Save Your Time with Advance CBSA Declaration

The Advance CBSA Declaration will save people’s time. Read more to know how to complete custom forms before you arrive in Canada.

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The CBSA is, unquestionably, always working towards making traveling in Canada better. This time, the CBSA launched the Advance Declaration. This Advance CBSA Declaration will allow travelers to submit their customs and immigrations declaration 72 hours before they arrive in Canada.

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What is CBSA?

The full form of CBSA is Canada Border Services Agency. CBSA is constantly working to make traveling in Canada better, so that the travelers would have a better experience. They are always trying to improve traveling in Canada while, at the same time, keeping the country safe.
Canada knows the busy lives that people lead, and hence, that’s why the Advance Declaration was launched. It is a feature in the app, Arrive CAN, that allows its users to submit their customs and immigration declaration before. Users can now submit the forms up to 72 hours before they arrive in Canada. 

What will the Advance CBSA Declaration do?

Nobody likes the time spent in clearing customs after arriving at an airport. It is quite tedious and takes a lot of, undeniably, valuable time. Moreover, travelers also need to spend, surprisingly, a lot of time performing other administrative tasks. Furthermore, for new immigrants, this also includes meeting up with a CBSA officer. What’s more is they have to handle some other procedural measures too.
The Advance CBSA Declaration can, certainly, speed up this whole process, and, undoubtedly, save a lot of precious time for travelers.
Travelers have now the chance to clear their customs and immigration declaration way before they actually arrive in Canada. They can submit the customs form 72 hours before. Just go to the ArriveCAN app and submit the forms!

Which Airports support this feature?

As of now, only a few certain international airports are allowing this feature. Moreover, this Advance CBSA Declaration is only optional, and one can opt not for this. Calgary International Airport, finally, joined the list of airports that are allowing for the ArriveCAN app feature. 

Up until now, there are 7 Canadian international airports supporting this feature. These airports are:- 

  • Halifax Airport
  • Winnipeg Richardson Airport
  • Toronto Pearson Airport
  • Calgary International Airport
  • Montreal-Trudeau Airport
  • Quebec City Jean Lesage Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport

Besides, CBSA is expecting this wonderful feature to be allowed in three more airports too. These airports are:-

  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
  • Ottawa International Airport
  • Edmonton International Airport

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