Why do Punjabis want to go to Canada?


The reason why Punjabis want to go to Canada might be because they’re looking to improve their living standards. By immigrating to a country that has a universal free public healthcare system, and offers better wages to its workers, Punjabis would be able to live a higher standard of life.

Canada cares about its people and listens to the public, and this is why people want to immigrate there. Punjabis can make a career in Canada, buy a business and manage it, earn handsomely, raise a family, and just live their lives beautifully. 

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Why Should Sikh People Move To Canada?

Around the world, it is a dream of many to be able to live in the Land of Maple Leaf, i.e. Canada. This is especially true for all the Punjabis out there. I am sure many would agree with my take on this matter. For Punjabis, Canada is not just a country, it is their first country crush.

You know how people get so worked up when it comes to talking about their crush? I believe it is the same with Punjabis. They get carried away when talking about Canada, how they would be going there, when they would be immigrating there, etc. 

If a family member gets a job in Canada, that person is sure to become the talk of the town and get their family in the spotlight as well. For instance, we all know of at least one Singh family. Now imagine if Mr. Singh’s daughter landed a job in Toronto, then Mr. Gill’s son will have much to answer as to why he still does not have a job offer from Canada. 

Hence, the reason behind so many Punjabis landing in Canada is also a result of peer pressure. Sometimes you want to immigrate to a country because it’s your choice, and sometimes you do so by succumbing to peer pressure. 

In any case, your life is sure to become better once you immigrate to Canada.

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    Canada- The “Mini Punjab”

    Since so many Punjabis have been immigrating to Canada, the country can surely be called a “Mini Punjab” someday. Many cities in the nation have a bigger population concentration of Punjabis such as Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. 

    Do you know Punjabis don’t feel as much homesickness as other foreign nationals? Well, it’s because there are so many other Punjabis to keep them company! When a young Punjabi leaves their hometown to settle in Canada, they might first think that they would be missing their hometown dearly, but surprisingly, it does not happen! They are welcomed to the community by other Punjabis. Soon, the newcomer finds a vibrant community of similar people of their religion and like-minded folk, and they realize the country is actually better than they originally thought.

    Are you from Punjab or Chandigarh?

    Whether you are a Punjabi or not, you can also immigrate to Canada from India and easily get a Canada PR by these famous ways.

    1. Express Entry
    2. Provincial Nominee Program
    3. Family Sponsorship
    4. Start-up Visa
    5. Atlantic Immigration Program
    6. Self-Employed Persons
    7. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
    8. Agri-Food Pilot
    9. Caregivers Program
    10. Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

    Immigration Opportunities for Punjabis

    Sikhs are looking for ways to elevate their lifestyle and earn more so they can spend quality time with their family. Don’t we all yearn for this? Well, there’s no need to yearn anymore because Canada has got your back!

    According to the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2024-2026, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will grant 4,85,000 permanent residency status to eligible candidates in 2024. This is not all, in 2025 and 2026, 5,00,000 will be able to receive PR. 

    This clearly means, aspiring immigrants should take advantage of this opportunity and start planning how they can immigrate to Canada. There are many immigration programs through which one can apply for PR, but all of them operate differently. 

    For instance, Express Entry works differently than the Family Sponsorship program. Similarly, the eligibility requirements of all the programs are different too. Hence, it can be hard to understand which program you might be eligible for. 

    Well, this is where we come in the picture!

    Contact Talent Connected Worldwide for any of your immigration-related queries. Talk to the CICC-licensed consultants and immigrate to the land of your dreams. With over 15 years of experience in the field of immigration, TCWW has helped thousands and will continue to make dreams a reality. Give us a call and let’s get started on your dream!

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