Canada Work Permit from India Processing Time


A Canada work permit allows a person to work in Canada, either for a specific employer or for any employer (depending on the type of work permit acquired) for a particular period of time. A work permit is issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). According to the current processing times, a Canada work permit application from India might be processed within 21 weeks

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Canada Work Permit from India Processing Time 2024

The processing time of Canada work permit takes around 90 days, if applied from within Canada. This is the same amount of time taken to extend a work permit. However, if you are applying from India, the processing time increases to 21 weeks. Work permits issued by International Experience Canada (IEC), take 6 weeks to obtain.

People may only apply for a work permit from India after having a job offer or employment contract from a Canadian business. The business needs to get an Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from ESDC before it may hire foreign nationals with the necessary skills to fill positions that Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not able to.

Eligibility Requirements: Canada Work Permit from India

These are the general eligibility requirements to meet when applying for a work permit from India:

  • Demonstrate you will go back to your home country once your work permit expires
  • You must not be a threat or a danger to Canada’s security
  • Show that you have required financial resources to last your stay in Canada and cover expenses when returning to home country, along with being able to support your dependents financially
  • While you stay in Canada, you must obey Canada’s laws and regulations
  • Before you apply for a work permit, ensure that you are in good health. To demonstrate that you meet the health requirements, you might be required to submit a medical exam
  • You must not work for an employer that offers inappropriate services or one who is listed under the ineligible employer list

What is the procedure to apply for a Canadian work permit from India?

Follow the instructions provided below to apply for a Canadian work permit from India:

  • Sign in to your IRCC online account or if you haven’t already created it, do so now
  • Fill out the work permit application
  • As required, fill out all the forms and upload the necessary documents 
  • Pay the fee of CAN$155 and submit your application
  • Give your biometric information, if you haven’t already
  • Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa to IRCC 
  • Fly to Canada and work for your dream job!

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  1. I am 55 years old Indian citizen working in Nigeria as a a Document Control Manager.
    Am I eligible to get work permit in canada?
    Please update me the procedure and details

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