NOC 2282- Become a User Support Technician in Canada!


NOC 2282 is for those working as a User Support Technician in Canada. Though the previous National Occupation Classification code is 2282, the new NOC code is 22221. These support technicians act like an angel as they help computer users in distress overcome issues. 

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada and get a job there under this NOC code then read this blog before you grab that Canada visa and fly there. It is important that you gather necessary information such as what is the job role of support technicians, which job titles are under this NOC and which are excluded, what are the eligibility requirements, etc. So, let’s talk about them then! 

NOC 2282- User Support Technician

The thing about user support technicians is that they are always ready to offer technical support and help computer users. Computer users contact technicians whenever they experience problems and issues with computer hardware, applications, as well as communications software. 

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User support technicians find employment in both private and public sectors. Who hires them? Well, computer hardware manufacturers and retailers, call centers, software developers, and information technology units hire user support technicians. 

Apart from finding work in independent technical support companies, they may also be self-employed. 

Does Canada need User Support Technicians? 

Canada actually is in need of hiring more workers in its tech industry. The launch of Express Entry category-based draws and inclusion of tech occupations as one of the categories is proof that Canada is, no doubt, in need of skilled workers in the tech occupations. 

So, this time could be considered as a golden period for such workers and if you are also looking for a job, check out Canada. Submit a profile in the Express Entry system and you might receive an invitation for Canada PR. 

Once you get Canada PR you could work anywhere in Canada and for however long you wish to. Live freely and enjoy all the benefits of a Canada permanent resident too. 

But before that let’s understand what are the job duties of a user support technician so you would know what to expect from your job. 

Main Job Duties of a User Support Technician

  • They need to have good communication skills so they can help out when computer users need them to understand and document problems. They need to be available both electronically and in-person. 
  • Support technicians not only resolve but also reproduce the technical problems so they can diagnose them. 
  • When the users face such difficulties, support technicians’ job is to offer business systems, network as well Internet support. 
  • They research solutions from technical manuals, user guides and other documents. 
  • They may even sometimes redesign applications and softwares. 
  • Support technicians offer suggestions, advice, and training to users so they could better handle the technical difficulties. 
  • They have a problems and solutions log that they keep organized and maintained so other technical support analysts can use it. 
  • Sometimes, they may even supervise other technical support workers. 

Scroll down to see which job titles are included under this NOC code. 

Job Titles Included 

  • Application Support Analyst
  • Call Centre Agent – Technical Support
  • Client Support Representative – Systems
  • Computer Help Desk Representative – Systems
  • Computer Help Desk Supervisor
  • Computer Technician
  • Deskside Support Technician
  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Hardware Installation Technician
  • Hardware Technical Support Analyst
  • Help Desk Analyst – Systems
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • Help Desk Technical Agent
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Information Technology (IT) Support Analyst
  • Information Technology (IT) Support Technician
  • Personal Computer (PC) Support Analyst
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Software Installation Technician
  • Software Technical Support Analyst
  • Systems Support Representative
  • Systems Technical Support Analyst
  • Technical Help Desk Agent
  • Technical Support Agent
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Technical Support Representative – Information Technology (IT)
  • Technical Support Specialist – Information Technology (IT)
  • Technical Support Supervisor
  • User Support Technician

Job Titles Not Included 

  • 22220- Computer Network and Web Technicians
  • 21230- Computer Systems Developers and Programmers
  • 21220- Cybersecurity Specialists
  • 22222- Information Systems Testing Technicians

Eligibility Requirements 

If you want to be hired as a user support technician in Canada, you need to qualify for the job role first. Below are some of the general requirements that an employer might need. 

  • A college program in computer programming, computer science, or network administration
  • Certification or some kind of training offered by software vendors 
  • Employers usually require a degree in network administration or computer programming

Well, after knowing all the required information, what do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a user support technician in Canada? We are sure that you now understand what you require to be a support technician in Canada. 

Why don’t you let us know in the comment section if this blog has been helpful to you? We would love to hear from you! 

What is the new NOC code for 2282?

The new NOC code for NOC 2282 is NOC 22221 according to the new National Occupational Classification version. 

What is a 22221 NOC job description?

Workers under this NOC have a number of job duties to perform. But their main job duty is to identify as well as offer solutions to the technical problems that computer users face.

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