Alberta Express Entry: Eligibility & Process


Alberta Express Entry is a pathway under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program or AAIP. This stream enables Alberta to nominate specific eligible individuals who have an active Express Entry profile in the federal pool. You must receive an Invitation to Apply from the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program to be eligible to apply to its Express Entry stream. 

The AAIP sends a Notification of Interest (NOI) according to various parameters that make up the dedicated pathways within the Alberta Express Entry stream.

  • Family Connection and Primary Occupation
  • Dedicated Healthcare pathway
  • Accelerated Tech Pathway
  • Priority Sectors of agriculture, construction, tourism, and hospitality

General Eligibility Criteria 

The foremost eligibility requirement for the Alberta Express Entry stream is to have an active profile in the federal pool. To be eligible for an Express Entry profile an individual must:

Note: An Express Entry profile is valid for 12 months or one year. 

The general eligibility criteria for the Alberta Express Entry category are given in the table below

FactorsEligibility Requirements
Express Entry ProfileHave an active profile in the federal pool.
CRS scoreThe applicant must score 300 points in the CRS points calculator
Primary OccupationThe primary occupation in the Express Entry profile is in demand in Alberta or is considered a priority for its economic growth. The primary occupation SHOULD NOT be in the AOS ineligible occupation list.
Intent to SettleThe applicant aims to work and live in Alberta permanently and has already stated their interest in immigrating to the province.
Existing Nomination The applicant must not have any active nomination from the AAIP.
Applicant StatusThe individual must not be a refugee claimant or subject to removal process or federal appeal. Moreover, they must not be ineligible to re-apply to the AAIP on the grounds of misrepresentation. 

Eligibility for Primary Occupations and Alberta Connection

Besides the general eligibility requirements, the applicant must meet the following conditions to get an NOI based on primary occupation and family connection in Alberta.

  • The NOC code of the primary occupation in your Express Entry profile must be one of the in-demand occupations in Alberta. 
  • The information in the Express Entry profile states that you have a family member who is either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident settled in Alberta. 
  • Applicants who have a job offer from an established business in Alberta will be prioritized.

Requirements for Healthcare Pathway

An individual might get a Notification of Interest through the Dedicated Healthcare pathway if:

  • The information in their Express Entry profile states that they have a job offer from an employer in Alberta. The job offer must be in the healthcare industry. Eligible healthcare occupations include physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physician assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and clinical social workers.
  • The applicant must meet the mandatory requirements of the regulatory organization to be eligible as a healthcare worker in Alberta.

Eligibility Factors for Accelerated Tech Pathway

Alberta Express Entry stream sends Notification of Interest letters through the Accelerated Tech pathway if:

  • The applicant meets all the general eligibility requirements of the AAIP Express Entry
  • They are either already working or have a full-time job offer from an employer in Alberta. 
  • The job offer must be in one of the eligible tech occupations eligible for Alberta Express Entry
  • The applicant must have a valid work permit if they are already working in Alberta.
  • The NOC code of the primary occupation mentioned in the Express Entry profile must be the same as the job offer or your current job in Alberta.

Tech Occupations eligible for the Accelerated Tech Pathway

NOC codesTech Occupation 
00012Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services 
10011Human resources managers
10022Advertising, marketing and public relations manager
10030Telecommunication carriers manager
11200Human resources professionals
11202Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
12101Human resources and recruitment officers
20010Engineering managers
20011Architecture and science managers
20012Computer and information systems managers
21210Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
21211Data scientists
21220Cybersecurity specialists
21221Business system specialists
21222Information systems specialists
21233Web designers
21223Database analysts and data administrators
21231Software engineers and designers
21230Computer systems developers and programmers
21232Software developers and programmers
21234Web developers and programmers
21300Civil engineers
21301Mechanical engineers
21310Electrical and electronics engineers
21311Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
22110Biological technologists and technicians 
22212Drafting technologists and technicians
22220Computer network and web technicians
22221User support technicians 
22222Information systems testing technicians
22301Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
22302Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians
22310Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
32120Medical laboratory technologists
32129Other medical technologists and technicians
33101Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations
41402Business development officers and market researchers and analysts
50011Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
51120Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations
52120Graphic designers and illustrators
60010Corporate sales managers
72200Electricians (except industrial and power system)
72201Industrial electricians
72205Telecommunications equipment installation and cable television service technicians

AAIP Express Entry- Priority Sectors

If the Express Entry profile of an applicant has the primary occupation in the field of agriculture, construction, tourism, or hospitality, they might receive a Notification of Interest. Individuals with a full-time job offer related to an in-demand occupation in these priority sectors are eligible for the Alberta Express Entry stream.

Additional Factors for NOI

The following factors significantly increase the chances of getting a Notification of Interest from the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. 

  • Having a job offer in Alberta
  • Being a graduate of a Canadian post-secondary institution
  • Having French as the first language
  • Validity of Express Entry profile for more than 5 months
  • A parent, child, or sibling who is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident settled in Alberta.

If the information in the Express Entry profiles includes any of the above factors, the chances of getting a Notification of Interest might increase.

Application Process 


You must have received an invitation to apply from the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) before applying to its Express Entry stream. Since you can have only one active AAIP application, withdraw all existing applications from the system. 

Applying for the Alberta Express Entry stream includes the following steps.

  • Receive a Notification of Interest in your Express Entry profile during the Alberta PNP draws.
  • Email a copy of the NOI letter to the AAIP within two weeks of receiving it.
  • Provide your Express Entry profile number and email address for all future correspondence.
  • The AAIP will review the information. You will receive an Invitation to Apply to the given email address.
  • If you are selected to submit an application, review all the eligibility criteria and begin the AAIP application.
  • Upload all the required documents and submit the application in the AAIP portal. Upon submission, you will get a file number.
  • Finally, pay CAN $840 non-refundable application fee within 24 hours of application submission.

Note: Getting an application submission request from the AAIP does not guarantee a provincial nomination.

After submission, the application for the Alberta Express Entry stream will enter in a pool where it will be reviewed. If approved, the AAIP will send you a nomination certificate. You will also receive the nomination in your Express Entry profile. You must accept the nomination within 30 days. Once you accept the provincial nomination, the Comprehensive Ranking System will award you 600 additional points for being a provincial nominee. This will almost guarantee your ITA in the Express Entry draws. After getting an Invitation to Apply in the federal round of invitations, apply for Canada PR through Express Entry within 60 days.

Documents Required 

Before beginning to apply to the Alberta Express Entry stream, ensure that you have the following documents.

  • Valid Passport – you will need to upload the personal information page that includes the expiry and renewal date of your passport.
  • Work Permit if applicable
  • Language test report – AAIP accepts CELPIP and IELTS for English language test, and TEF and TCF for French language test. The test result must not be older than two years.
  • An Educational Credential Assessment report is required if your education is from outside Canada. It is valid for 5 years.
  • All degrees, certificates, and diplomas
  • A job offer from a valid employer in Alberta. It must:
    • Be on the official letterhead
    • Include the job designation
    • Mention base salary and additional compensation
    • Include job duration
    • Show job description and duties
    • Must be signed by the employer and the employee
    • Include complete information about the employer
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency of your relative in Alberta (if applicable)
  • Proof of Alberta residency of your relative (parent, child, sibling, etc) 
  • Documents that prove your relationship with the relative living in Alberta.

Processing time and Fee

The approximate processing time for the Alberta Express Entry stream is tabulated below 

Alberta Express Entry StreamsProcessing Time
Dedicated Healthcare Pathway2 weeks
Priority Sectors3 months
Accelerated Tech Pathway4 months
Family Connection and Occupation in Demand3 months

The application fee for the AAIP stream is CAN $840.

Alberta Express Entry Draws 

Date of DrawDraw CriteriaNumber of NOIsLowest CRS score
01.05.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer40305
17.04.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer49302
02.04.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer48303
19.03.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer41304
05.03.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer34303
20.02.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer33311
06.02.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer44302
01.02.2024Priority Sector – Construction with a job offer. CRS score range 300-500 points80382
30.01.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer22312
16.01.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer22312
11.01.2024Priority sector – Agriculture 44312
02.01.2024Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer42309
05.12.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer19301
21.11.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer11345
09.11.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer16305
26.10.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand100369
24.10.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer22326
24.10.2023Priority sector – Construction110300
10.10.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer13327
05.10.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand150323
03.10.2023Priority sector – Agriculture33313
26.09.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer18311
14.09.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand142301
12.09.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer16327
12.09.2023Priority Sector- Tourism and Hospitality300383
29.08.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer18300
24.08.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand168302
22.08.2023Priority sector – Construction89303
16.08.2023Priority sector – Tourism and hospitality300408
15.08.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Job Offer14326
03.08.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand201315
01.08.2023Priority sector – Agriculture32322
01.08.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway11317
18.07.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway14311
13.07.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand142302
11.07.2023Priority sector – Tourism and hospitality150435
04.07.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway12354
29.06.2023Priority sector – Construction occupation and French as first language65316
22.06.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand125306
21.06.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway19318
20.06.2023Priority sector – Construction68301
08.06.2023Priority sector – Agriculture150382
01.06.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand117304
30.05.2023Priority sector – Agriculture20342
23.05.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway05401
11.05.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand119311
09.05.2023Priority sector – Tourism and hospitality175444
09.05.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway08307
25.04.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway08316
24.04.2023Priority sector – Construction124301
20.04.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand152302
18.04.2023Sector priority – Agriculture68307
05.04.2023Dedicated Healthcare Pathway53351
30.03.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand150372
09.03.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand134301
16.02.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand100357
23.01.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand154385
19.01.2023Family connection and primary occupation in demand46324

The Alberta Express Entry stream is one of the seven streams available for provincial nomination under the AAIP. Aiming to settle in Alberta? Explore your options with the absolute best. Contact Talent Connected Worldwide, a CICC-licensed award-winning immigration company in India. 

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