need to give your biometric information once again. 

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