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The SINP Long Haul Truck driver project is a pathway under the Saskatchewan Experience category exclusively for eligible long-haul truck drivers. The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is constantly in need of experienced and skilled long haul truck drivers who can fill vacancies and work in the industry for the long-term.

This article includes the eligibility criteria and the application process to get provincial nomination through the Saskatchewan Long-haul truck driver pathway.

Who can Apply to the SINP Long-Haul Truck Driver project?

You can apply to be a skilled long-haul truck driver if you meet the eligibility requirements tabulated below.

Eligibility CriteriaRequirements
Saskatchewan Work ExperienceSince this pathway belongs to the SINP Experience category, a prior experience is mandatory. You should already be working for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan for at least 6 months or 780 hours. This work experience must be full-time and consecutive and must be acquired under a valid work permit.
Driver’s LicenseYou must have a valid and active Saskatchewan Class 1A driver’s license.
Job OfferYou must get a valid, full-time permanent job offer from the same employer you were working with in the past 6 months.
A Valid EmployerYour employer will be considered valid only of:
– He is from an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan
– He provides you with a valid SINP Job Approval Letter
Job Approval LetterThe SINP Job Approval Letter is acquired by the SINP employer. It acts as a proof of approval by the SINP to the Saskatchewan employer for hiring eligible foreign workers.
Language proficiencyScore at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 in your language proficiency test. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program accepts TEF and TCF for French language and IELTS and CELPIP for English proficiency tests
Living in SaskatchewanYou must be working and  living in Saskatchewan at the time of applying to the Long Haul Truck Driver Project. 
Work PermitYou must have a valid temporary foreign work permit.
Intend to settle in SaskatchewanYou must demonstrate that you intend to permanently settle and work in the province of Saskatchewan.

How to apply for the Saskatchewan Long Haul Truck Driver Project?

The first step towards getting provincial nomination through the SINP Long Haul Truck Driver Project is to ensure that you get a valid full-time employment with an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan. You can search the Job Board of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association to find the available job vacancies.

After getting a job with a valid SINP trucking firm, you must continue to work with the same firm for at least 6 months. The work experience must be continuous, full-time and paid. Once you have acquired the mandatory Saskatchewan experience in an approved trucking firm, you must get a permanent job-offer from the same employer.

Moreover, you must meet all the requirements listed above. 

The application process for the Saskatchewan Long Haul Truck Driver pathway has the following phases:

  •  Register and create a profile with the SINP Online Application System or OASIS
  • Answer a few questions in order to determine your SINP category and verify it.
  • After your SINP program has been assigned to you, enter the information and upload valid documents for the sections of:
    • Residency
    • Citizenship
    • Birth documents
    • Passport
    • Marital status
    • Academic section
    • Work Experience
    • Language proficiency

You will be required to upload documents to support all the information you enter for each of the sections. 

  • Save the submitted information and submit a completed application.

There is no application fee for the Saskatchewan Long Haul Truck Driver Project. 

  • Once you submit your application, the SINP will pre-screen it for completion. Once that is successfully completed, it will then move to the stage of critical assessment. During this stage, your application will be examined for accuracy and eligibility. Finally, if your application is approved, the SINP will nominate you through the Long Haul Truck Driver Project. You will then receive:
    • SINP Nomination Approval Letter
    • Further instructions to apply for Canada PR through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
    • Work Permit support letter if applicable

Apply to IRCC for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program pathway within 6 months or 180 days of becoming a Saskatchewan provincial nominee.

Processing Time 

The processing time for Saskatchewan Long Haul Truck Driver Project is approximately 1 week. It might take longer if your application requires additional information.

Documents required for the Saskatchewan Long Haul Truck Driver Project

Although the complete list of paperwork depends on your individual application, there are certain documents that are required in almost all cases. They are listed below:

  • Temporary Work permit for a long haul truck driver
  • Employment letter from your employer. It should state your job role, start of employment, duration of work, job description, and the number of hours worked per week.
  • Copies of your payslips that have the name of your employer, your designation and working hours
  • Job Offer letter on the official letterhead of the employer. It must be addressed to you and shall include:
    • Designation and job role
    • Wage 
    • Location of the job
    • Must be signed by the employer
  • Job Approval Letter provided by the employer. 
  • Saskatchewan Class 1A Driver’s license
  • Language test results that are not older than 2 years
  • Birth certificates
  • Passport

All documents must either be in English or French. In case they are in another language, upload the original document along with its valid translation. The documents must be translated by a certified translator. Moreover, your translator must also upload a translator affidavit.

The trucking industry in Saskatchewan continues to face the critical challenge of aging drivers in a rapidly growing economy. Therefore, the province is perpetually in need of foreign skilled workers who can work as long haul truck drivers and settle in the province permanently. 

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