Canada Express Entry- The Fastest Way to PR


Launched in January 2015, Canada Express Entry is the fastest and the most popular immigration pathway that gets you a PR visa as soon as 6 months. It is an application management system for three high-skilled economic immigration programs – the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).  It also enables temporary workers to get permanent residency in the country. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada aims to invite 345,770 skilled immigrants through the Express Entry system within the next two years.

Who is Eligible for Express Entry?

To be eligible for Canada Immigration through the Express Entry system, the applicant must be eligible for any one of the following federal programs-

Eligibility criteria for each of the above pathways are given in the table below.

Eligibility RequirementsCanadian Experience Class (CEC)Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
Eligibility pointsNo minimum score requiredA score of 67 out of 100 required in the selection factor pointsNo eligibility score is required
Work ExperienceOne year of Canadian work experience in the last 3 yearsOne year of foreign or Canadian work experience in the last 10 yearsTwo years of work experience in a skilled trade within the last 5 years
Eligible Skilled Trades within TEER 2 and TEER 3
Canadian Job OfferNot MandatoryNot MandatoryA valid full-time job offer for a minimum of one year 
A valid qualification certificate
Language Test ScoreCLB 7/NCLC 7 – If your primary occupation is in TEER 0 or TEER 1.

CLB 5/NCLC 5 – If the primary job is in TEER 2 or TEER 3
CLB 7/ NCLC 7CLB 5/NCLC 5 for speaking and listening

CLB 4/NCLC 4 for reading and writing.
Academic Proficiency Not required unless you aim to get points in the CRS calculatorSecondary education is mandatory Not required unless you aim to get points in the CRS calculator
Proof of FundsNot required Required if you do not have a job offerRequired if you do not have a job offer

Applying for Canada PR through the Express Entry includes the following steps:

  • Confirm your Eligibility for one of the three federal programs
  • Create an Express Entry Profile
  • Get a CRS score in the Comprehensive Ranking System
  • Be in the Express Entry pool
  • Get an ITA or Invitation to Apply in Express Entry Draws
  • Apply for Canada PR 

Each of the three immigration programs managed by Express Entry has distinct requirements. Thus, the first step is to determine eligibility. The IRCC has an Express Entry eligibility questionnaire that asks questions about

  • Canadian province or territory you plan to live in
  • The language test you have taken for the first official language. IRCC accepts PTE, CELPIP, and IELTS for English language proficiency. TEF and TCF are accepted for French proficiency.
  • Exact date and test score. This determines the validity of the language test. The test score should not be older than 2 years.
  • Language test, date, and score for the second official language (if applicable)
  • Skilled Work Experience in the last three years and its TEER level.

Once you have finished the questionnaire, a personal reference code will be given that is valid for two months. 

Once you have confirmed eligibility for Express Entry, the next step is to create a profile. 

  • Sign in with GCKey and create an Express Entry profile
  • Be eligible for one of the federal immigration pathways
  • Get an Express Entry profile number and a Job Seeker Validation code
  • Get a score out of 1200 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System according to the information provided while creating the profile
  • Enter in the Express Entry pool.

You will not be required to upload documents or make any payments while creating an Express Entry profile. However, you will need to provide the language test report number and ECA report number during the process. 

As soon as you successfully create the Express Entry profile, the Comprehensive Ranking System will assign you a score out of 1200 points. The points breakdown is as follows

Core or Human Capital Factors – 500
FactorsScore with a spouse or partnerScore without a spouse or partner
Language Proficiency 150160
Canadian Work Experience7080
Spousal Factors40
Skilled Transferability Factors – 100
Additional Points such as provincial nomination, Canadian connection, etc   – 600

The Express Entry profile is added to the federal pool of eligible profiles. A profile remains in the pool for a year. Any changes or updates made to the profile will impact its eligibility and CRS score.

The Express Entry draws are conducted to invite profiles that have a CRS score equal to or greater than the CRS cut-off. Once you receive an ITA in the round of invitations, you must apply for Canada PR within 60 days. Getting an ITA does not guarantee Canada PR. It is just an invitation by IRCC to apply for Canada Immigration through the Express Entry system.

This is the stage when you will need to upload and submit all the mandatory documents and pay the application fee. After submission, IRCC will assess the application for completion and send a request for biometrics for which you will be given 30 days to submit. Once your application is reviewed successfully, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a Permanent Resident visa if applicable.

Proof of funds demonstrates that you are financially stable to settle in Canada and support your family if they are accompanying you. The minimum proof of fund mandatory for Express Entry is given below.

Number of family membersProof of Funds
For each additional member$3,706

You will not be required to submit proof of funds if:

  • You are applying through the Canadian Experience Class
  • You have a valid job offer

You can apply for Canada PR through the Express Entry after getting an ITA in the draws. At this stage, you will need to upload all the documents to substantiate your score in the Comprehensive Ranking System. Below is a list of documents mandatory for Express Entry.

  • A Passport or Travel Document
  • Language Test results – these should not be older than two years. You can submit TEF or TCF test scores for the French Language proficiency. CELPIP, IELTS, and PTE are accepted for English language proficiency.
  • ECA report if you are applying through the FSWP or want to get points for education in the CRS points calculator. The ECA report is valid for 5 years.
  • Proof of work experience –  this includes reference letters from your employer that include your designation, salary, working hours, job responsibilities and duration, and company information.
  • Proof of Funds 
  • Qualification certificate in a trade occupation from a Canadian province or territory. (in the case of FSTP)
  • Job Offer (if applicable)
  • Provincial Nomination (if applicable)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Immigration Medical Exam (IME) – Express Entry applicants do not need to submit a Medical Exam while submitting their PR application. The IRCC will instruct you when to take the exam. You will have 30 days after being asked for the IME.

All documents must be submitted either in English or in French. In case they are in any other language, they must be translated into either of the two official languages. The translation must be:

  • Stamped by a certified translator
  • The translator must also stamp the photocopies of the original documents to state that they are the source of their translation
  • If the translation is not by a certified translator, it must include an affidavit from the translator.
Express Entry ProgramProcessing Time
Federal Skilled Worker Program6 months
Federal Skilled Trades Program
Canadian Experience Class5 months
Processing time for Express Entry

The processing time for Express Entry depends upon various factors such as:

  • Application type
  • If the application is complete and updated information
  • If the information is easily verifiable
  • Your promptness in replying to any questions
  • Number of applications received by the IRCC

Express Entry profile creation is completely free. However, you will need to pay a non-refundable processing fee after submitting your application for Canada PR. The approximate expenditure while applying for Canada Immigration through the Express Entry system is tabulated below

ExpensesCost (approximate)
ECA₹12216.57 (varies according to institutions)
Police Clearance Certificate₹2180.66
Medical Exam₹8000- ₹9000 (approximately)
Canada PR processing fee$850 (₹51920.06)
Right of Permanent Residence fee$515 (₹31457.45)
Cost for Express Entry

Note: These are not fixed expenses and are subject to change without prior information.

Express Entry has constantly been updated and enhanced to make it more sensitive to Canadian labor market needs. Recently, there have been significant changes to Express Entry.

  • Temporary Policy for Physicians –  Foreign national physicians who had a job offer have become eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) even if their offer is not continuous and is of less than one year. Through this job offer, the foreign physicians will be able to earn CRS points as well as score in the 67-points calculator.
  • Introduction of the Category-based selection– The most significant change to the Express Entry system was the introduction of Category-Based selection on 31st May 2023. This selection was announced to enable Express Entry to support Canada’s present and future economic needs. The general or all-program Express Entry draws issue ITAs based on the CRS cut-off. On the other hand, the program-specific draws invite applicants eligible for any one of the three federal programs, as well as the CRS score cut-off. The category-based draws will invite applicants under the following six categories:
    • STEM occupations
    • Healthcare occupations
    • Trade occupations
    • Transport occupations
    • Trade occupations
    • Agriculture and agri-food occupations
    • French language proficiency

How long does it take to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry?

Express Entry is known to be the fastest immigration pathway to Canada with as little processing time as 2 months. However, the processing time varies with the type of application submitted. For example, applications for the Canadian Experience Class are processed faster than the FSWP and FSTP. Moreover, the submission of a complete application increases the chances of faster immigration to Canada. Hiring an immigration consultant can also lead to faster immigration. An immigration representative is professionally equipped to submit a complete PR application and leaves little room for any delays.

Express Entry is not the same as PR but is one of the ten immigration pathways offered by the IRCC. It is often used synonymously with Canada PR owing to its popularity among immigrants. 

Besides Express Entry, other popular immigration programs include the Provincial Nomination Program, Atlantic Immigration Program, Family Sponsorship, Quebec Selected Skilled Worker, etc. 

Yes, IELTS is required. IRCC accepts IELTS, CELPIP, and PTE tests for English language proficiency. Therefore, you can take any one of the three language tests. The test score must not be older than 2 years.

The IELTS score required for Express Entry is tabulated below

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
Canadian Language BenchmarkIELTS Band ScoreSpeakingListening Reading Writing
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
CLB 7 if the occupation is in TEER 0 and
CLB 5 if the occupation is in TEER 2 and
Federal Skilled Trades Program
IELTS score for Express Entry

There is no age limit for applying to Canada PR through Express Entry. However, you must be at least 18 years old to be eligible. Even though there is no age limit, applicants get the highest CRS points if their age is between 20 – 29 years. As you get older, the points in the Comprehensive Ranking System begin to decline. Individuals above the age of 45 years do not receive any CRS points for age.

It is not hard but is competitive. Since it is the most known immigration pathway, it is the first choice for most applicants. You must have a high CRS score to improve your chances of getting an ITA in the draws. Getting help from an immigration consultant makes Express Entry relatively easier and increases your chances of successfully getting a Canada PR.

A valid job offer for Express Entry must:

  • Be for at least one year after getting Canada PR
  • Should be paid 
  • Should be continuous
  • Must be full-time (30 hours/week)
  • Be in TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3 in the case of FSWP and CEC. If you are applying through the FSTP, it must be in eligible trades within TEER 2 or 3
  • The job offer must not be seasonal.
  • Should not be offered by an embassy, consulate, or high commission.

You can determine your eligibility while creating an Express Entry profile. You must be eligible for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), or the Canadian Experience Class. Even if an applicant meets all mandatory requirements, they will become ineligible for Express Entry if:

  • You are inadmissible
  • Your health poses a threat to the country.

A 420 CRS score is decent for Express Entry. Since the launch of the category-based draws, the CRS score cut-off has varied significantly. Even though a general draw has a higher CRS cut-off, category-based selections, and program-specific draws announce relatively low cut-offs. Contact Talent Connected Worldwide to improve and get the highest CRS score possible.

Yes, a 450 CRS score has a good chance of getting an ITA in category-based and program-specific draws. 

Applicants get 600 additional points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) if they get a provincial nomination certificate from one of the Canadian provinces. Getting 600 points almost guarantees an ITA in the Express Entry round of invitations. 

You must score 67 out of 100 eligibility points to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. There is no minimum CRS score for Express Entry. A higher CRS score simply increases your chances of getting an ITA.

Getting a PR through Express Entry is permanent unless you are found guilty of forgery or discrepancy in your application. Moreover, hiring unauthorized immigration consultants will also lead to the cancellation of your PR status.

Yes. Express Entry is one of the ten immigration pathways for Canada. You can apply for Canada PR through 

  • Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)
  • Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Caregivers
  • Start-up visa
  • Self-employed
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Agri-Food Pilot

Yes, Express Entry is open for Canada in 2024. IRCC is announcing regular draws and has already issued 19,390 ITAs till now. There are at least 90,000 more ITAs that are left to be issued. This is the best time to create an Express Entry profile and be in the federal pool.

Talent Connected Worldwide has the highest success rate in Canadian Immigration and has also been awarded as the Best Immigration Company in India. We are among the few CICC-licensed immigration consultancies in the country that prioritize safe and legal immigration. 

Before hiring an immigration consultant, you must ensure that they are:

  • Authorized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants
  • Completely transparent in their procedure
  • Provide you with a clear understanding of your profile and your chances of success.
  • Do not guarantee a Canadian job, IELTS score, or success in Canada PR
  • Never ask for any hidden charges 
  • Never suggest or encourage illegal shortcuts or alternatives. 

To immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, you need to spend on several documents and processes:

  • PR Application (processing fee & right of permanent residence fee)- CAN $1,365
  • Educational Credential Assessment- CAN $215-$300
  • Language test- CAN $165-$290
  • Biometrics- CAN $85
  • Medical Exam- CAN $140-$160
  • Police Clearance Certificate- CAN $8

Immigrating through Express Entry is a transparent points-based system with almost no human intervention. However, it is crucial to seek a licensed and certified immigration consultant to ensure that you score the highest CRS score and have the maximum chance of receiving an Invitation to apply. Talent Connected Worldwide is a CICC immigration consultancy firm (R 527196, R16157) that ensures you are equipped with all factors that will land you a Canada PR.