New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

Important Update: After November 16, 2022 , NOC 2021 with it’s 5-digit codes will be implemented. The IRCC and Provincial Government will use this new NOC system for all the immigration programs.

new brunswick provincial nominee program

What are the ways to Immigrate to New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is located along the Atlantic Ocean on Canada’s east coast. The province offers several unique Provincial Nomination Programs in order to attract and retain newcomers who are interested in Immigrate to New Brunswick and can contribute meaningfully to local economies and communities. The New Brunswick government regularly invites foreign nationals interested in immigrating to New Brunswick. The provincial nominee program of New Brunswick has different streams since the province caters to different kinds of immigrants. All the streams of New Brunswick PNP are listed below: 

  • New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support
  • New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Family Support 

Eligibility criteria Immigrate to New Brunswick

In order to immigrate to New Brunswick via NBPNP need to satisfy the eligibility criteria that are set by the province. The eligibility criteria of the province are mentioned below: 

  • Candidates who are applying for the Canada PR via NBPNP, should fall under the age bracket of 22 to 55. 
  • Candidates need to score CLB 7 or 7+ in all four categories of language proficiency test i.e. speaking, writing, reading, listening. It is required to prove that candidates have proficiency in either English or French language.  
  • It is necessary to have relevant work experience as well as a suitable educational qualification from an accredited institution.
  • In order to be eligible for the job, the applicant must hold a valid 12-month work experience before three years have passed.
  • If selected, a copy of the commitment to settle in New Brunswick must be submitted.
  • Applicants must provide proof of funds for settling and moving to New Brunswick.

Programs to Immigrate to New Brunswick

The New Brunswick PNP offers some of the most convenient and efficient streams to cater different kinds of candidates who are planning to immigrate to New Brunswick. The streams of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program are mentioned below: 

New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

A pathway to permanent residence is provided by the Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS) in New Brunswick for highly skilled individuals. Applicants who are successful in this program can receive expedited immigration processing through the federal Express Entry immigration system. In order to meet the needs of New Brunswick’s labor market and demographics, the NBPNP can utilize the federal Express Entry immigration selection system. There is an ‘Expression of Interest’ system for this stream. Candidates who are planning to immigrate to New Brunswick need to fulfil the requirements that are listed below in order to be eligible for the stream: 

  • Candidates must have an active Express Entry profile. 
  • It is necessary for candidates to have valid language test results in either English or French at a level equal to Canadian Language Benchmark Level 7 (CLB 7).

New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

In the New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream, recent graduates of New Brunswick’s universities and colleges interested in starting or buying a business and operating it for at least one year are eligible to apply. The applicants who are planning to immigrate to New Brunswick must meet these requirements and intend to settle permanently in New Brunswick in order to qualify for a provincial nomination. In order to qualify for this stream candidates need to fulfil the requirements that are mentioned below: 

  • This stream doesn’t require an active Express Entry profile. 
  • Applicants who are planning to immigrate to New Brunswick and start their own business via this must have completed their graduation from a recognized university in New Brunswick in a post secondary program. Through this candidates will be able to demonstrate their relation with the province. 
  • It is necessary for the candidates to have owned and operated a business in New Brunswick for at least one year. At the time of application, the candidate must also hold a valid Post-Graduate Work Permit.

New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support

This stream is intended for foreign workers with the skills, training, and experience needed to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy. In order to qualify for the program and immigrate to New Brunswick, applicants must meet the minimum eligibility requirements, hold a genuine employment offer from a New Brunswick employer, and intend to stay and work permanently in the province. Additionally, the program helps New Brunswick employers recruit foreign nationals and international graduates who are needed to fill job vacancies due to a shortage of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

There are many factors that affect provincial immigration pathways for the candidates who are planning to  immigrate to New Brunswick, such as federal immigration allocations, application volumes, and employment needs in each province. In order to accomplish these goals, Opportunities New Brunswick Immigration will process applications at its discretion. In order to manage the New Brunswick Skilled Worker program inventory through 2022, Opportunities New Brunswick Immigration has implemented specific measures. The applicant must also meet the following requirements to qualify for this program: 

  • Candidates who are going to  immigrate to New Brunswick need to demonstrate that despite recruitment attempts, the employer was not able to find a suitable candidate who is a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and has the qualifications needed. 
  • Candidates also need to make sure that the salary they are being offered meets the regional wages standard. If there are any collective bargaining agreements in place, the salary will comply. Additionally, any employment standards in New Brunswick must be met. 
  • Only those candidates are eligible to immigrate to New Bunswick who fall under the 22 to 55 age bracket. 
  • For occupations with NOC Skill levels C or D, candidates must demonstrate sufficient English or French proficiency through a language test.

Check out what the top in-demand jobs in New Brunswick in 2022 are and how candidates who are planning to  immigrate to New Brunswick can immigrate to the province. The following jobs are in-demand jobs in New Brunswick along with their updated NOC codes:

In-demand jobs NOC Codes 2016 version Latest NOC Codes 2021 version

Accounting technicians and bookkeepers



Administrative assistants



Computer programmers and interactive media developers



Computer network technician



Database analysts and data administrators



Early childhood educators and assistants



Executive assistants



Human resources professionals



Information systems analysts and consultants



Managers in health care



Retail sales supervisors



Retail and wholesale buyers



Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services



Software engineers and designers



Translators, terminologists and interpreters



New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Family Support

This stream is specially designed for those candidates who have some working experience and their family members are already living in the province. The New Brunswick province terminated this stream on February 16,2018. So, now this stream is not in work. 

Immigrate to New Brunswick as International students

The Canadian public school system provides free education to all citizens and permanent residents under the age of 20. In New Brunswick, public schools are offered in English and French simultaneously from kindergarten through grade 12. In New Brunswick, there are four publicly funded universities, a community college system, two specialized institutes, and several small, private denominational colleges. In New Brunswick, top-quality universities play a vital role in transforming the province’s economy from natural resources to advanced services and technology. New Brunswick University is one of the oldest universities in Canada and is renowned for its engineering and computer science programs. 

Let’s discuss the scholarship for students in New Brunswick. This is one of those provinces which doesn’t have many institutes for scholarship for international students who are planning to enroll at the undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. level by the New Brunswick Provincial Government.

Requirements for Immigrating to New Brunswick

Express Entry Profile 

The Express Entry Labour Market Stream is only open to candidates who are planning to  immigrate to New Brunswick with active Express Entry profiles. In addition to language proficiency, education, age, and work experience, candidates should also possess the following qualifications. The CRS score Calculator will consider these factors when calculating CRS points for Express Entry. For candidates who are applying for this stream and are wondering how to apply for Canada PR from India, the first thing they need is an active Express Entry profile. 

Language Proficiency 

In order to be considered for immigration to New Brunswick, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in either English or French. To meet the criteria of the stream, candidates should have sufficient language proficiency. If you are applying for a job at a NOC skill level 0 or A, this stream requires CLB 7. Candidates can receive free language proficiency training from any credible Canadian immigration best consultant immigration.

Educational Qualification 

In addition to any academic training necessary to perform the job offered, candidates must have a high school education equivalent to Canadian high school education. An immigration consultant who specializes in Canadian immigration should be consulted by candidates. Candidate education qualifications will be assessed through the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment), which will determine whether a candidate’s credentials meet Canadian standards.

Work Experience 

In order to qualify for the New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream, candidates must have at least one year of relevant experience. The only occupations considered are those listed on the NOC skill levels O, A, or B. It is recommended that candidates seek expert guidance from Canada immigration’s best consultants for in-depth information. 


Anyone under the age of 22 and anyone over the age of 55 is ineligible for this province. According to the Canadian CRS calculator, the ideal age group for Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is between 22 and 55. 

Expression of Interest 

The Express Entry Labour stream is open to candidates. As a first step, they must demonstrate their interest in relocating permanently to the province. Applicants who plan to settle in New Brunswick with their families and build their careers there permanently are given priority. To be eligible for the Express Entry stream for the New Brunswick labour market, candidates must fulfil all the requirements. In order to gain expert guidance in the immigration process, candidates may want to contact the best Canadian immigration consultants, who have mastered the immigration process and can assist candidates in moving to Canada smoothly. 

How to Immigrate to New Brunswick?

To immigrate to New Brunswick via New Brunswick PNP, candidates just need to follow the steps that are listed below: 

  • In the process to apply for Canada’s permanent residency via New Brunswick PNP, the first thing candidates need to do is to check whether they are eligible or not. 
  • To obtain permanent residency, candidates need to assess whether they qualify for a particular immigration program stream or not and also, determine which stream is the most appropriate for them. If a candidate wants to find out what the eligibility requirements are for their program, they need to consult the application guides.
  • Once candidates decide the most appropriate stream for them, they need to follow all the listed steps of their stream.  
  • Candidates need to do a thorough research about what credentials are required for the stream they have applied for e.g. work experience, age, language proficiency, educational qualification. 
  • Once candidates complete their credential, they need to find the job in the province and this is the most important part of the process. 
  • After completing the job search successfully, candidates will receive the provincial nomination certificate before immigrating to New Brunswick. Candidates can apply for a work permit once they receive the nomination certificate or they can wait for the application process to be completed before applying.  
  • As soon as candidates are nominated, their application will be sent to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for processing. Once they have analysed a candidate’s application who is going to immigrate to New Brunswick, they will decide whether to approve the candidate’s permanent residency application or not. As part of this process, candidates will have to pass medical exams and a criminal background check. 
  • It is important for candidates to develop a realistic budget so that they can survive in New Brunswick for the next three to six months before leaving.
You can also visit Govt of Canada official website for more Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Brunswick Canada PNP?

New Brunswick Canada PNP offers permanent residence to attract and retain newcomers who are interested in immigrating to New Brunswick and can contribute to local economies and communities.

How Do I Apply for PNP in New Brunswick?

To Apply to New Brunswick Via New Brunswick PNP, applicants just need to follow the steps that are listed in the Blog. Please read the article carefully.

How long does it take to get PNP in New Brunswick?

It takes 6 to 8 weeks to get PNP in New Brunswick.

How many points are required for New Brunswick PNP?

Applicants must score at least 67 out of 100 points on a points grid that measures education, language ability, work experience, age, adaptability factors, and job offer if you had any.

What are the eligibility and requirements for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)?

The eligibility criteria for New Brunswick Provincial Nominee program are:

  • Applicants age should fall under 22 to 55
  • Applicants have to score CLB 7 or more for all the 4 language categories.
  • Applicants should have relevant experience.
  • At least 12 months of work experience before 3 years have passed
  • A copy of commitment to settle in NBPNP
  • Candidates have to provide proof of funds.