Temporary Resident Permit for Spouse While Waiting for PR

Temporary Residence Permit for Spouse While Waiting for PR

Canada believes in the power of family reunification, and the importance of familial values and morals. Thus this is why the country has been making several changes to invite spouses and dependent family members of permanent residents faster. 

Recently, it was announced that temporary resident permit for spouse of Canada PRs will be granted while they are waiting for their permanent resident status to be finalized. 

If the spouse or the dependent family member wants to get a job abroad while they are on a Temporary Resident Permit, they must first get a work visa for that. 

Will the Govt of Canada Issue TRP for Dependents? 

When it comes to reuniting families, Canada has always been in a leading role, and this can be proven by the new changes the immigration laws made not so long ago. On 29th November, 2022, IRCC released a report regarding making amendments to incorporate dependent family members of PRs in Canada. 

In this report, the spouse and any dependent family member of the permanent resident who came to Canada and are waiting for their permanent resident to be finalized will receive a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). Using this TRP, the dependents and spouse would be able to stay in Canada until their PR is issued. This will ensure that families would be able to reunite soon. 

New Measures Announced on 26 May, 2023

On 26th May, 2023, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’ Minister, Sean Fraser, announced a few measures to accelerate the application processing time of TRPs. Apart from that, the other measures were:-

  • New processing tools dedicated for spousal Temporary Resident Visa applications
  • Open work permit extensions for those with an expiring open work permit between 1st August and the 31st December, 2023
  • Expedited TRP processing times for spousal applications
  • New open work permits only for family class applicants and spouses

Do you know that these measures are put in place to accelerate the visa processing and reduce backlogs? And this will further enhance the spousal and family reunification in Canada. 

The Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has mentioned that he plans on reducing TRP backlogs. This is specifically said for not-so-complex applications. 

Further, he mentioned that IRCC has been using technology to sort out TRV applications and put them in suitable categories for easier and faster processing. Moreover, this has helped the visa applicants as the TRV approval rate for spouses and their children is now 98%. 

And, in future, the temporary resident visa applications may not take more than 30 days for these cases. 

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