2172 NOC Code

2172 NOC Code- What are the job duties & income under this NOC

2172 NOC code is for Database Analysts and Data Administrators. The work of a database analyst is to come up with solutions for data management problems. To solve issues, they need to analyze, design, develop as well as administer data management systems

While the work of a data administrator is to develop and then implement data administration policy, models and standards

Are you a database analyst or a data administrator applying for a job in Canada under this NOC Code? Then you should first understand that the new NOC code 21223 is for Database Analyst and Data Administrators. Now, you can search for a suitable job using the NOC code and then apply for a Canadian work visa so you could work there! 

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2172 NOC Code- What’s the new NOC Code for it? 

The new NOC code according to the 2021 NOC version is 21223 NOC code which is for job title Database Analysts and Data Administrators. According to the 2016 NOC version, it was 2172 NOC Code. 

Database analysts under this NOC code have to perform various tasks such as designing, developing, and then making sure that these solutions are implemented for better data management. 

And data administrators have to develop and implement data administration policies, models, and standards too. 

Information technology units as well as information technology consulting firms hire them. Moreover, they are hired in both public and private sectors. 

Database Analysts Perform These Job Duties 

  • They have to design as well as develop database architecture, which is for information systems projects. 
  • Operation of data management systems in order to analyze data and analysis of data mining is done by them. 
  • Their work also consists of collection and documentation of what the users require. 
  • They need to design data models as well as database management systems. After designing, they construct, make modifications, integrate, implement and test those systems too. 
  • A database analyst may also lead and coordinate other workers. 
  • Moreover, they need to conduct research and then provide advice to other informatics experts or professionals. The advice is regarding selecting, applying, and implementation of database management tools. 

Data Administrators Perform These Main Job Duties 

  • Data administrators, as mentioned above, develop and implement data administration standards, policies, and models. 
  • They also come up with scripts which are related to stored procedures and triggers. 
  • Development of procedures and policies for network and/or internet database access along with its usage is done by them. Moreover, they come up with policies and procedures for data recovery and backup. 
  • They have to conduct research and provide suggestions to other professionals of information systems. These advice are regarding data availability, collection, security, and suitability. 
  • Research and documentation of data collection and administration policy, requirements, data access rules and security is done by data administrators. 
  • A data administrator may lead and coordinate teams of other data administrators. This is so, they can develop and implement data policies, models, and standards. 

What are the Essential Employment Requirements?

  • Well, a candidate under this NOC code requires at least a bachelor’s degree or a college program in the field of computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics. 
  • They should also have some years of work experience in computer programming or related experience. 

21223 NOC Code: Job Positions 

AvailableNot Available
Data AdministratorComputer and Information Systems Managers (20012)
Data Analyst – Informatics and SystemsComputer Engineers (21311)
Data CustodianComputer Systems Developers and Programmers (21230)
Data Dictionary AdministratorInformation Systems Specialists (21222)
Data Management SpecialistSoftware Developers and Programmers (21232)
Data Processing SpecialistSoftware Engineers and Designers (21231)
Data Quality Analyst
Data Steward
Data Warehouse Analyst
Database Administrator (DBA)
Database Analyst
Database Architect
Database Designer
Database Developer
Database Management Supervisor – Computer Systems
Database Manager
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Analyst
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Specialist
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems Analyst
Enterprise Data Architect
Information Resource Analyst
Information Technology (IT) Data Analyst
Technical Architect – Database

Income of Database Analysts & Data Administrators in Canada 

Let’s talk about how much a database analyst earns in Canada. Compared to other professions, they earn well. On an average, a database analyst in Canada earns almost $40 per hour. And in a week this may turn into $1,500. While on a yearly basis, a database analyst can easily earn $80,000 while working in Canada. 

On an average, a data administrator may earn around $62,000 in a year. Upon breaking this number down, we get that a data administrator gets paid around $28 on an hourly basis. This means they can even earn $1,200 in a week. 

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What is the NOC for database analysts?

A database analyst’s NOC Code-21223. 

What is the role of a database analyst?

The job role of a database analyst is to organize, design, develop and implement database management systems.

What is 21223 NOC code salary?

In an average year, those working under 21223 NOC code may earn around $80,000.

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