Steps to Take After Receiving a Removal Order in Canada

This news will enlighten you as to which steps to take in case you have received a removal order in Canada. Read till the end to find out!
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The Canadian Government has the authority to issue a removal order for anyone in the country if they have done something unallowable or due to some other reason. Below, we will discuss which steps to take for someone who received a removal order in Canada. These individuals can take some certain measures to prevent their departure from Canada happening.

What a Removal Order is and its Types

A person receives a removal order if they are not permitted to stay in Canada anymore. Although, this does not mean that the individual cannot do anything about it. In fact, the person has the option to go for an appeal regarding the removal order received.

A removal order in Canada is of three types. The first one is, indeed, the least concerning. It’s a departure order, and gives the inadmissible person about 30 days to depart from Canada. These 30 days are counted after the departure order takes effect. If the person is leaving Canada, then must confirm their departure with CBSA. Recently, an Advance CBSA Declaration made the custom process for travelers easier.

Why this removal order is the least severe one is, because, it presents a condition that if the individual leaves Canada and follows the rules presented by the Canadian Government, then they may return to the country sometime in future. However, even in the future, the individual first needs to meet some requirements before being able to enter the country.

Next, it’s an exclusion order. This order blocks the re-entry of the removed individual for a whole year. If the individual applies for an ARC, then they may be able to return to Canada before a year completes.

This is the deportation order. This is the most severe one, as it permanently restricts the person from returning to Canada. Nevertheless, the individual can still apply for an ARC.

What to do after receiving a removal order in Canada?

As mentioned above, removal orders do not stop a person from ever returning to Canada. There are some ways by which the individual can recover from the order. To say it differently, the recipient of a removal order does have the option to appeal for that decision. But, whether the person is eligible to appeal or not depends, entirely, on their particular situation.

In these cases, the individual can get help from an immigration law professional. This is because the details surrounding the removal order can be a lot to handle for an ordinary person. Whereas, for professionals, it’s a part of their job. Hence, it is much easier for the law professionals to handle this kind of situation.

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