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There are several Canada PR pathways through which one can immigrate to Canada. Some of the popular ones are Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program (through the Express Entry way), Atlantic Immigration Program, Quebec Selected Skilled Worker, etc. These pathways are famous as they provide faster application time, meaning you might be able to obtain Canada PR in about 5 to 8 months if you apply through these ways. The Canada PR timeline provided here includes the time it takes to give biometrics. 

Biometrics are photographs and fingerprints of a person used to verify their identity. Once you provide your biometric information to the Canadian authorities, you most likely don’t need to give them again for the next 10 years. 

The Canada PR application processing time after you have provided biometrics is discussed below. 

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PR Application Processing Time After Biometrics

Once you have successfully submitted your biometric information, the below table shows how many months it will take to process the application. 

Canada PR PathwayProcessing Time After Biometrics
Express Entry: 
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
5 Months
Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)6 Months
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):
– through Express Entry pathway
– through non-Express Entry pathway
– 6 Months
– 11 Months
Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program9 Months
Start-up Visa37 Months
Self-Employed persons program52 Months
Quebec Business Class54 Months
– Home Child Care Provider Pilot
– Home Support Worker Pilot
– 26 Months 
– 31 Months

Family Sponsorship Application Processing Time After Biometrics

Sponsored PersonThey are livingYou will live (after sponsorship)Processing Time, including biometrics
SpouseIn CanadaIn Quebec27 Months
Out of Quebec11 Months
Out of CanadaIn Quebec34 Months
Out of Quebec13 Months
Parent & GrandparentsIn Quebec33 Months
Out of Quebec20 Months
Dependent ChildIndia21 Months

The processing times mentioned above will remain the same for a person applying from India. This means, even if you are applying for Canada PR from India, it will still take 5 to 8 months, after biometrics, for your application to be processed. 

Does Canada PR processing time change after you give biometrics?

The Canada visa processing time does not necessarily “change” after you provide biometrics. The processing time we have mentioned above is the standard time that IRCC takes to process about 80% of all applications. 

Let’s go through the steps that it takes to submit biometrics to getting PR:

Step 1 – You have completely filled out the PR application online, uploaded all necessary documents, and paid the application fee, you can also pay the biometric fee. 

Step 2 – You will receive a biometric instruction letter which will instruct you when and where to go to provide biometrics. You might receive this letter in a few days or weeks. But if you pay for biometric services after you submit the application, it will take many weeks. Hence, to lessen the processing time, it is recommended that you pay for biometric services before submitting the PR application. 

Step 3 – After you get your photographs taken and provide fingerprints, IRCC will start processing your PR application. 

Step 4 – If IRCC approves your application, receive a Canada PR visa and travel to Canada. Once you arrive in Canada, you need to go through security screening, where your fingerprints will most probably be checked to ensure that you are the same person whose application was approved.  

Biometric Fee

Biometrics Required forCost
Group of 3 peopleCAN$255

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