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Canada offers various pathways for students to work and settle in the country. These pathways aim to attract and retain young talent in a country that is constantly plagued by an aging population. Below are all the pathways under Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that assist students to become permanent residents of Canada.

Immigration for Students: Overview

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1. SINP Students with Saskatchewan Experience

International students who have completed their studies from a Saskatchewan educational institution or a Canadian university may be eligible to apply for Canada PR through the SINP Students pathway. It is one of the sub-categories under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program’s work experience category which let’s students with eligible work experience immigrate to Canada

If you have worked in Canada for at least 6 months (paid work) and you meet other eligibility criterias, you may get to immigrate to Saskatchewan. 

Meeting the following eligibility factors of SINP Students pathway may make you qualify for this pathway: 

Eligibility FactorYou studied in a Saskatchewan instituteYou studied in an institute in Canada
Graduated from a post-secondary institutionWith a degree/diploma/certificate– With a degree/diploma/certificate
– Studied at least 1 year (8 months of full-time study)
Work Experience– Paid
– Minimum of 6 months/780 hours in the province
– You might have worked:
a. On-campus
b. Off-campus
c. Co-op
d. Worked on graduate fellowships as identified by the institutee. Worked on a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)
– Paid- Minimum of 6 months/780 hours in the province
– Employment must be related to the field of study
Work PermitCurrently have a PGWP or Open Work Permit issued under CUAET measures Same as those who have studied in Saskatchewan
Job Offer– Full-time
– Permanent 
– Related to field of study
– From an approved Saskatchewan employer
– NOC TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3, or in a designated trade occupation
– For Food and Beverages Servers applying under Hospitality Sector Project, must have post-secondary education in this field
Same as those who have studied in Saskatchewan
SINP Job Approval Letter (JAL) RequiredRequiredRequired
Language Requirements– Minimum CLB 4 for job offer in NOC TEER 4 or 5 (in a designated trade occupation)Same as those who have studied in Saskatchewan

How to Apply to Immigrate to Saskatchewan?

To immigrate to Saskatchewan through the SINP Students pathway, first create an account on the OASIS, the application management system of SINP. There, choose the pathway you will be applying to and then upload all the necessary documents. After that, complete the application and submit it. 

If the SINP approves your application, it will send you a Nomination Approval Letter. A nomination certificate is valid for 6 months, so within this time limit, you must submit a completed PR application to IRCC

2. Manitoba PNP

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has two sub-categories that assists international students graduated from a Manitoban post-secondary institution to immigrate to the province. 

Under the International Education Stream (IES) of MPNP, there are two pathways we’ll mention here:

a. Career Employment Pathway
b. Graduate Internship Pathway

a. Career Employment Pathway (CEP)

If you have graduated from a post-secondary institute in Manitoba and are looking for long-term job opportunities in an in-demand industry in the province, check out the Career Employment Pathway. Meeting the requirements means you can apply to MPNP after you receive a job offer. 

Eligibility FactorsMinimum Requirement
Education– Must have graduated in the previous 3 years
– Must have studied at least 2 semesters or for a year
Language RequirementAt least CLB/NCLC 7
Job Offer– Must have a full-time job offer to work in Manitoba
– Minimum 1-year work contract
– Job must be related to your field of study
Current Employment When MPNP will be assessing your application, you must be working full-time with a work permit already 
Settlement Funds– Have liquid funds to meet LICO requirements for at least 6 months, or
– Show that you are already working full-time in the province
Adaptability Must already be living in the province and intend to do the same even after nomination

b. Graduate Internship Pathway (GIP)

To be eligible for GIP, you do not need a job offer if you have completed an Accelerate or Elevate internship with Mitacs. The other eligibility requirements to meet for GIP are provided below:

Eligibility FactorsMinimum Requirement
Education– At least a master or doctoral degree
– Gained in the last 3 years
– Must have completed the degree in Manitoba
Language RequirementAt least CLB/NCLC 7 or an equivalent score
InternshipCompleted an Accelerate or Elevate internship with Mitacs
Settlement Funds– Have liquid funds to meet LICO requirements, or
– Already working full-time in the province
Adaptability – Intend to live in Manitoba
– Submit a Career Employment Plan 

How to Apply to Immigrate to Manitoba?

Follow the steps below to apply to immigrate to Manitoba for international students:

  1. Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile
  2. Receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA)
  3. Apply for nomination
  4. Get nominated and apply for Canada PR

3. Ontario PNP

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) offers three programs for international students to immigrate to the province. We have mentioned the eligibility requirements to meet according to each stream below. 

a. Employer Job Offer – International Student Stream

Foreign students with a job offer in a skilled occupation receive the chance to work and settle in Ontario through this stream. Before being able to apply, you must create an EOI profile and be invited to apply to the province. After receiving an ITA, you can apply to the stream.

Here are the EJO: International Student Stream requirements for applicants: 

Eligibility FactorsMinimum Requirement
ITABe invited to apply
EducationMust have one of the following credentials from an eligible Canadian/Ontario institution:
– an undergraduate degree/diploma that took at least 2 years to complete
– a graduate degree/diploma pursued for at least a year
– a college graduate certificate (must have taken at least 1 year to pursue)
– a university graduate certificate (must have taken at least 1 year to pursue)
Intend to ResideMust demonstrate intentions to live in Ontario after becoming a PR
Licensing If the job requires it, you must have a license or authorization to practice it
StatusMust be legally staying in Canada (if you are already in the country)
Application PeriodSubmit application within 2 years of study completion

b. Masters Graduate Stream

If you have completed your masters from a university in Ontario, you may be eligible to apply for nomination through the OINP’s Masters Graduate Stream. But first, make sure you receive an ITA. 

The eligibility criteria to meet to apply for this stream are:

Eligibility FactorsRequirements
Education– Must have studied for at least 1 whole academic year 
– Degree must be from an eligible Ontario university
Language Requirement At least CLB/NCLC 7
Residency– Must have lived in Ontario for a year in the last 2 years
When applying to the stream, you must:
– already by living in the province, or
– living outside of Canada (not in any other province or territory than Ontario)
Settlement FundsHave enough financial resources to support oneself and dependent family members
Intentions to ResideMust intend to live in Ontario
Legal StatusIf you are living in Ontario, you must have a legal status
Application PeriodSubmit application within 2 years of graduating 

c. Ph.D. Graduate Stream

Similar to the Masters Graduate stream, the PhD Graduate stream allows international students to immigrate to Canada if they completed their PhD degree in the province. 

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education– Completed a PhD degree from an eligible Ontario university 
– spent at least 2 years in Ontario to pursue this degree
ResidencyLived at least 1 out of last 2 years in Ontario
Settlement FundsHave enough money to sustain oneself and dependents
Intend to LiveHave intentions to live and work in the province
Legal StatusMust have a legal status (if required)
Application PeriodSubmit application within 2 years of degree completion

Canada Immigration Application Process for Students Through OINP

To apply to immigrate to Ontario as a student, follows these steps:

  • Create an EOI 
  • Receive an ITA
  • Apply to the stream
  • Fill out the application and upload documents 
  • Pay the fees and submit application
  • Receive nomination 
  • Apply for PR 

4. Alberta PNP

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) or Alberta PNP offers its Graduate Entrepreneur stream for international students to gain PR. 

a. Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

To be eligible for Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, you must have graduated from an Albertan post-secondary institute. 

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education– Studied for at least 2 years
– Studied from an Alberta Advanced Education post-secondary institution, funded publicly 
Language At least CLB/NCLC 7
Work PermitHave a PGWP
Business Establishment– Must establish a new business, or
– Buy an existing one with at least 34% ownership

To immigrate to Alberta as an international student, apply to the Graduate Entrepreneur stream using the steps below:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements
  • Submit an EOI
  • Submit a Business Application
  • Establish your business in the province
  • Receive nomination by the province
  • Submit PR application to IRCC

5. British Columbia PNP

BC PNP offers two immigration programs for international students under its Skills Immigration pathway. If you have the required skills, education and work experience, you may be able to obtain Canada PR through one of these two streams.

a. International Graduate

Meet these requirements to qualify for International Graduate stream of BC PNP. 

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education In the last 3 years, you must have completed a degree/diploma/certificate from an eligible post-secondary institute
Language At least CLB/NCLC 4
Job OfferHave a full-time job offer in NOC TEER 1, 2 or 3
Minimum incomeMust meet the minimum family income requirements according to:where you live in BCyour annual salaryyour dependents

b. International Post-Graduate

Here are the eligibility requirements of the International Post-Graduate stream. 

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education Must have one of the following credentials in the last 3 years:
– Master’s degree in an eligible program
– Doctoral degree 
– PhD pursuing students
Language At least CLB 4
Minimum IncomeMust be able to financially support oneself and dependents

BC PNP Application Process For International Students

Follow these steps to apply to the BC PNP’s Skills Immigration stream:

  • Decide whether or not you will use the EEBC option of the stream
  • Register yourself on the BCPNP Online portal
  • Receive an ITA
  • Apply to the stream
  • Get nominated and apply for permanent residence to the IRCC

6. Nova Scotia PNP

Under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), as an international student, you can apply for Canada immigration by being nominated through the International Graduates in-Demand stream. 

a. International Graduates in-Demand

This stream offers a chance to students who have recently graduated and their skills and education matches the requirements of the province. 

Currently, Nova Scotia is offering a pathway to foreign students in the following NOC categories:

  • NOC 32102 – Paramedical occupations
  • NOC 32124 – Pharmacy technicians
  • NOC 33102 – Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
  • NOC 42202 – Early childhood educators and assistants
Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education – At least a high-school degree
– Completed a study program in the province in the last 3 years
– Program must have lasted for at least 30 weeks
– You must have completed at least 50% of it in the province
Language At least CLB 5
Job OfferFull-time and permanent job offer
AgeBe 19-55 years
FundsDemonstrate enough financial resources to settle down in the province
Regulated OccupationsMust have a certificate issued by a Nova Scotia regulator body, if required 

NSNP International Graduates in-Demand Application Process

These are the steps to follow when applying through the International Graduates in-Demand stream:

  • Fill out the application form and upload all required documents
  • If your application is approved, and you are granted nomination certificate, you may apply for PR 
  • Contact Nova Scotia after becoming a PR

7.New Brunswick PNP

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program also has a stream dedicated to inviting international students for Canada PR, the NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program. The objective of this program is to invite only those students who graduated from a one or two year study program from the eligible universities. Moreover, the student must have studied in a program that will lead to a career in any one of the following in-demand industries:

  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • Education and Social Development
  • Health
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business Administration

a. New Brunswick Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program

Below are the eligibility requirements to meet to be eligible for this stream throughout the immigration process. 

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education Must have completed a one or two year study program in an eligible New Brunswick college
Job Offer– Recent graduates have 90 days to secure a full-time job offer 
– Employer must be eligible for it
Competitive WageThe wage on your job offer must be competitive 
PR ReadyCandidate must be PR ready throughout the nomination process
Regulated OccupationsIf the job offered is in one of the regulated occupations, the candidate must be licensed to perform their profession

NB Application Process for Students

To immigrate to New Brunswick as an international student who graduated recently, follow the below provided steps:

  1. First of all, receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation
  2. Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the INB portal
  3. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) online in the portal
  4. Submit an application to get nominated
  5. Get nominated and receive a work permit support letter, if you want to apply for a work permit
  6. Apply for Canadian residency to IRCC and become a PR!

8.Newfoundland and Labrador PNP

International students who have recently graduated, hold a valid PGWP, and intend to settle down in Newfoundland and Labrador may be eligible to immigrate using the NLPNP’s International Graduate Stream

a. International Graduate Stream

The eligibility factors to meet for the eligible for International Graduate Stream are:

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Work PermitMust have a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) which is still valid for at least 4 months or more when applying for a nomination through the NLPNP
Language At least CLB 4 (for candidates in in-demand occupations)
Job OfferEither have a full-time job offer to work in Newfoundland and Labrador or already be working in the province
– Job offer must be in NOC TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 3
– If the job offer is in TEER 4, the occupation must be in-demand
– Employer offering the job must be eligible 
– Job must be paid
– Job must be related to the field of program they studied in Canada
Qualification/Training/SkillsCandidate must have the skills, training, and qualifications to carry out the job requirements
Intentions to LiveCandidate must demonstrate the intentions to live in the province
Age21 – 59 years
Settlement FundsMust have enough financial resources for themselves and their dependents
Business OwnershipIn case the applicant owns some part in the business, their share must not exceed 10% 

NLPNP Nomination Application Process for Students

Follow these steps to apply to the NLPNP through the International Graduate Stream:

  • Get a job from an eligible employer to work in a similar field as your studies
  • Submit an application to get nominated by the province
  • Once you receive a nomination, apply for permanent residence
  • Receive COPR and immigrate to Canada!

9. Prince Edward Island PNP

Foreign students who recently graduated from a publicly-funded PEI institution and received a full-time job offer from an eligible employer may be able to immigrate through the International Graduates stream. 

a. International Graduates

Meeting the following eligibility requirements of the stream, the student might be able to immigrate to Prince Edward Island

Eligibility FactorsRequirements 
Education Graduated from a publicly-funded institution 
Language – At least CLB 4 (for those in the NOC TEER category 4 or 5)
– Must be proficient in English/French (for those in TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 3)
Job OfferMust have a full-time, permanent job offer
FundsMust have enough financial resources to sustain oneself and dependents 
Age18 – 59 years
Work PermitMust have a valid PGWP
Intentions to ResideMust intend to live and work in Prince Edward Island

Steps to Apply to Immigrate to PEI through International Graduates Stream

Follow these steps to immigrate to Prince Edward Island through this stream:

  • Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile
  • If the PEI PNP finds your profile eligible, it will send you an ITA 
  • Complete an application to get nominated by the province 
  • Receive a nomination certificate and apply to IRCC for PR.

Average Wages in Canada (Province-wise)

Working in Canada can have bountiful perks of its own. For starters, on an average, one can earn $33 an hour if they are working in Alberta. This means, you may earn $67,912 on an average on a yearly basis. 

The average salary distribution, both hourly and annual basis, in Canada is provided below according to the Canadian province or territory you might want to immigrate to. 

Canadian ProvinceAverage Hourly SalaryAverage Annual Salary
British Columbia$31$65,052
Newfoundland and Labrador$31$64,076
New Brunswick$29$59,632
Nova Scotia$27$56,888
Prince Edward Island$27$56,316

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