Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway- Application & Eligibility Criteria


The Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway is a Business Investor stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). You can get provincial nomination through this pathway, you must have a valid farm business experience and mandatory capital. Additionally, you must also have a plan to establish and operate a farm in rural areas of Manitoba.

While the Business Entrepreneur Pathway nominates immigrants to establish or buy a business in Manitoba, the Farm Investor Pathway is a dedicated stream to boost rural entrepreneurship in the province.

Eligibility criteria for Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

Before applying to the MPNP Farm Investor pathway, you must ensure that you meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • You must have at least 3 years of farm operation and ownership experience within the last five years. You will be required to submit paperwork to substantiate your farm experience.
  • Although there is no minimum language proficiency score required, you must understand either French or English to be able to adapt and be productive in Canada.
  • An investment of at least CAD $300,000 is mandatory. This investment must be utilized to establish a farm business in rural Manitoba.
  • Your net worth must be at least $500,000 CAD
  • Have a farm business plan while applying for the MPNP Farm Inventor stream.
  • A visit to Manitoba for farm business research is mandatory. This visit should be of at least 5 business days. This excludes the days of arrival and departure.
  • Your farm business must have recurring and ongoing business activities in rural Manitoba
  • You must actively and regularly participate in managing the farm business while staying in Manitoba 
  • The farm business must involve active primary agricultural production. It should be economically viable and beneficial.
  • You must be able to prove that you will be able to adapt in rural Manitoba. You must have prior experience in practical farming skills, knowledge about technical farming practices that you will be able to implement in your farm business in the province.

Steps to Apply to the MPNP Farm Investor Pathway

Applying to the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway consists of six major steps. This section gives a detailed account of the application procedure to get Manitoba provincial nomination through the Farm Investor Pathway. The six major steps include:

  1. Exploration and Research about Farm business in rural Manitoba
  2. Completion of the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms.
  3. Receiving the Letter of Advice to Apply.
  4. Submission of a complete application to MPNP
  5. Application assessment and approval
  6. Getting the provincial nomination and Canada PR

STEP 1: Exploration and Research about the Farm business in rural Manitoba

It is mandatory to visit and research about the farm business opportunities and lifestyle in rural Manitoba to become an eligible candidate for the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP). This mandatory exploratory visit must be conducted within a year of submitting the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept form.

Your visit to explore farm business opportunities in rural Manitoba must be at least 5 business days long. However, longer and more intensive visits will be preferred by MPNP. The visit to Manitoba can include activities like:

  • Collecting important information that would be helpful in your Farm Business Concept. This includes cost of the farmland, livestock, and crops, cost of farm machinery and equipment, and information about farm suppliers.
  • Researching information related to living and settling in Manitoba. This includes exploring schools, general cost of living, etc.
  • Meeting stakeholders such as farm business lenders, advisors, etc.

You will need to acquire a valid visitor visa required to travel to Manitoba, Canada. 

STEP 2: Completion of the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms

Before applying to the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway, you must ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements for the MPNP pathway. After that, you must submit a completed Interest Guidelines Form and a Farm Business Concept Form .

If you are hiring a CICC licensed immigration consultant, you will also need to submit a Code of Conduct for Immigration Representatives form . All the completed forms must be emailed to  [email protected] 

STEP 3: Getting the Letter of Advice to Apply

After emailing your forms to MPNP, your Farm Business Concept and Interest Guidelines will be screened. If you are considered a suitable applicant who would beneficially contribute to rural Manitoba in the longer run, the MPNP will invite you for a personal interview with a Business Immigration Officer or BIO.

If the interview goes well, you will get a Letter of Advice to Apply or LAA to the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP).

STEP 4: Submission of a complete application to MPNP

Once you get a Letter of Advice to Apply, you must submit a completed application to Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program within 120 days or 4 months. While applying, you will also need to pay a non-refundable processing fee of $2,500 CAD. After submitting your application, you will get a confirmation letter from MPNP.

STEP 5: Application assessment and Approval

Your application will be reviewed according to the eligibility criteria of the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway. All your documents including your Farm Business Plan and net worth will be assessed by MPNP.

You will also be invited for an interview to discuss your Farm Business Plan. If your application is approved for provincial nomination, you will need to sign a Deposit Agreement and pay a deposit of $75,000 CAD to the Manitoba Development Corporation.

STEP 6: Getting the provincial nomination and Canada PR

After MPNP receives your deposit, you will get further instructions to submit your Permanent Resident application to the Central Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. Your provincial nomination will be directly sent to the CIO by MPNP.

Your PR application will be assessed and forwarded to the Canadian Visa Office. After this, you will get instructions regarding medical examinations, security clearances, and other formalities. Once you successfully clear them, you will be issued Canadian Permanent Residence Visa through Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway.

You must report to the MPNP offices within 30 days of arriving in Canada as a Permanent Resident, and submit all your contact information. Periodic progress reports about the establishment of farm business in the province must be submitted to MPNP.

You should be able to establish the business and meet the investment requirements of your Deposit Agreement within two years of your arrival. Once you are able to do so, the CAD $75,000 deposit will be returned to you.

List of documents for Farm Investor Pathway

The complete documents required for the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway might vary according to your profile. However, there are some documents that will be mandatory.

We can discuss your case and provide you with an exhaustive checklist of documents you will need to apply. The estimated list of documents for Farm Investor Pathway is given below:

Documents after getting a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA)

After you get your LAA, submit the following forms and documents.

  • Documents about your Net worth 
  • Completed and signed MPNP Fee Payment Form
  • Completed and signed MPNP Application form for Farm Investor Pathway (FIP)
  • Proof and Report of your Farm Business Research and Visit to Manitoba. This will/can include air tickets, boarding passes, proof of stay in Manitoba, etc. 
  • Summary of a Farm Business Plan in Manitoba. A Farm Business Plan for the MPNP FIP pathway entails:
    • Farm Business Operation: this includes business structure, size and scale of farming operations, segment of agricultural production that the farm business will operate in. This can include crop production, livestock production, dairy, apiary, poultry, etc.
    • Personal Details such as Educational background, Language Skills , Farming Experience and adaptability.
    • Market Analysis
    • Resource requirements such as location and distribution, suppliers, farm machinery and equipment, etc.
    • Human Resource Requirements
    • Financial needs such as capital requirements, credit requirements, breakdown of investment, production estimate etc.

All the documents must be signed. Unless specifically mentioned, you must submit photocopies of the documents. 

Before applying for the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway, ensure that this program fits you the best and has the highest success rate. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers several Canada PR programs for skilled workers, students and entrepreneurs. Talent Connected Worldwide (R 527196) can assess your profile and ensure that you apply to the right program. 

Contact us and get your case personally assessed by CICC approved experts.

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