What is COPR?


So, what is COPR? Do you know it? No? That’s fine, we are here to help anyways. In common terms, COPR is Confirmation of Permanent Residence, which is an official document that IRCC sends out. Only those whose permanent residence application is approved receive a COPR. 

What is COPR? 

COPR or Confirmation of Permanent Residence is an official document that IRCC provides to new permanent residents. This document indicates that the immigrant has been granted permanent residence in Canada and so they can start enjoying the benefits that a PR enjoys in Canada. The immigrant receives this document at the port of entry. On the document, the immigration officer also signs and puts the date so one would know when they were granted permanent residence. 

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If you are traveling to Canada for the first time, you need to show this document to the immigration officers to let them know you are a resident. Of course the border officer would need more documentation to verify the process, but showing a COPR is one of the must pieces of paper to have with you. 

How to Get Canada Permanent Residence?

Canada permanent residency is not hard to get. All you need to do is be eligible, have all the required documents, fill the application forms correctly, and follow the given instructions. Yep, it’s that easy. So, let’s take a look at those steps below. 

  1. Give language tests before you start applying as the test results take some time to come and you also need to prepare for the tests beforehand. Why don’t you make sure that you get high scores as this will increase your chances of getting Canada PR. 
  1. Choose which immigration pathway is best suitable for you and then apply for it! Based on your occupation, skills, family connections and other factors, you need to decide which immigration stream gives you the most advantages. 
  1. Collect all the required information and documents that you would need to submit later on. This is an official process and so, it is imperative that you submit only the genuine and real documents. 
  1. There are some really important documents such as medical examination results, proof of funds, police clearance certificate, etc. Make sure that you have such documents beforehand. 
  1. Once you have submitted the documents, an immigration officer will verify the documents. Your application will be reviewed to make sure that you have filled the form correctly and put in all the necessary documents as well. In case the immigration officer asks for any more documents, be ready to provide them. 
  1. After reviewing, if your PR application is approved, you will receive a COPR. This Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) is a document proving your permanent residency in Canada. 
  1. Well, since your PR application is approved, and you have been granted a COPR card, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your journey to Canada because you are now a Canadian PR! 

Who’s Eligible for Canada PR? 

Below are some of the pointers to check if you are eligible for Canada PR or not. 

  • Your age should be between 18-35
  • In order to be eligible, your education must be on par with the Canadian standards requirement
  • Your language proficiency skills must be as per the requirements
  • In terms of work experience, you require at least 1 year of work experience
  • In case you have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada, you get extra points. 

The more points you score, the higher your chances of getting that permanent residency! 

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Does COPR mean I am a permanent resident?

The very name of this document indicates that your permanent residence application has been approved. It means that you have gained permanent residence in Canada. 

Can I work with CoPR Canada?

YES, you can! Since you are granted residency in Canada, you can work, study, and live anywhere you want to in Canada! Just make sure to apply for a Canada PR card after arriving in Canada on a COPR.

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