NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program

The New Brunswick Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program is one of the NBPNP’s candidate streams that allows international students to immigrate to the province. The stream nominates candidates for permanent residency based on their skills, education, work experience, if they can contribute to the economy of the province or not. 

Foreign graduates who have completed at least one or two years of study in select courses are accepted in this stream. NB prefers courses that lead to a career in one of the following occupations:

  • Health
  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • Business Administration
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Education and Social Development

An international graduate will be considered if they studied in a specific private career college. If the colleges are not eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program, they are selected by the NBPNP. 

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Private Career College Eligibility

The selected private career colleges eligible for NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program are:

  • Eastern College
  • Oulton College

These colleges must have met the eligibility requirements to gain participation in this stream. The requirements that a college must meet are as follows:

  • When the college was launched, it must have been designated as a DLI for a minimum of 5 years 
  • Must be registered with the New Brunswick
  • Must offer program of studies that offer career in targeted sectors
  • Colleges must follow relevant acts and regulations
  • Must not be directly in contact with an immigration consultancy
  • Must be in operation for over 8 continuous years; the majority of ownership interests of the college must be held by a Canadian PR or citizen. The college must not have changed ownership in the due time. 
  • Must provide multidisciplinary education programs (but they must not be limited to training for a specific occupation)

The programs to study and eligible occupations according to each college are provided below:

1. Eastern College

Study ProgramsEligible Occupations
Education and Social Development
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker42201 – Social and Community Service Worker
Early Childhood Education42202 – Early Childhood Educators and Assistant
Medical Administrative Specialist13112 – Medical Administrative Assistant
Personal Support Worker33102 – Nurse Aides, Orderlies, and Patient Service Associates
44101 – Home Support Workers, Housekeepers, and related
IT and Cybersecurity
Application Development (Mobile Web)Video Game Development21230 – Computer Programmer and/or Interactive Media Developer
21233 – Web Designers
21234 – Web Developers and programmers
IT Systems and Security AdministratorAdvanced Systems Management and Cybersecurity22220 – Computer Network Technician
22221 – User Support Technician
Business Administration
Accounting and Payroll Administrator12200 – Accounting Technician and Bookkeeper
13102 – Payroll Clerk
14200 – Accounting and related clerks
14201 – Banking, insurance and other financial clerks
Supply Chain and Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistics14400 – Shipper and Receiver
12013 – Supply Chain, Tracking and Scheduling Supervisor
13201 – Production and Transportation Logistics Coordinator

2. Oulton College

Study ProgramsEligible Occupations
Education and Social Development
Early Childhood Education / Educational Assistant42202 – Early Childhood Educators and Assistant
43100 – Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistant
Child and Youth CareHuman Services Counsellor42201 – Social and Community Service Worker
Medical Office Administration13112 – Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Laboratory Assistant33101 – Medical Laboratory Technician and PathologistAssistants
Medical Laboratory Technology32120 – Medical Laboratory Technologist
Practical Nurse32101 – Licensed Practical Nurses
Primary Care Paramedic32102 – Paramedic and related occupations
IT and Cybersecurity
Systems Management and Cybersecurity22220 – Computer Network Technician
22221 – User Support Technician
Business Administration
Business Management and Entrepreneurship12200 – Accounting Technician and Bookkeeper
13102 – Payroll Clerk
14200 – Accounting and related clerks
14201 – Banking, insurance and other financial clerks

Eligibility Requirements for Applicants

The applicant must meet the basic eligibility requirements at all times. This means you must be eligible while registering and applying for the stream as well as when you get nominated and during post-nomination too. 

Even if you meet the eligibility requirements, keep in mind that you still might not receive a nomination certificate. In case you do not qualify for NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program, you may also check out the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) or some other stream of New Brunswick. 

The eligibility criteria for NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program are:

  • Intentions to Reside: The candidate must have intentions to live in New Brunswick.
  • PR Ready: They must be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency at any time.
  • Job Offer: They must have a full-time job offer that states the applicant will be working at least 30 hours a week. The applicant has about 90 days to secure such a job offer.
  • Competitive Wage: The applicant must be paid a competitive wage. 
  • Remote Work Arrangements: If the applicant’s employer allows remote work arrangements, the applicant must be eligible for it.
  • Regulated Occupations: If the applicant’s occupation is one of the regulated ones, they must hold a license or a certificate for it. 

Eligibility Requirements for Employer

Along with the applicant, their employer must also meet some eligibility requirements. In case the employer fails to meet the requirements, the applicant will not be eligible to apply for the stream. 

The employer must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good standing in the province
  • Have a positive relationship with the applicant
  • Pay the federal employer compliance fee
  • Fill out the NBPNP-004 form
  • Must not misrepresent employment opportunities
  • In case the employer is using the stream to expand their workforce, their total gross revenue must be at least CAN$500,000 in the last 1 year, and they must have employed at least 3 citizens or PRs of Canada. 

Ineligibility Factors

Some conditions that you make ineligible to apply for a provincial nomination through the NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program are: 

  • You already have an application registered with GNB and it’s currently active
  • You own a property or business in another Canadian province/territory
  • Your immigration application is being processed in another Canadian province/territory
  • You are living illegally/working without authorization in Canada
  • Your application submitted through any immigration program was refused due to misrepresentation 
  • You weren’t lawfully admitted into the country where you are residing currently
  • You haven’t been lawfully living in your homeland
  • You are a failed refugee claimant living in Canada
  • You are studying full-time (post-secondary) in Canada
  • You were offered part-time employment rather than full-time work
  • Your job position is in sales and the compensation is based on commission 
  • Your job is not based in NB
  • You will be self-employed in NB
  • You own the majority of a business and on the basis of a job offer from there, you are applying for nomination
  • You intend to own the business or and/or become self-employed of the same place you received a job offer from
  • You are on a PGWP and your NOC TEER is in 4 or 5
  • The job offer you received will affect the settlement of a labour dispute or anyone involved in it 
  • The job offer you received would affect the employment opportunity of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

If any of the aforementioned conditions apply, you might not be eligible for this stream. 

Selection Factors

After you ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria of the stream, GNB will assess your application based on the following factors:

  1. Age: must be between 19-55 years at the time you apply to the GNB after receiving an ITA
  2. Education: must have completed studies in a priority occupation program which lasted for at least 10 months from an NB private college eligible for this stream
  3. Official Languages: must have scored at least Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level 5

The language score requirement according to each test are:

Language proficiency testReadingWritingListeningSpeaking
IELTS General4555
CELPIP General5555
PTE Core42513951
TCF Canada375-4056369-3976
TEF Canada151-180226-270181-216226-270

Document Checklist

When you are submitting an application for nomination, you will have to include all the documents and information in it within the 45 days. To submit them, scan the paper documents and convert them into PDF files. The electronic documents must be converted to PDF files as well.

The documents must be in grayscale unless they have photographs, in that case they must be scanned in color. 

In case the applicant is unable to submit any of the required documents, they must provide a written explanation for the same. However, if they are unable to upload language test results and job offer documents, GNB might refuse their application. 

Identity and Civil DocumentsEligibility documentsJob offer documentsOther documents
Birth certificate(s)Language test resultsSkilled Worker Employer Information Form (NBPNP004)Consent and Declaration (NB-005)
Marriage, divorce/death certificate (if required)Academic certificate to prove you studied in NBEmployment contractUse of Representative (NB-007) (if required)
Common-law union (if required)Proof of residence during studiesAffidavit of Translation (if required)
PassportStudy and/or Work permit
Travel documents
Children’s information (if required)
Color digital photo(s)

Application Process of NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program 

Here are the steps to follow to apply to the NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program:

Step 1: Accept Job Offer

Step 2: Create EOI

Step 3: Receive ITA

Step 4: Submit Application for Nomination

Step 5: Get Nominated

Step 6: Submit Work Permit (T13) Application

Step 7: Apply for PR

Step 8: Confirm Your Employment

Step 9: Receive Canada PR Visa

Step 10: Report Your Landing

Step 1: Accept Job Offer

As an international graduate applying to this stream, you are required to accept a job offer from a New Brunswick employer within 90 days of graduation. The employment offer must state that you will be working at least 30 hours a week (meaning full-time) in the province. Your employer must be ready to support you throughout the process.

Step 2: Create EOI

Once you have a valid job offer, you can create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile on the INB portal. You must keep your profile updated at all times, according to each change in your life circumstances, throughout the whole immigration process. 

Step 3: Receive ITA

Now that you have created an EOI profile, the GNB might send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a provincial nomination. If you receive an ITA, you must submit a completed nomination application to GNB within 20 days. 

In case you are unable to do so, your ITA will be removed from the INB account. 

Step 4: Submit Application for Nomination

It is important that you submit a completed application through the INB within 20 days of receiving ITA or your application will be refused. When the GNB receives your application for nomination, it will be reviewed on the basis of the eligibility criteria and selection factors as discussed above. 

There are some factors to keep in mind when submitting your application:

  • Mention all your non-accompanying dependents on the application for nomination, as well as PR application. If you fail to do that, your application might be rejected. Moreover, you must provide their medical exam so that you can sponsor them in future. 
  • Mention the age of your dependent children as of the time when you submit a completed application form to GNB
  • In case you have made any previous immigration application to another Canadian province or territory, you must submit a copy of it, lest your application might be rejected.
  • During the processing of your application, if the GNB requires you to provide more information, you must do so within reasonable time. Failure to provide additional information to GNB can definitely lead to rejection of your application. 
  • If the GNB requires you to attend an interview, you must do so. Through the interview process, the GB will determine whether or not the information you provided in the application is true.

Step 5: Get Nominated

After reviewing your application, if the GNB accepts your application, it will send you an approval letter on your INB account. Along with the nomination certificate, you will also receive a T13 work permit support letter. GNB will only be providing a work permit support letter to the employer who is supporting you through the immigration process. 

Using the support letter, the applicant can apply for a work permit and don’t even need an LMIA for that. 

Step 6: Submit Work Permit (T13) Application

If you want to work in Canada, you may submit a work permit application. Since you studied in Canada on a study permit, and now you have a valid work permit support letter, you may work in Canada for a T13 employer while your work permit application is being processed. 

Step 7: Apply for PR

You must apply for permanent residence after your application is approved within 9 months since the nomination is only valid within that time frame. 

It is the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that will assess your PR application and make a decision on it. 

Step 8: Confirm Your Employment

Once you start working in Canada and it’s been 12 months since you are nominated, you must report the following to the province:

  • Proof of employment in the province
  • Proof of residence in the province while you were employed

After 18 months of working in New Brunswick, if you have been approved as a PR, submit the following documents for declaration:

  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of residence

If you fail to report to GNB, the province may revoke your nomination certificate. 

Step 9: Receive Canada PR Visa

If IRCC approves your PR application, it will issue you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a Canadian PR visa (if your country requires it). 

Step 10: Report Your Landing

Once you become a Canadian PR, you must report your landing to the province within 30 days. 

Processing Time and Fee

GNB may take about 6 months to process an application for provincial nomination submitted through the NB Private Career College Graduate Pilot Program. Similar to other streams of NBPNP, the application processing fee (including the dependents) is CAN$250

Along with the processing fee, there are other fees that the applicant has to pay for themselves and their dependents. These include: medical exam, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), language test results and others. However, such fees will not be paid to the GNB but rather to individual organizations. 

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