Express Entry Next Draw Prediction: Trend Analysis


The next Express Entry may be on 27 May 2024, as the latest one was on 24 April. This is because the draws are following a new pattern. IRCC will most probably hold a general draw and then on 27 May, there might be a category-based draw, followed by another consecutive category-based draw on 28 May.

IRCC does not conduct EE draws on any specific dates since there are no such anticipated dates. Also, keep in mind that this is just an expert’s estimation and no such official dates are published. 

In the beginning, IRCC used to hold draws every second Wednesday. When the draws used to come out this way, it was way easier to predict the next round. But such has not been the case anymore. 

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New Trend of Express Entry Draws

Lately, there’s been a new trend in the way IRCC has been holding EE draws, this is since the 1st of February. Similarly, if you take a look at the draws conducted on 11, 23, and 24 April, you’ll see the gap in the dates similar to this: 1 day: 12 days: 1 day. 

Another major pattern to note here is that draws have been mostly conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Hence, the next one can be expected to come out on 8th March, Monday. 

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS cut-off
Wednesday24-Apr-2024French language proficiency 1,400410
Thursday11-Apr-2024STEM occupations4,500491
Tuesday26-Mar-2024French language proficiency 1,500388
Wednesday13-Mar-2024Transport occupations975430
Thursday29-Feb-2024French language proficiency 2,500336
Friday16-Feb-2024Agriculture and agri-food occupations 150437
Wednesday14-Feb-2024Healthcare occupations 3,500422
Thursday1-Feb-2024French language proficiency 7,000365

Which type of draw will be held next?

The next Express Entry draw would most likely be a category-based selection. This is because lately, IRCC has been focusing on conducting either General rounds of invitations or category-based. The Canadian government has been prioritizing inviting candidates in categories that are in need of workers. 

The last time IRCC conducted a program-specific draw was on 24 October 2023. 1,548 candidates were selected from the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). 

There are three types of rounds of invitations:

  1. General 
  2. Program-specific
  3. Category-based 

Under a General draw, eligible candidates are selected from the Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). 

As the name suggests, under a program-specific draw, candidates are invited from a particular program only. 

As for the category-based draw, candidates must be eligible under one of the three programs operated under the Express Entry system and for the category that is selected under that particular draw. 

Introduction of the Category-based Express Entry Draws

To cope with the changing economy and skilled labor needs, Canada realized that some of its sectors were in rather desperate need of workers than others. Thus, on 31 May 2023, the then-Canadian immigration minister, Sean Fraser, announced the launch of Category-based Express Entry draws

6 categories were formed after deliberating which industries in Canada were facing the worst labor shortages. These were:

  • French-language proficiency
  • Healthcare occupations
  • STEM occupations
  • Trade occupations
  • Transport occupations
  • Agriculture and agri-food occupations

IRCC decided on these categories after conducting thorough labor market research and consulting with various stakeholders. It was also decided that along with usual Express Entry draws, category-based draws would also take place to invite candidates in certain occupations and help fight workforce shortage. 

Express Entry Draw Pattern

2024 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS Cut-off
Wednesday24-Apr-2024French Language Proficiency1,400410
Thursday11-Apr-2024STEM occupations4,500491
Tuesday26-Mar-2024French language proficiency1,500388
Wednesday13-Mar-2024Transport Occupations975430
Thursday29-Feb-2024French language proficiency 2,500336
Friday16-Feb-2024Agriculture and agri-food occupations150437
Wednesday14-Feb-2024Healthcare occupations 3,500422
Thursday1-Feb-2024French language proficiency 7,000365

As you can see, these draws do not follow any pattern whatsoever. They are held on a random basis and thus, this factor makes it very hard to predict when the next EE draw would be. However, one thing was for sure, IRCC priorities holding category-based draws. 

2023 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS Cut-off
Thursday21-Dec-2023Agriculture and agri-food occupations400386
Wednesday20-Dec-2023Transport occupations 670435
Tuesday19-Dec-2023Trade occupations 1,000425
Friday8-Dec-2023STEM occupations 5,900481
Thursday7-Dec-2023French language proficiency 1,000470
Thursday26-Oct-2023Healthcare occupations3,600431
Wednesday25-Oct-2023French language proficiency 300486
Tuesday24-Oct-2023Provincial Nominee Program1,548776
Tuesday10-Oct-2023No Program Specified3,725500
Thursday28-Sep-2023Agriculture and agri-food occupations600354
Wednesday27-Sep-2023French language proficiency 500472
Tuesday26-Sep-2023No Program Specified3,000504
Wednesday20-Sep-2023Transport occupations 1,000435
Tuesday19-Sep-2023No Program Specified3,200531
Tuesday15-Aug-2023No Program Specified4,300496
Thursday3-Aug-2023Trade occupations1,500388
Wednesday2-Aug-2023French language proficiency 800435
Tuesday1-Aug-2023No Program Specified2,000517
Wednesday12-Jul-2023French language proficiency 3,800375
Tuesday11-Jul-2023No Program Specified800505
Friday7-Jul-2023French language proficiency 2,300439
Thursday6-Jul-2023Healthcare occupations 1,500463
Wednesday5-Jul-2023STEM occupations 500486
Tuesday4-Jul-2023No Program Specified700511
Wednesday28-Jun-2023Healthcare occupations500476
Tuesday27-Jun-2023No Program Specified4,300486
Thursday8-Jun-2023No Program Specified4,800486
Wednesday24-May-2023No Program Specified4,800488
Wednesday10-May-2023Provincial Nominee Program589691
Wednesday26-Apr-2023No Program Specified3,500483
Wednesday12-Apr-2023No Program Specified3,500486
Wednesday29-Mar-2023No Program Specified7,000481
Thursday23-Mar-2023No Program Specified7,000484
Wednesday15-Mar-2023No Program Specified7,000490
Wednesday1-Mar-2023Provincial Nominee Program667748
Wednesday15-Feb-2023Provincial Nominee Program699791
Thursday2-Feb-2023Federal Skilled Worker3,300489
Wednesday1-Feb-2023Provincial Nominee Program893733
Wednesday18-Jan-2023No Program Specified5,500490
Wednesday11-Jan-2023No Program Specified5,500507

Since 28th June 2023, most of the rounds conducted have been for category-based draws Another particular thing to notice here is that most of them are held either on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Tuesdays. However, when you look at the rounds before the launch of the category-based draws, you can easily see that most of them were particularly held on Wednesdays. 

2022 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS Cut-off
Wednesday23-Nov-2022No Program Specified4,750491
Wednesday9-Nov-2022No Program Specified4,750494
Wednesday26-Oct-2022No Program Specified4,750496
Wednesday12-Oct-2022No Program Specified4,250500
Wednesday28-Sep-2022No Program Specified3,750504
Wednesday14-Sep-2022No Program Specified3,250510
Wednesday31-Aug-2022No Program Specified2,750516
Wednesday17-Aug-2022No Program Specified2,250525
Wednesday3-Aug-2022No Program Specified2,000533
Wednesday20-Jul-2022No Program Specified1,750542
Wednesday6-Jul-2022No Program Specified1,500557
Wednesday22-Jun-2022Provincial Nominee Program636752
Wednesday8-Jun-2022Provincial Nominee Program932796
Wednesday25-May-2022Provincial Nominee Program590741
Wednesday11-May-2022Provincial Nominee Program545753
Wednesday27-Apr-2022Provincial Nominee Program829772
Wednesday13-Apr-2022Provincial Nominee Program787782
Wednesday30-Mar-2022Provincial Nominee Program919785
Wednesday16-Mar-2022Provincial Nominee Program924754
Wednesday2-Mar-2022Provincial Nominee Program1,047761
Wednesday16-Feb-2022Provincial Nominee Program1,082710
Wednesday2-Feb-2022Provincial Nominee Program1,070674
Wednesday19-Jan-2022Provincial Nominee Program1,036745
Wednesday5-Jan-2022Provincial Nominee Program392808

The rounds of invitations held in 2022 were either for Program-specific rounds or General rounds. Moreover, all of these rounds were strictly held every second Wednesday. 

2021 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS Cut-off
Wednesday22-Dec-2021Provincial Nominee Program746720
Friday10-Dec-2021Provincial Nominee Program1,032698
Wednesday24-Nov-2021Provincial Nominee Program613737
Wednesday10-Nov-2021Provincial Nominee Program775685
Wednesday27-Oct-2021Provincial Nominee Program681744
Wednesday13-Oct-2021Provincial Nominee Program681720
Wednesday29-Sep-2021Provincial Nominee Program761742
Wednesday15-Sep-2021Provincial Nominee Program521732
Tuesday14-Sep-2021Canadian Experience Class2,000462
Wednesday1-Sep-2021Provincial Nominee Program635764
Thursday19-Aug-2021Canadian Experience Class3,000403
Wednesday18-Aug-2021Provincial Nominee Program463751
Thursday5-Aug-2021Canadian Experience Class3,000404
Wednesday4-Aug-2021Provincial Nominee Program512760
Thursday22-Jul-2021Canadian Experience Class4,500357
Wednesday21-Jul-2021Provincial Nominee Program462734
Thursday8-Jul-2021Canadian Experience Class4,500369
Wednesday7-Jul-2021Provincial Nominee Program627760
Thursday24-Jun-2021Canadian Experience Class6,000357
Wednesday23-Jun-2021Provincial Nominee Program1,002742
Thursday10-Jun-2021Canadian Experience Class6,000368
Wednesday9-Jun-2021Provincial Nominee Program940711
Monday31-May-2021Canadian Experience Class5,956380
Wednesday26-May-2021Provincial Nominee Program500713
Thursday20-May-2021Canadian Experience Class1,842397
Thursday13-May-2021Canadian Experience Class4,147401
Wednesday12-May-2021Provincial Nominee Program557752
Thursday29-Apr-2021Canadian Experience Class6,000400
Wednesday28-Apr-2021Provincial Nominee Program381717
Friday16-Apr-2021Canadian Experience Class6,000417
Wednesday14-Apr-2021Provincial Nominee Program266753
Thursday1-Apr-2021Canadian Experience Class5,000432
Wednesday31-Mar-2021Provincial Nominee Program284778
Thursday18-Mar-2021Canadian Experience Class5,000449
Wednesday17-Mar-2021Provincial Nominee Program183682
Monday8-Mar-2021Provincial Nominee Program671739
Saturday13-Feb-2021Canadian Experience Class27,33275
Wednesday10-Feb-2021Provincial Nominee Program654720
Thursday21-Jan-2021Canadian Experience Class4,626454
Wednesday20-Jan-2021Provincial Nominee Program374741
Thursday7-Jan-2021Canadian Experience Class4,750461
Wednesday6-Jan-2021Provincial Nominee Program250813

On 13 Feb 2021, IRCC conducted its biggest draw ever. Only from the Canadian Experience Class, 27,332 candidates were invited, that too, on the lowest CRS cut-off ever (75 points).

IRCC used to (almost) routinely conduct a draw on Wednesday, once every two weeks. From 22 December 2021 (#212 Draw) to 23 November 2022 (#236 Draw), IRCC continuously held Express Entry draws every other Wednesday. This streak was continued for 25 rounds of Express Entry draws. 

Hence, you can see that the difference between how draws are held over time has been drastic. However, don’t forget that it is just an expert’s analysis and no official prediction. 

Most draws conducted in 2021 were for the Provincial Nominee Program round of CEC. 

2020 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
Wednesday23-Dec-2020No Program Specified5,000468
Wednesday9-Dec-2020No Program Specified5,000469
Wednesday25-Nov-2020No Program Specified5,000469
Wednesday18-Nov-2020No Program Specified5,000472
Thursday5-Nov-2020No Program Specified4,500478
Wednesday14-Oct-2020No Program Specified4,500471
Wednesday30-Sep-2020No Program Specified4,200471
Wednesday16-Sep-2020No Program Specified4,200472
Wednesday2-Sep-2020No Program Specified4,200475
Thursday20-Aug-2020Canadian Experience Class3,300454
Wednesday19-Aug-2020Provincial Nominee Program600771
Thursday6-Aug-2020Federal Skilled Trades250415
Wednesday5-Aug-2020No Program Specified3,900476
Thursday23-Jul-2020Canadian Experience Class3,343445
Wednesday22-Jul-2020Provincial Nominee Program557687
Wednesday8-Jul-2020No Program Specified3,900478
Thursday25-Jun-2020Canadian Experience Class3,508431
Wednesday24-Jun-2020Provincial Nominee Program392696
Thursday11-Jun-2020Canadian Experience Class3,559437
Wednesday10-Jun-2020Provincial Nominee Program341743
Thursday28-May-2020Canadian Experience Class3,515440
Wednesday27-May-2020Provincial Nominee Program385757
Thursday14-May-2020Canadian Experience Class3,371447
Wednesday13-May-2020Provincial Nominee Program529718
Thursday30-Apr-2020Canadian Experience Class3,311452
Wednesday29-Apr-2020Provincial Nominee Program589692
Thursday16-Apr-2020Canadian Experience Class3,782455
Wednesday15-Apr-2020Provincial Nominee Program118808
Thursday9-Apr-2020Canadian Experience Class3,294464
Thursday9-Apr-2020Provincial Nominee Program606698
Monday23-Mar-2020Canadian Experience Class3,232467
Wednesday18-Mar-2020Provincial Nominee Program668720
Wednesday4-Mar-2020No Program Specified3,900471
Wednesday19-Feb-2020No Program Specified4,500470
Wednesday5-Feb-2020No Program Specified3,500472
Wednesday22-Jan-2020No Program Specified3,400471
Wednesday8-Jan-2020No Program Specified3,400473

Even though the draws were not conducted regularly on a 14-day gap, all of them were strictly held on a Wednesday or Thursday (excluding the one draw held on 23 March 2020, Monday). 

2019 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited
Thursday19-Dec-2019No Program Specified3,200469
Wednesday11-Dec-2019No Program Specified3,200472
Wednesday27-Nov-2019No Program Specified3,600471
Wednesday13-Nov-2019No Program Specified3,600472
Wednesday30-Oct-2019No Program Specified3,900475
Wednesday16-Oct-2019Federal Skilled Trades500357
Wednesday2-Oct-2019No Program Specified3,900464
Wednesday18-Sep-2019No Program Specified3,600462
Wednesday4-Sep-2019No Program Specified3,600463
Tuesday20-Aug-2019No Program Specified3,600457
Monday12-Aug-2019No Program Specified3,600466
Wednesday24-Jul-2019No Program Specified3,600459
Wednesday10-Jul-2019No Program Specified3,600460
Wednesday26-Jun-2019No Program Specified3,350462
Wednesday12-Jun-2019No Program Specified3,350465
Wednesday29-May-2019No Program Specified3,350470
Wednesday15-May-2019Federal Skilled Trades500332
Wednesday1-May-2019No Program Specified3,350450
Wednesday17-Apr-2019No Program Specified3,350451
Wednesday3-Apr-2019No Program Specified3,350451
Wednesday20-Mar-2019No Program Specified3,350452
Wednesday6-Mar-2019No Program Specified3,350454
Wednesday20-Feb-2019No Program Specified3,350457
Wednesday30-Jan-2019No Program Specified3,350438
Wednesday23-Jan-2019No Program Specified3,900443
Wednesday9-Jan-2019No Program Specified3,900449

Except for the three instances where IRCC conducted draws on a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, all the other rounds were conducted on Wednesdays. Moreover, the draws were fairly regular. In terms of rounds, all the draws were No Program Specified, except for the one held on 15 May 2019 for the Federal Skilled Trades program. 

2018 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
Wednesday19-Dec-2018No Program Specified3,900439
Wednesday12-Dec-2018No Program Specified3,900445
Wednesday28-Nov-2018No Program Specified3,900445
Wednesday14-Nov-2018No Program Specified3,900449
Monday29-Oct-2018No Program Specified3,900442
Monday15-Oct-2018No Program Specified3,900440
Wednesday3-Oct-2018No Program Specified3,900445
Monday24-Sep-2018Federal Skilled Trades400284
Wednesday19-Sep-2018No Program Specified3,500441
Wednesday5-Sep-2018No Program Specified3,900440
Wednesday22-Aug-2018No Program Specified3,750440
Wednesday8-Aug-2018No Program Specified3,750440
Wednesday25-Jul-2018No Program Specified3,750441
Wednesday11-Jul-2018No Program Specified3,750442
Monday25-Jun-2018No Program Specified3,750442
Wednesday13-Jun-2018No Program Specified3,750451
Wednesday30-May-2018Provincial Nominee Program200902
Wednesday30-May-2018Federal Skilled Trades500288
Wednesday23-May-2018No Program Specified3,500440
Wednesday9-May-2018No Program Specified3,500441
Wednesday25-Apr-2018No Program Specified3,500441
Wednesday11-Apr-2018No Program Specified3,500444
Monday26-Mar-2018No Program Specified3,000446
Wednesday14-Mar-2018No Program Specified3,000456
Wednesday21-Feb-2018No Program Specified3,000442
Wednesday7-Feb-2018No Program Specified3,000442
Wednesday24-Jan-2018No Program Specified2,750444
Wednesday10-Jan-2018No Program Specified2,750446

In 2018, IRCC held most of the draws on Wednesdays. Only four instances saw a draw held on a Monday. 

Except for two instances where IRCC invited candidates only from the Federal Skilled Trades program, and another where ITAs were issued only for PNP candidates, all the other rounds were General. 

The PNP draw held on 30 May 2018 issued just 200 ITAs however, it was the only time when the CRS cut-off was off the charts (902 points). 

2017 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
Wednesday20-Dec-2017No Program Specified2,750446
Wednesday6-Dec-2017No Program Specified2,750452
Wednesday15-Nov-2017No Program Specified2,750439
Wednesday8-Nov-2017No Program Specified2,000458
Wednesday1-Nov-2017Federal Skilled Trades505241
Wednesday1-Nov-2017Provincial Nominee Program290673
Wednesday18-Oct-2017No Program Specified2,757436
Wednesday4-Oct-2017No Program Specified2,801438
Wednesday20-Sep-2017No Program Specified2,871433
Wednesday6-Sep-2017No Program Specified2,772435
Wednesday23-Aug-2017No Program Specified3,035434
Wednesday9-Aug-2017No Program Specified2,991433
Wednesday2-Aug-2017No Program Specified3,264441
Wednesday12-Jul-2017No Program Specified3,202440
Wednesday28-Jun-2017No Program Specified3,409449
Wednesday31-May-2017No Program Specified3,877413
Friday26-May-2017Federal Skilled Trades400199
Friday26-May-2017Provincial Nominee Program143775
Wednesday17-May-2017No Program Specified3,687415
Thursday4-May-2017No Program Specified3,796423
Wednesday19-Apr-2017No Program Specified3,665415
Wednesday12-Apr-2017No Program Specified3,923423
Wednesday5-Apr-2017No Program Specified3,753431
Friday24-Mar-2017No Program Specified3,749441
Wednesday1-Mar-2017No Program Specified3,884434
Wednesday22-Feb-2017No Program Specified3,611441
Wednesday8-Feb-2017No Program Specified3,644447
Wednesday25-Jan-2017No Program Specified3,508453
Wednesday11-Jan-2017No Program Specified3,334459
Wednesday4-Jan-2017No Program Specified2,902468

Out of the 30 rounds of draws conducted in 2017, 3 were held on Fridays and 1 on a Thursday, while all the others on Wednesdays. 

Similarly, all the types of rounds were General, excluding the two for PNP and two for FSTP. 

2016 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited
Thursday22-Dec-2016No Program Specified2,878475
Friday16-Dec-2016No Program Specified1,936497
Wednesday30-Nov-2016Provincial Nominee Program559786
Wednesday16-Nov-2016No Program Specified2,427470
Wednesday2-Nov-2016No Program Specified2,080472
Wednesday19-Oct-2016No Program Specified1,804475
Wednesday12-Oct-2016No Program Specified1,518484
Wednesday21-Sep-2016No Program Specified1,288483
Wednesday7-Sep-2016No Program Specified1,000491
Wednesday24-Aug-2016No Program Specified750538
Wednesday10-Aug-2016No Program Specified754490
Wednesday27-Jul-2016No Program Specified755488
Wednesday13-Jul-2016No Program Specified747482
Wednesday29-Jun-2016No Program Specified773482
Wednesday15-Jun-2016No Program Specified752488
Wednesday1-Jun-2016No Program Specified762483
Wednesday18-May-2016No Program Specified763484
Friday6-May-2016No Program Specified799534
Wednesday20-Apr-2016No Program Specified1,018468
Wednesday6-Apr-2016No Program Specified954470
Wednesday23-Mar-2016No Program Specified1,014470
Wednesday9-Mar-2016No Program Specified1,013473
Wednesday24-Feb-2016No Program Specified1,484453
Wednesday10-Feb-2016No Program Specified1,505459
Wednesday27-Jan-2016No Program Specified1,468457
Wednesday13-Jan-2016No Program Specified1,518453
Wednesday6-Jan-2016No Program Specified1,463461

IRCC held a single PNP-specific Express Entry draw in 2016 while the others were No Program Specified. Though the rounds were mostly regularly held every second Wednesday, with a few exemptions. Twice the draws were conducted on a Friday and once on a Thursday.  

2015 Express Entry Draws

DayDateRound typeInvitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
Friday18-Dec-2015No Program Specified1,503460
Friday4-Dec-2015No Program Specified1,451461
Friday27-Nov-2015No Program Specified1,559472
Friday13-Nov-2015No Program Specified1,506484
Friday23-Oct-2015No Program Specified1,502489
Friday2-Oct-2015No Program Specified1,530450
Friday18-Sep-2015No Program Specified1,545450
Tuesday8-Sep-2015No Program Specified1,517459
Friday21-Aug-2015No Program Specified1,523456
Friday7-Aug-2015No Program Specified1,402471
Friday17-Jul-2015No Program Specified1,581451
Friday10-Jul-2015No Program Specified1,516463
Friday26-Jun-2015No Program Specified1,575469
Friday12-Jun-2015No Program Specified1,501482
Friday22-May-2015No Program Specified1,361755
Friday17-Apr-2015No Program Specified715453
Friday10-Apr-2015No Program Specified925469
Friday27-Mar-2015No Program Specified1,637453
Friday20-Mar-2015No Program Specified1,620481
Friday27-Feb-2015No Program Specified1,187735
Friday20-Feb-2015Canadian Experience Class849808
Saturday7-Feb-2015No Program Specified779818
Saturday31-Jan-2015No Program Specified779886

IRCC started conducting Express Entry draws on 31 January 2015 and only held a single CEC draw in that year. After that, all the other draws were No Program Specified, and mostly held on Fridays. 

Only twice ever did IRCC conduct a draw on Saturdays. In 2015, there was a draw on a Tuesday as well. Since it was the first year of Express Entry draws, it is understandable that IRCC was not really following any pattern at that time. 

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    How IRCC holds EE draws

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the Canadian government’s department that deals with immigration and citizenship-related matters. All the PR and citizenship applications are naturally handled by IRCC. 

    Express Entry is the online system managed by IRCC that invites skilled workers for permanent residence. Candidates are invited via Express Entry draws that are conducted by IRCC. These draws are hard to predict as times are changing and so is the demand to invite candidates.

    Tips To Be Ready For The Next EE Draw

    Here are some tips to get yourself ready for the next Express Entry draw:

    • Keep Your Profile Updated
    • Improve Your CRS Score
    • Ensure Your Language Tests are Still Valid

    Keep Your Profile Updated

    It is quite important to keep your Express Entry profile updated with your situation. You need to update your profile if:

    • you are starting a new career
    • there are any changes in the NOC code or designation of primary occupation
    • you are taking a new language test or there’s a change in language test score
    • you are gaining a new job offer or losing one
    • there’s any change in marital status
    • you are having or adopting a new child or any addition of family member
    • you got a Provincial Nomination
    • there have been academic changes

    If you fail to update your profile and IRCC finds that you have provided the wrong information, they can refuse your application, ban you from coming to Canada for the next 5 years, and find you inadmissible. 

    Hence, as soon as any such circumstance occurs in your life, make sure to update your profile as well. 

    Improve Your CRS Score

    If you have been in the Express Entry pool for quite some time, you might want to improve your CRS score. By improving your score, you are increasing your chances of being invited. 

    To increase your CRS score, try:

    1. being nominated by a province or territory 
    2. getting a valid job offer
    3. gaining higher education
    4. improving your language skills
    5. gaining work experience
    6. Taking a language test for a second official language
    7. Learning French (it will make you eligible for category-based draws)

    Ensure Your Language Tests are Still Valid

    Any language test is valid for 2 years from the date they are issued. Whether you took IELTS, CELPIP, PTE Core, TEF Canada, or TEF Canada, the validity period is still the same. 

    When you are applying for PR, your test results must still be valid or the application will be rejected. In case your results are expired, take another test. 

    Additional Helpful measures:

    1. Your paperwork should be done at the right time
    2. Your ECA should be valid at the time of use
    3. You may take a second official language test as it will improve your CRS score
    4. Apply to get a provincial nomination. Getting a nomination gives you an additional 600 CRS points which almost guarantees an ITA. 
    5. If you are still stuck, get help from a CICC-approved immigration representative or certified immigration consultant. 

    What if you don’t receive an ITA?

    If you did not receive an ITA, use the following tips:

    • It is best to consult your case with an immigration consultant in this situation. They will let you know how you can improve your CRS score according to your situation. 
    • Did you know that Express Entry is not the only way for you to get Canada PR? There are many other immigration programs available and an immigration consultant can help you determine the best one possible according to your skills, work experience, education, etc. 

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    We can help you increase your chances of being invited via Express Entry draws. Give us a call and let’s get your journey started. 

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