Manitoba International Education Stream (IES) in Canada

Manitoba International Education Stream
  1. Category 1: Career Employment Pathway
  2. Category 2: Graduate Internship Pathway
  3. Category 3: Student Entrepreneur Pathway
  4. Eligibility Criteria Under Manitoba PNP
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an international student and have dreams to go to Canada and settle down there, then choose the International Education Stream. This immigration stream is one of the pathway under Manitoba PNP. The international education stream is further divided into three pathways. Each of the pathway offers different ways to make the best of this entry.

Category 1: Career Employment Pathway

Career employment pathway falls under the International Education stream of Manitoba PNP. It is for those international graduates who have found a stable and long-term employment in an occupation within the Manitoba in-demand occupations list. The applicants should also ensure that they choose an occupation which is in alignment with their educations, skills and training.

After the applicants qualify for Career employment pathway, they are invited to an information session where they are well-informed about all the details of the program.

Details Of Eligibility Factors

The following are the details of eligibility factors for Career employment pathway under International Education Stream:

Factor 1: Education


  1. The candidate must have graduated from an authorised post-secondary institution in the last 3 years
  2. The course should be a full-time course
  3. Another mandatory aspect is that this course should be at least of 1 year duration and 2 semesters
Factor 2: Language Proficiency


  1. This immigration pathway wants the applicants to have Canadian Language Pathway (CLB) 7.
  2. The applicants have been given the choice to fulfil the language criteria in either English or French.
  3. Another important clause is that these language tests are valid only for two years. So, the applicants need to ensure that they apply during this validity period.
Factor 3: Present Employment

Requirement: It is an important part of details of eligibility factors

  1. The applicant should have a full-time job offer in an occupation of the in-demand list which aligns with the applicant’s skills and training.
  2. The job offer should be from an eligible employer in Canada and the contract need to be of at least 1-year.
  3. The applicant need to be engaged in full-time work profile while their application is under assessment.
  4. It is also expected that the job offer that the applicants have should be in NOC O, A or B.
  5. A word of caution for the applicants is that the Manitoba PNP reserves the right to impose program or occupation-specific limits.
Factor 4: Settlement Funds


  1. Show that the applicant has liquid funds equivalent to Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) requirements for a period of 6 months.
  2. It is essentially to fulfil this requirement that a valid job offer is required under the Career Employment stream
Factor 5: Adaptability

Requirement: The applicant should show intent to live and stay in Manitoba.

Category 2: Graduate Internship Pathway

The international students who possess a masters’ degree or doctoral degree from Manitoba can seek immigration through graduate internship pathway under International Education Stream. They also need to be doing internship in areas that will enhance innovation in the province. Applicants who already possess completion certificate in Accelerate or Elevate internship can apply under this program even without the job offer.

The following are the eligibility requirements of graduate internship pathway:

Factor 1: Education

Requirement: Must possess a masters’ degree or doctoral degree in the last 3 years

Factor 2: Language Proficiency

Requirement: The applicant must have CLB 7.

Factor 3: Present Work In Manitoba

Requirement: If the applicant has done high profile internships as Elevate or Accelerate, then it is not mandatory to have a job offer.

Factor 4: Settlement Funds

Requirement: Demonstrate liquid funds equivalent to Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) for a period of 6 months     OR    the employment should be full-time with a long term position in Manitoba.

Factor 5: Adaptability


  1. The applicants should have been staying in Manitoba while applying for the immigration.
  2. They must also submit a prospective career plan.

As an applicant of Manitoba PNP, it is also essential to know about the Manitoba point calculator.

Category 3: Student Entrepreneur Pathway

Manitoba is a growing economy that offers the best opportunities to the immigrants. The province is in very much sync with the global developments and therefore is making a push towards establishing business houses. Student entrepreneur pathway under International Education Stream creates a pathway for international students to establish a business in Manitoba.

Student entrepreneur pathway takes in 20 international students per year and allow them to set up their business on a temporary work permit. If the applicants carry their business well and also perform according to the Business Performance Agreement, then they are nominated for permanent residence in Canada.

Ontario PNP Business Stream

Eligibility Criteria Under Manitoba PNP

The following are the eligibility factors that form the core of eligibility criteria under Manitoba PNP International Education Stream

Factor 1: Experience In Business


  1. The business plan is submitted along with the application to Manitoba PNP.
  2. The business need to be operated by the applicant from a senior managerial post for at least 6 months.
  3. The applicant should have equity ownership of at least 51%.
Factor 2: Language Proficiency


This program has the requirement of at least CLB 7 for the applicants.

Factor 3: Education


  1. The applicant must have full-time post-secondary program degree from Manitoba.
  2. The degree’s duration must be minimum 2 years and distance learning programs are not eligible. This is mandatory to fulfil the eligibility criteria under Manitoba PNP.
Factor 4: Age


The applicants must be between 21-35 age group.

Factor 5: Adaptability


  1. The applicant should possess an open work permit or post-graduation work permit (PGWP) while applying.
  2. Should have been living in Manitoba since the graduation.
  3. Demonstrate the intent to live in Manitoba once the applicant receives the nomination.
Factor 6: Net Worth


  1. There is no criteria of having a minimum net worth or deposit.
  2. But the authorities will look into the applicant’s financial sources to see if the applicant will be able to sustain the business or not.
Factor 7: Business Performance Agreement (Bpa)


A BPA will be signed before the Manitoba PNP approves temporary work permit of the applicant.

The above details throw sufficient light on a major entry of Manitoba PNP and shows how technical and complex the whole process is. So, take help of the best immigration consultants in Delhi and make your immigration process a success in the first go itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which province in Canada is best for international students?

It depends on the stream an international student is working in or looking for a job.

Is Manitoba good for international students?

Yes, Manitoba provides world-recognized educational services. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred Canadian provinces by international students.

Is Canada expensive for international students?

No, Canada is considered to be a very affordable, and bright study destination in Canada for international students.

What are the benefits of settling in Manitoba?

There are several benefits of living in Manitoba. Such as

  1. Low cost of living
  2. Better lifestyle
  3. Great job opportunities
  4. a Business hub
  5. Huge salary package and many more