What is an Express Entry invitation to Apply?

What is an Express Entry invitation to Apply

An Invitation To Apply(commonly known as ITA) is issued by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to the applicants in the Express Entry pool. With an Invitation to Apply, the applicant may apply for a Canadian PR as well, as it is a pathway for Canadian immigration.

While reading this blog, you will clear all your queries related to this topic. Such as application procedure, time of processing, expenditure of the procedure, documents required, and many more.

So, let’s first start with how to achieve an ITA through an Express entry profile.

How to get an Express Entry Invitation to Apply?

To achieve an Invitation to apply through Express Entry.

  1. You have to create an Express Entry profile and meet the criteria.
  2. By creating a profile you will automatically enter to the Express Entry Pool
  3. Then your profile will get a ranking depending on your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score.  Also, the CRS Score is based on the information and qualifications of the candidate.
  4. If you get a good CRS you will definitely get an ITA.

In case, you get the express entry through PNP nomination.

  1. You still have to create an Express Entry Profile
  2. Enter the Express Entry Pool
  3. Get a PNP nomination
  4. If you meet the CRS cut-off. You will get an ITA for sure.
After getting an Express Entry Invitation to Apply you can apply for a Canada PR online as well. Keep in mind if you do not respond to your Express Entry within 60 days, 

What document should I have for getting an Invitation to Apply?

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Work experience
  4. Cleared police Verification
  5. Language Credentials (in English or French)
  6. Passport-sized photo of the applicant and their family members
  7. Medical fitness certificate
  8. Education documents duly assessed during ECA
This was the list of documents that an applicant applying for an express entry invitation to apply must have to increase his/her chances of getting the ITA. Keep this in mind, in case of any misleading or fake documents an applicant may be disqualified and even banned for 2 to 5 years depending on the province.

What is the Express Entry Invitation To Apply Scoring Factors?

A candidate will get an Invitation to apply on the basis of a Comprehensive Ranking System score. Therefore here below is the list of factors affecting your scores.

Express Entry Invitation To Apply Scoring Factors

S.No. Express Entry Criteria
1 Age of the Candidate
2 Candidates Educational Qualifications
3 Candidates First Language Credential 
4 Candidates Second Language Credential 
5 Work Experiences (with salary slips if paid)
6 Spouse level of education
7 Spouse 1st-Language Credential 
8 Spouse 2nd-Language Credential
9 Canadian Work Experience of the spouse
10 CRS – Skill Transferability – Education
11 CRS – Skill Transferability – Foreign Work Experience
12 CRS – Skill Transferability – Certificate of Qualification
13 CRS – Arranged Employment

What is the deadline for an Express Entry Invitation to Apply?

An aspirant who receives an ITA must keep in mind that he or she has to respond to the Express Entry Invitation to Apply for the PR within 60 calendar days. As if the candidate fails to respond within this span of 60 days. The Invitation to Apply will automatically expire. To re-enter in this express entry pool and get the invitation again the applicant has to create a new profile and go through the procedure from the beginning. 

It is the duty of the applicant to stay updated and visit their account frequently and not miss the invitation to apply for a validity period.

While submitting your ITA complete all its sections including the scanning and attaching of required documents.

What is the processing time for the express entry ITA?

Any express entry processing time takes up to 6 months. This includes the entire processing including the biometric submission and all.

However, the processing time may increase if

  • There are criminal cases found in the police verification process.
  • The authority suspects something fishy and needs to check backgrounds.
  • In case, if the family status isn’t clear such as; filing for divorce, adopting a child or the child is under custody.
  • If the documents attached are found misleading.

What is the Expenditure to get an Express Entry Invitation To Apply?

The cost of creating an Express entry basic profile is zero, however, the following is a table that you can refer to for the estimated expenditure for the ITA.

Here is an estimated expenditure for Express Entry Invitation To Apply

S. No.Expenditure AreasApproximate Charges
1ECA (Education Credential Assessment)200/- CAD
2Language Test300/- CAD
3Biometric testing85/- CAD
4Medical Examination450/- CAD
5Police Verification Certificate100/- CAD
6Government Processing fee1,525/- CAD
7Provincial Nominee Program Processing Fee1500/- CAD

What documents are required for electronic application for PR after you receive an ITA?

After you receive your Invitation To Apply you can apply for the Canada PR. For that, you need to have the following documents.

Kindly go through the list below and arrange your documents accordingly.

    1. Civil Status and Government Identity
    2. Language credential proof
    3. Work experience documents
    4. Education Certificate and
    5. Proof of fund


Number of Family MembersFund Required
113310/- CAD
216570/- CAD
320371/- CAD
424733/- CAD
528052/- CAD
631638/- CAD
735,224/- CAD
Additional Expenditure per Member3,586/- CAD
Required fund is as per June 9, 2022 Census


  1. Medical Fitness Certificate
  2. Photos
  3. Job offer letter from Canadian employer
  4. Relationship proof with the family members immigrating with the applicant.
  5. Provincial nomination (in case, if you have been nominated)

How to make changes in the Invitation to Apply after it is issued?

The candidate is always responsible for checking that their express entry profile is up-to-date. In case, there are any sought changes to your profile after you have received your express entry invitation to apply. You have to decline your ITA and by declining this invitation the candidate will return again to the pool. There he or she can make the changes.

However, the changes in your circumstances will affect your CRS score. 

Changes such as the following may increase your CRS point:

  • Getting an addition to your Canadian work experience
  • Higher education 
  • Additional certification courses
  • Improved result of your language test
  • Changes in rules awarding points
  • Changes in family status / marital status

Changes that may decrease your CRS points.

  • If the new language test marks are less than the earlier one.
  • Loss of a job offer.
  • Age
  • Expired Language score
  • Medical challenges during filing
  • Changes in family status / marital status
  • Changes in rules awarding points
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