SINP Tech Talent Pathway for Saskatchewan immigration


The SINP Tech Talent Pathway is one of the streams of the International Skilled Worker that nominates eligible applicants for Canada PR . To be eligible for this pathway, you must have a valid job offer from a Saskatchewan employer in one of the 16 occupations in technology and innovation sector. 

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Eligibility Requirements for Saskatchewan Tech Talent Program


Before applying for the SINP Tech Talent Pathway, make sure that you fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  • A Job Offer and Job Approval Letter: You must have a valid job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan. This job offer must belong to the technology and Innovation sector. Currently, there are 16 jobs that are eligible for the SINP tech talent pathway. This means that if your have a job offer in any one of these NOC codes listed below, you might be eligible for the SINP International Skilled Worker – Tech Talent Pathway. All the NOC codes and TEER levels are tabulated below.
NOC Codes OccupationPopular Jobs
Computer and information systems managers1. Computer systems manager
2. Data analytics manager 
3. Cloud architect manager
4. Computer applications manager
Electrical and Electronics engineers1. Avionics engineer
2. Electrical distribution planning engineer 
3. Electronics engineer
4. Roadway lighting design engineer
5. Television systems engineer
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)1. Computer hardware engineer
2. Hardware circuit board designer 
3. Hardware development engineer
4. Network infrastructure engineer
5. Network support and test engineer
6. Telecommunications hardware engineer
7. Wireless communications network engineer
Data Scientist1. Data scientist and architect
2. Machine Learning specialist and Engineer 
3. Quantitative Analyst
4. AI Designer
Cybersecurity specialists1. Informatics security analysts and consultants
2. Cybersecurity analyst 
3. IT Security specialist
4. Systems security analyst
Business system specialist1. Business systems analysts and consultants
2. IT Business analysts 
3. Information systems business analysts
Information System specialist1. Systems auditors and consultants
2. MIS analysts 
3. IT Consultants
4. Computer systems analysts
Web designer1. Internet and Intranet site designers
2. Web designers
Database analysts and data administrator1. Data administrators, custodians, and analysts
2. Database analyst
3. Database administrator (DBA)
Software engineers and designers1. Software architect and designers
2. Software design project managers, and verification engineers
3. Software project managers
4. Systems architects
Computer systems developers and programmers1. Computer programmer
2. Program analysts
3. Systems and Scientific Programmers
Software developers and programmers1. Multimedia and Software developers
2. Application programmers
3. Computer game developers
4. Software development project managers
Web developers and programmers1. Website developers for E-Commerce websites
2. Web developers and managers
3. Web programmers and website developers
4. Webmasters
Computer network and web technicians1. LAN Administrators and Technicians
2. Web technicians
3. Data center operators
4. Network administrators
User support technicians1. Call centre agent – technical support
2. Hardware installation technician
3. Help desk technician
4. User support technician
5. Technical support analyst and supervisor
Information systems testing technicians1. Application and Software testers
2. Applications and Systems testing technicians
3. System testers
4. User Acceptance testers

Along with a job offer you must also have an SINP Job Approval Letter . An Employer in Saskatchewan registers with the SINP to get the Job Approval Letter. It is a formal letter that allows the employer to hire foreign skilled workers and assist them in Canadian Immigration through SINP. You will get a JAL after meeting all the hiring requirements.

  • Work Experience if Applying from outside Saskatchewan: You must have at least one year of full-time payed work experience in the same occupation for which you receive a job-offer. This one year work experience must be gained with the last 5 years.
  • Work Exprience if Applying from Saskatchewan: If you are currently employed and applying to the SINP Tech Talent Pathway from Saskatchewan, you must have 6 months of full-time, paid work experience. You must gain this work experience on a valid work permit , along with a Job Approval Letter.
  • Language Proficiency: You must score at least CLB/NCLC 5 or above in your language proficiency tests. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program accepts IELTS and CELPIP for English proficiency tests, and TCF and TEF for French language proficiency. Your test results must not be older than 2 years. In case you are already working at the time of applying to the Saskatchewan Tech Talent program, you must satisfy the language proficiency as determined by your employer.
  • Saskatchewan Licensing: You must be eligible for a license if your job offer belongs to four NOC codes listed below:
    • NOC 21311- Computer Engineers (software engineers and designers excluded)
    • NOC 21231- Software Engineers and Designers
    • NOC 21211- Data Scientists
    • NOC 21310- Electrical and Electronics Engineers 

In order to prove your licensing eligibility, you will need to do ONE of the following:

  • Submit a letter from APEGS to show that your application for registration as an Engineer in-Training is approved
  • Submit a letter from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) that indicates that you have been assigned confirmatory exams.
  • Academic proficiency: You must have competed the degrees and fulfilled all academic requirements mandated by the NOC code you are currently working under or have a job offer for. This can be a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, or a two-year diploma course from a valid college or university. If your education is from outside Canada, you will need to submit an ECA or Educational Credential Assessment report . The ECA should not be older than five years.
  • You must be able to clearly demonstrate and prove your intentions to permanently settle and work in Saskatchewan.
  • Applying through Express Entry stream: You must have a valid Express Entry profile number and a Job Seeker Code. You will also need to meet all the requirements listed above.

Step by Step Application Process

While applying to the SINP Tech Talent Pathway, you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. If you are not already working in a tech job in Saskatchewan, you must get a valid job offer. Canada Job Bank can help you get a job from valid and approved employers of Saskatchewan. 
  2. Create your account in the SINP Online Application System or OASIS
  3. Fill out all the details about your age, occupation, work experience, NOC code etc.
  4. Upload the documents as prove to the information submited in your Tech Talent Pathway application. There is no application fee for this SINP International Skilled Worker stream.
  5. Submit the completed application for Saskatchewan Tech Talent Pathway.

Pre-Screening and Assessment

  • You will be screened for complete information and documents. Your application will move for further assessment after the pre-screening process.
  • During the application assessment process, your eligibility will be reviewed. In case the SINP needs more information from you, they will notify through email. You must comply with all further requirements with 10 days from getting the email.

Provincial Nomination

Once your application is approved by the SINP, you will get a:

  • SINP Nomination Approval Letter
  • Work Permit Support letter (if applicable)
  • Further instructions to apply for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The SINP will notify the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about your nomination. Once you become a provincial nominee, submit Canada PR application within 6 months.

Processing Time for SINP Tech Talent Pathway: 2 weeks

If you submit a complete and updated application, the SINP processes the tech talent applications within 2 weeks. This time might get extended in case of technical issues or if your application needs more information.

Documents required for Saskatchewan Tech Talent Pathway

While applying for the SINP Tech Talent Pathway, you must keep the following documents ready.

  • A valid Job Offer- The offer letter must be:
    • Addressed to you
    • State job title, roles, wage and all related details
    • Include the location of job in Saskatchewan
    • Have complete contact information of the company
    • Should be signed by your employer
    • Must be on an official letterhead.
  • Job Approval Letter
  • Language Proficiency test results- They should not be older than 2 years.
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)- This report is valid for 5 years
  • Letters of refrence from previous employers, supervisors or HR. All the letters must include your job position, main duties, date of employment, and working hours. It should also have complete contact information of your manager or supervisor.
  • Government issued documents that prove your work experience. This includes any one of the following:
    • Medical insurance, pension funds, or security record
    • Work permits, work visas in case of foreign work experience
    • Employer contracts
    • Taxation forms
  • Documents to demonstrate licensing eligibility (if applicable)
  • Identification documents such as Birth certificate
  • Passport

Saskatchewan Tech Talent Pathway is an excellent option if your job is in technology sector. It is a pathway without any scoring criteria and draw. This might be beneficial for your profile. Contact Talent Connected Worldwide to get your case assessed by CICC licensed representatives and know all your Canada PR options.

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