These TRs Became PRs! More on Canada Permanent Residents

These TRs Became PRs! More on Canada Permanent Residents
Would you like to know more about how these TRs or temporary residents become permanent residents of Canada? Then this news is for you! The following news is going to be on Canada permanent residents and will discuss the related matters.

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Transition of Residents: From TR to PR

In the year 2022, a lot of people gained Canadian PR. Around 125,000 people gained permanent residency. And, these people were temporary residents before.

If a person had a work permit under the International Mobility Program or a study or work permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program then they had the chance of transition.

How Many Transitioned?

Around 125,000 PRs transitioned under temporary resident to permanent resident pathways. Under the IMP or the International Mobility Program, more than 97,600 transitions happened. Moreover, under the TFWP or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program around 7,550 transitions are recorded. If we take a look at the number of transitions under the Study Permit Holders, then it is 19,730.

Around 124,950 TRs became PRs in Canada in 2022.

Statistics Canada lets us know that there’s a high chance of temporary residents to get into the workforce since they have established connections around them.

Let’s see the points below to make things clear.

  • Study Permit Holders- 19,730
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program- 7,555
  • International Mobility Program- 97,665

Which Immigration Programs Help in Transition?

There are some special economic immigration programs that help in transition of TRs to PRs. For example, the application management system of Express Entry rewards all the candidates with work or study permits with extra points in the CRS. The full form of CRS is the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Furthermore, there are other immigration pathways. For instance there’s the Atlantic Immigration Program or one can also take the Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. These regional economic immigration pathways also provide candidates with other profits or additional points.

Were you aware of the immigration pathways whose target is some special labor shortages? In these various programs also come caregiver pathways.

To reiterate, the news was about the temporary residents living in Canada that became permanent residents of the country. We discussed how many of those individuals were able to transition in the year of 2022. We mentioned that around 125,000 people transitioned but to be exact the number was 124,950.

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