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The Hospitality Sector Project is a program under the Saskatchewan Work Expereince category. It nominates foreign skilled workers who are already employed in eligible NOC codes of the hospitality sector in Saskatchewan. This article lists all the eligibility requirements and application process for the SINP Hospitality Sector Project.

Eligibility requirements for Hospitality Sector Project 

Eligibility FactorsRequirements
Work Experience This is the most important requirement for the Hospitality Sector Project. You should already be employed with a valid Saskatchewan employer in an eligible NOC code of the hospitality sector. Your work experience must be:
– Minimum 6 months or 780 hours Must be continuous Should be full-time
– The experience must be acquired with a valid work permit
– You must have gained this work experience only after your employer has acquired a Job Approval Letter. Any experience gained without the SINP JAL is not valid.
Eligiblile NOC codesThe NOC codes that are eligible for this Saskatchewan Experience Pathway are:
– NOC 65200 – Food/Beverage server
– NOC 65201 – Food Counter Attendant or Kitchen Helper
– NOC 65310 – Housekeeping or Cleening Staff
Work PermitYou must have a valid work permit issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through the Labour Market Impact Assessement conducted for hospitality jobs: 
– NOC 65200
– NOC 65201
– NOC 65310 
Valid EmployerYour work experience and job offer must be from a valid employer in Saskatchewan. This implies that the employer must:
– Be from Saskatchewan
– Must have obtained the SINP Job Approval Letter that authorizes them to employ foreign workers through the Hospitality Sector Project. 
Job OfferThe employer for whom you have been working for must offer you a valid job offer. A valid job offer will be:
– Full-time
– From a valid Saskatchewan employer
– In valid hospitality NOC code
– Must include the SINP Job Approval Letter
Academic proficiencyYou must have finished grade 12 to be eligible for the SINP Hospitality Sector Project.
Language ProficiencyYour language test score must be atleast CLB 4 in all the four fields of reading, writing, speaking and listening. SINP accepts CELPIP or IELTS as proficiency tests in English. You will be required to take TEF and TCF for French proficiency.
Intent to settle You must demonstrate your plan to permanently settle and work in Saskatchewan

Application process for the SINP Hospitality Sector Project 

Applying to the Hospitality Sector Project of the Saskatchewan Category pathway includes the following stages:

  • Creating an account on OASIS
  • Completing and submitting your SINP application
  • Application pre-screening and assessment
  • Application approval and nomination.

Creating and Submitting the SINP application

  1. Before you begin to apply to the Hospitality Sector project, you will need to create an account with the SINP Online Application System or OASIS as shown in the image below.
  1. Once you have created and logged into your account, determine the category through which you will apply to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). For this, you will need to answer a questionnaire as shown in the image below. According to the answers you provide, the SINP will assign you a category which you will need to agree to.
  1. Once you are assigned the Saskatchewan Experience Hospitality Sector Project category, you will now be required to complete various sections of your application. The sections include:
  • Current Residency and Settlement Destination
  • Your details, declaration and consent
  • Citizenship
  • Birth and Identity documents
  • Passport
  • Marital Status
  • Education Section
  • Work Experience
  • Language proficiency
  • Final section about prior Saskatchewan connection
  1. Submit the completed SINP application for the Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project. Ensure that you have uploaded all the required documents with the application. Incomplete applications might be straight away rejected or significantly increase the processing time.

Pre-Screening and Assessment 

Once you submit a complete SINP application, it will undergo two stages of assessment. The first stage will be the application pre-screening. In this stage, the SINP will assess if you have submitted all the mandatory documents, the application will move to the assessment phase. If your application is found to be incomplete, the SINP will be closed. In that case, you will have to begin the application process afresh.

Your application will be further assessed by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. All the information you have submitted will be evaluated for accuracy and validity. Incase, there are any additional documents required, the SINP will inform you via email. In this case, you will have 10 days to submit any additional paperwork. This will increase the processing time of your application.

Approval and Nomination

Once the SINP successfully evaluates and approves your application for the Hospitality Sector Project, you will become a provincial nominee. Thereafter, you will receive:

  • A provincial nomination letter from the SINP
  • A support letter for work permit if applicable
  • More detailed information to apply for Canada PR through the SINP pathway

After becoming a provincial nominee, you will have 180 days or 6 months to apply for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program. 

Documents checklist for Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project

A complete checklist for Hospitality Sector Project will depend on your individual profile. However below is the document checklist mandatory for all applicants.

  • A Temporary Work Permit : Since you must already be working in the hospitality sector to be eligible, you must possess a valid temporary work permit. This temporary work permit must specifically be for Temporary Foreing Worker Program. It should be for NOC codes 65200, 65201 and 65301. Your work permit should be valid throughout the application process of provincial nomination and Canada PR. 
  • Documents for Work Experience: In order to prove your work experience, you will need to upload any one of the following paperwork:
    • A letter from your employer. It should include your designation, date of joining, tenure, and job description
    • Payslips
    • Employment records
  • A valid job offer: You will need to upload your job offer while applying for Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project. A valid offer letter must:
    • Be on the official letterhead
    • Signed by your employer in Saskatchewan
    • Include your job location
    • Mention your designation, wage, designation, responsibilities, etc.
    • Must include complete contact information of the company or employer.
  • SINP Job Approval Letter
  • Official Transcripts to demonstrate that you have completed grade 12. 
  • Language tests: Your test results must not be older than two years. 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport

Note: All your documents must either be in English or French. If they are in another language, you must upload valid translations along with the original documents. The translations must be from a translator who is certified and must not be a friend or relative.

Processing time and fee for Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project

The processing time for most applications in the Hospitality Sector is approximately one week. However, it might take longer if SINP requires additional paperwork. 

There is no processing fee for applying to the SINP Hospitality Sector Project. 

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