Collection of Biometrics in Canada has Resumed

In 2020, Canada stopped collecting biometrics of workers due to COVID-19. Now, the collection of biometrics in Canada has resumed
Collection of Biometrics in Canada has Resumed-min
The Government of Canada had to stop collecting biometrics of the temporary foreign workers coming to the country. The reason behind this decision was the pandemic that made us all sit at home, and be bored all day long. For Canada, and its government, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions made the country not collect the biometric data of the workers for the time being. However, recently, the collection of biometrics in Canada has, once again, started. Read more further on!

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Collection of Biometrics for TRs Resumed

Recently, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issued a new notice that stated the resumption of biometric collection. The temporary residents who are already in the country, Canada, will be able to submit their biometrics now.

About 31 months back, on July 15, 2020, IRCC ceased the collection of all biometrics. On that date, a temporary exemption policy was made, and implemented. As mentioned before, the exemption policy was brought due to COVID-19 closures. Now, this service has resumed, again, almost after 31 months of its restriction.

The change made will be for all individuals that choose for temporary residence from inside the country. It, certainly, impacts the groups of people that IRCC identified in the press release. Those groups of people are mentioned below:

  • People who chose temporary resident permit
  • People who went for work/study permit
  • Those who applied to restore their status as student/worker/visitor
  • Individuals who applied for a visitor visa
  • Those who went to extend their stay

Process of Submitting Biometrics

Those who are going to submit their biometrics, now, should really not forget about paying the biometric fee. Individuals can apply for the biometric as submitting is part of the temporary residence application. And, when the individual is submitting their application, they have the option to pay for the biometric, at that time, as well.

After that, the individual will receive an email or instruction letter that will let them know how to give biometrics online. Hence, they can submit their biometrics easily, if they follow the instructions.

Canada has more than 70 Service Canada Centre collection locations, all over the country. Applicants can submit their biometrics at these sites. However, the applicants are first required to get an appointment.

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