Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway: Eligibility and Application


The Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway from the MPNP Business Investor Stream nominates eligible entrepreneurs and businesses persons throughout the world. You must aim to establish the business in Manitoba and meet all the eligibility requirements.

The MPNP Entrepreneur pathway no longer requires you to submit CAD $100,000 to the government of Manitoba to be eligible for the stream. 

Eligibility criteria for Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway

In order to be eligible for the Manitoba Entrepreneur pathway you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria. 

  • You must be either an active business owner or in senior management in a successful business for at least 3 years within the last five years. This work experience must be continuous and full time. Business owners will be prioritized over business managers, and will get more points.
  • To be an eligible business owner, you must have 33 ⅓% business ownership to get points.
  • Score at least CLB/NCLC 5 in your language proficiency test. The score should not be older than two years.
  • You must have high school education to be eligible for the MPNP Entrepreneur pathway.
  • If the business is located in the Winnipeg Metropolitan region, you will need to invest at least CAD $250,000. If the business is outside the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, you must invest at least CAD $150,000 to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The investment must be in a valid and eligible business according to the MPNP. 
  • Your business must be able to create or maintain at least one job for a qualifying Canadian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • You must have a business plan and submit it as a part of your MPNP application.
  • Minimum net worth should be CAD $500,000. It will be verified by an MPNP approved third-party supplier.

Manitoba Entrepreneur points calculator

Your Expression of Interest will be ranked according to the following factors. This section includes the assessment points for age, language proficiency, education, Business experience, net worth, investment, adaptability, etc. You will be ranked out of 150 points. 

Entrepreneur Pathway assessment points for age (Max points= 10)

You must be at least 25 years of age to get any points. Manitoba desires applicants who are experienced investors and aim to establish their business in the province. Thus, mature and experienced business people belonging to the age group of 36 years to 45 years get the maximum points. If you are older than 49 years, you will get no points.

Age in yearsPoints scored
Less than 25 years00
25 – 30 years04
31 – 35 years06
36 – 45 years10
46 years08
47 years06
48 years04
49 years02
50 years or more00

Entrepreneur pathway points for Education (Max points = 10)

The more educated you are, the higher your score will be. Having a doctorate degree will get you 10 points.

Academic qualificationsPoints
Post-secondary degree or diploma in two years’ program04
Post-secondary degree or diploma in a three (or more) years’ program06
Master’s degree or equivalent08
Doctoral degree10
None of the above00

Assessment points for Business Experience (Max points = 30)

Being an experienced business owner will get you a higher score than being a senior management in a business.

Business ExperiencePoints
Business owner since 11 years or more30
Business owner since 7-10 years25
Business owner since 3-6 years20
Senior management of a business since 7 or more years10
Senior management of a business since 7 or more years05

MPNP Entrepreneur score for Language proficiency (Max points: 25)

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program accepts CELPIP and IELTS for English proficiency test, and TCF/TEF for French language proficiency test. Your test result must not be older than two years.

Language proficiency scorePoints

Assessment points for Net Worth (Max Points=10 points)

The higher your net worth, the higher your score. Your personal belongings like jewelry, furniture, vehicles are not included in net worth.

Net worthPoints
CAD $500000 – CAD $ 1 million05
$1Million to $1.5 Million and above06
$1.5 Million to $2 Million and above07
$2 Million to $2.5 Million and above08
$2.5 Million to $3 Million and above09
$3 Million and above10

Points for Business Investment (Max points=15)

The higher you invest in your business in Manitoba, the better your score will be.

CAD $200,000 – $499,999 10
CAD $500,000 – $899,000 12
CAD $900,000 or more 15
None of the above00

Points for Economic priorities (Max points=05)

Active business that is export oriented, value adding with activities in Manitoba05
Business location outside Manitoba Capital region05

Business Research Visit to Manitoba (Max points=20)

Research visit to ManitobaPoints
Visited Manitoba for at least 5 days for business research in the province10
Visited Manitoba for at least 10 days to explore and research business opportunities in the province20

Adaptability factors (Max points=25)

Your legal partner or spouse has CLB/NCLC score of 5 or more10
Your legal partner or spouse has CLB/NCLC score of 5 or more in second official Canadian language10
Your close relative lives in Manitoba since one year or more05
Your child is enrolled full-time in an academic institution in Manitoba for at least 6 months before you submit your EOI.05
You or your legal partner/spouse has completed at least a one year, full-time academic program from a tertiary institution in Manitoba with a valid study permit
You or your spouse has work experience of continuous full-time job in Manitoba of at least 6 months.

How to Apply to the Manitoba Entrepreneur Stream?

There are six major steps to apply to the MPNP Entrepreneur pathway. 

  1. Self Assessment and Business research
  2. Submission of Expression of Interest
  3. Getting a Letter of Advice to Apply and application submission
  4. Application assessment and BPA
  5. Business Establishment and fulfilling the BPA
  6. Recommendation and nomination by the MPNP

We will explain each step in detail.

STEP 1 : Self Assessment and Business research

The very first step is to assess and ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria for Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway. You can do so through the Self-Assessment form that will also help you estimate your ranking score. In order to assess and explore business opportunities in the province of Manitoba, you can also attend monthly information sessions on the Business Investor Stream.

MPNP officers in these sessions can help you with creating your Business Concept, and with providing resources and methodologies that will help you research about your business efficiently. The cost of registration is CAD $100 excluding GST.

STEP 2: Submit your Expression of Interest

Once you are sure about your eligibility and have researched about business opportunities in Manitoba, you can submit an Expression of Interest to [email protected] . Your Expression of Interest or EOI will include:

  • Business Concept Form
  • Self-Assessment Form
  • MPNP Code of Conduct form

Once your EOI is assessed and your profile is ranked, you will get a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) in the MPNP Entrepreneur draws. Most EOIs are processed within four weeks.

Note: MPNP Entrepreneur draws have been paused until further notice. Keep visiting this page for more information and updates about the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway.

STEP 3: Getting a Letter of Advice to Apply and Application submission

Once you get the LAA in the EOI draws for MPNP Business Investor stream, you will need to submit a complete application and pay a non-refundable application fee of CAD$ 2,500. You will also be issued a Business Concept Code with instructions about the next steps. You must submit your MPNP application within 120 days or 4 months of getting an LAA.

STEP 4: Application assessment and Business Performance Agreement

Once you submit your application, it will be assessed by at least two Business Immigration Officers (BIO). Depending upon the information provided in your application, they will either approve or refuse it. You might also be invited for an interview during the assessment process. Once your MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway application is approved for recommendation, you will receive a Business Performance Agreement or BPA.

Once you get the BPA, you must sign it and return it to MPNP within 2 months or 60 days from the issue date. After the MPNP receives the Business Performance Agreement, you will get the following documents:

  • Entrepreneur Immigration Nominee Candidate Letter of Confirmation
  • Instructions for MPNP Business Candidates to apply for registration to the Employer Portal and Work Permit, and
  • Entrepreneur Work Permit Support Letter.

These documents are valid for 3 months from their date of issue.

Business Establishment and fulfilling the Business Performance Agreement

After getting a Work Permit and arriving at Manitoba, you must:

  • Personally notify Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or MPNP about your Mantioba address and contact number within 30 days of arrival. You will be assigned a Business Immigration Officer for your assistance.
  • Submit progress reports. Your first progress report must be submitted within 6 months from the date of your arrival. Your final progress report must be submitted within 20 months after your arrival.
  • Comply with all the requirements and conditions mentioned in the Business Performance Agreement or BPA.

Recommendation and nomination by the MPNP

Once you comply with all the conditions of the Business Performance Agreement or BPA, the BIO or Business Immigration Officer will make a recommendation for nomination. The Director of MPNP will review this recommendation and make a final decision.

After that, you will get a Confirmation of Nomination via email. You will now become a Provincial Nominee through the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway. You can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program within 180 days or 6 months of becoming a provincial nominee. 

List of documents for Manitoba Entrepreneur pathway

Below is an estimated list of documents you will need to submit with your Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway application. However, this is not an exhaustive list. Talent Connected Worldwide can assist you with a complete list of paperwork you need to submit a complete paperwork based on your profile.

  • A copy of your Letter of Advice to Apply or LAA
  • Completed and signed MPNP Fee Payment Form
  • Personal Net Worth report issued by Manitoba’s designated third-party verifiers.
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Generic Application Business Form
  • Manitoba Information Release form
  • MPNP Code of Conduct Form for Immigration Representatives
  • Proof of Research Visit to Manitoba. This can include proof of stay, copies of air tickets, boarding passes, etc.
  •  Business Plan
  • Photocopy of Birth certificate
  • Copy of Passport or travel documents
  • Photocopies of degrees, certificates, diplomas and transcripts.
  • Copies of Language proficiency tests
  • Proof of Connection to Manitoba and Canada. 

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