New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream is one of the candidate-based streams, operated under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP). This stream is linked with the Express Entry system and hence, to be eligible for it, the first thing you need to do is create an Express Entry profile. The provincial government of New Brunswick prioritizes candidates with work experience, skills, and education to nominate them so they can assist in the economic development of the province. 

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Eligibility Requirements for a Nomination

To be eligible for the NB Express Entry Stream, you must meet the eligibility criteria, and score at least 67 points out of 100. As a candidate, you have to meet the requirements at the time of submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI), when the NBPNP is evaluating your application, and when you are receiving the said nomination. 

Note: Just meeting the eligibility criteria or scoring the required points does not mean you will get nominated. 

The NB Express Entry Stream eligibility criteria in a nutshell:

  1. Intentions to Reside in NB
  2. Eligible Connection 
  3. Proof of Funds
  4. Occupation under NOC 0, 1, 2, or 3
  5. Job Offer
  6. Competitive Wage
  7. Remote Work Arrangements
  8. Regulated Occupations
  9. PR Ready

1. Intentions to Reside in NB

You must show intentions to reside in New Brunswick. You may do so in a variety of ways. Some of them are:

  • You may be working in New Brunswick at the time of applying for a nomination 
  • You tried to look for a job in the province
  • Familial ties in NB
  • You were involved in community service in NB

2. Eligible Connection

You must be able to show an eligible connection to the province. There are three ways to show a connection:

  • NB Employment Connection: You have been living in the province for the past 6 months and right now working full-time or you maybe you have a job offer to work in the province.
  • NB Student Connection: You studied in any post-secondary institution in the province which was eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Your studies must have been completed in the previous 6 months, no more than that. 
  • NB Priorities Connection: Either you or your spouse’s close family member lives in NB. They must be a citizen or a PR and have been living in NB for the past 12 months. 

3. Proof of Funds 

You must show that you can not only support yourself but also your family. Even if your family members are not immigrating to Canada with you, you must show that you can financially support them. 

 In case you have a valid job offer and meet other criteria or you are already working in Canada, you don’t need to show proof of funds

4. Occupation under NOC 0, 1, 2, or 3

Your job position must be under the NOC TEER categories 0, 1, 2, or 3. 

5. Job Offer

Though a job offer is not a mandatory requirement, if you have one, it must be for full-time employment. The employment contract must require you to work at least 30 hours a week and it should not be seasonal. 

6. Competitive Wage

You must receive a competitive wage for the job position that you have been offered. Similarly to the job offer criteria, this one is also not mandatory. 

7. Remote Work Arrangements

If you will be working remotely in New Brunswick, you must be residing in the province, and have also lived there for a minimum of 12 months. Your employer must be eligible to hire you. 

8. Regulated Occupations

If your job offer is in a regulated occupation, you must be certified or licensed for the same by the regulatory authority of that province for the occupation. 

9. PR Ready

Even when applying to get nominated, you must still be Canada PR ready. Keep all the required documents prepared and meet the requirements for the permanent residence application. 

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream: Selection Factors

Apart from meeting the requirements, a candidate also needs to score at least 67 points out of the total 100 points.

These factors are:

  1. Employment (Max. 10 points)
  2. Adaptability (Max. 10 points)
  3. Age (Max. 12 points)
  4. Work Experience (Max. 15 points)
  5. Education (Max. 25 points)
  6. Language Proficiency (Max. 28 points)

1. Employment (Max. 10 points)

If you have a job in New Brunswick or have a job offer, you may be able to earn 10 points for it. If your job meets any of the following requirements, you can earn the required points. 

Employment ConditionsPoints
You have work permit based LMIA and are currently working in NB in any one of the following NOC:
– TEER 1
– TEER 2
– TEER 3
The employer you are working for, their name must be on the work permit. Moreover, your permit must be valid at the time you are applying. Along with your nomination application, don’t forget to upload a copy of the LMIA with your work permit. 
– You are working in NB but in an LMIA-exempt job. 
– Your employer’s name must be on the work permit, and the permit has to be valid at the time of applying. 
– You must be working for at least 1 year for a NB employer. The work must have been continuous, but could be full or part-time. 

2. Adaptability (Max. 10 points)

You may be able to earn a maximum of 10 points if you or your spouse meet any of the following requirements. 

Principal ApplicantPoints
Old JobsYou worked in New Brunswick in NOC TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 3. You were either authorized to work or had a work permit for the same.10
Previous StudiesYou studied in NB for 2 years, took 15 hours of classes a week, at a secondary or post-secondary institution. As a student, you must have achieved good marks according to the school.5
Job OfferYou have a job offer from an employer in New Brunswick.5
FamilyYou or your spouse/common-law partner has a relative in NB who is already a PR/citizen and has been for the past 12 months.
The relative can be:
– Parent
– Grandparent
– Child
– Grandchild
– Sibling
– Aunt/Uncle
– Niece/Nephew
Spouse or Common-Law PartnerPoints
LanguageThey have at least CLB/NCLC level 4.5
Work ExperienceThey have at least 1 year of full-time work experience.5
Previous StudiesThey studied for at least 2 years in NB in a secondary or post-secondary school.5

3. Age (Max. 12 points)

Your age must be between 22-55 years. However, if your age is 47 years or older, you will not receive any points. 

47 and older0

4. Work Experience (Max. 15 points)

You may be able to gain a maximum of 15 points for your work experience. You must have gained this work experience in the NOC TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 3. Moreover, you must show that you performed all the essential duties and the majority of the main duties as listed out in the NOC code requirements. 

It is essential that the work performed must have been paid, as unpaid or volunteer experience does not count. 

Work ExperiencePoints
6 or more years15
4 to 5 years13
2 to 3 years11
1 year9

5. Education (Max. 25 points)

You can gain 25 points with your education, whether Canadian or international. The minimum requirement is that you must have at least completed high school. 

In case of foreign education, get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from a designated organization. 

Master’s Degree OR Professional Degree, one that requires a license23
Two or more degrees/diplomas/certificates22
Bachelor’s degree OR three or more year program studied at a college/university/trade or technical school21
2 year degree/diploma/certificate19
1 year degree/diploma/certificate15
High School graduated5

6. Language Proficiency (Max. 28 points)

Based on your language proficiency, you can score a maximum of 28 points, including both your first and second language tests. 

The language test can be taken from any one of the following approved organizations:

Calculate your score using this table. 

Language testReadingWritingListeningSpeaking

First Language Proficiency

CLB OR NCLC LevelWritingReadingListeningSpeakingPoints

Second Language Proficiency

CLB OR NCLC LevelWritingReadingListeningSpeakingPoints

Document Checklist

After receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you have 45 days to submit an application for nomination. The documents must be in PDF format and clear to read. If there are images in any documents, colour scan them, but if it’s just text, you may keep the settings at greyscale. 

The documents must be either in English or French. If the language is other than these, get the documents translated. Along with your application, you should upload the translated documents as well as the copy of their original documents. 

Identity and Civil Status DocumentsEligibility DocumentsEmployment DocumentsOther Documents
PassportLanguage Test ResultReference LetterConsent and Declaration (NB-005)
Travel documentsAcademic documents or ECAWork ContractUse of Representative (NB-007) [If applicable]
Children’s InformationPrevious Work ExperienceWork PermitAffidavit of Translation [If applicable]
Birth certificateProof of FundsTax InformationInvitation to Apply (ITA)
Marriage, divorce/death certificateAdaptability
Common-law union (NB-008)
Color digital photo

NB Express Entry Stream: Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for Canada PR after being nominated by the NB Express Entry stream. 

Step 1: Create an Express Entry Profile
Step 2: Create an EOI
Step 3: Receive an ITA from NB
Step 4: Submit Application
Step 5: Receive Decision
Step 6: Apply for PR
Step 7: Report Landing to NB

Step 1: Create an Express Entry Profile

To be eligible to apply for nomination through the NB Express Entry Stream, you first need to create an Express Entry profile. You will only be able to do that if you are  eligible for one of the Express Entry programs. You could either be eligible for Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), or Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).  

For the Express Entry profile, you are required to provide your personal information, such as your age, language test certificate number, educational qualifications (an ECA if you received education outside Canada), work experience (Canadian or otherwise), etc. 

Once you are done creating the profile, you will receive an Express Entry profile number and a job seeker validation code. 

One important thing, you must be ‘PR ready’ when you apply for a nomination through any of the NBPNP streams. Being PR ready means you meet all the eligibility and document requirements at the time:

  • you are applying for a nomination
  • your application is in process
  • you receive a decision on your nomination application, and 
  • obviously when you apply for PR

Step 2: Create an EOI

Since you are done creating an Express Entry profile, it’s time you create an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the INB portal. When you visit the INB portal, register yourself as a candidate. 


Using your personal details and after creating a password, your profile will be registered in the system and you can then submit an EOI. 


Through the EOI, you are letting New Brunswick know that you are interested in living and working in the province and can positively contribute to its economic growth. 

Note: Make sure that you keep your profile updated according to your life circumstances. The government of NB must be informed about your life circumstances throughout the application process. 

Step 3: Receive an ITA from NB

After reviewing your EOI, the provincial government of New Brunswick may send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in your INB account. An ITA means you can now apply for ‘nomination’.

You may receive an ITA if you meet any one of the following requirements:

1. 2. 3. 
You are living in New Brunswick
Have a job offer for continuous work from a New Brunswick employer 
The Government of New Brunswick (GNB) selected your profile from the Express Entry pool
Working full-time for a New Brunswick Employer
Work is paid and occupation is listed under NOC TEER category 0, 1, 2 or 3Job offer is for paid, full-time, work in an occupation under NOC TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3

Once you receive an ITA in your account, you will also receive further instructions on what to do. The government of NB will require you to prove the information you provided in your profile earlier on. 

The ITA is valid for the next 45 days and within this period, you are required to submit a complete application to the GNB. In case you are unable to do so, the ITA will be removed once it’s expired and you will be back to square one.

Keep in mind that simply receiving an ITA does NOT mean you WILL be nominated. 

Step 4: Submit Application

Once you are done filling out the nomination application, and paid the CAN$250 processing fee, submit the application online. The GNB will review your application and if it finds that you do not meet the eligibility requirements or the selection factor points, your application will be rejected. 

Since the processing fee is non-refundable, you will not receive a refund. Hence, it’s important that you maintain your eligibility for the NB Express Entry stream throughout the application process.

During the processing, the provincial government may require you to submit additional information and you must provide the information, or else the application may be refused. 

Further, you may be required to attend an interview to verify the information provided in your profile. You must remember to declare your dependent family members in your application, even if they are not coming to Canada with you. 

Step 5: Receive Decision

If you receive a positive decision, meaning your nomination application is approved, you can apply for permanent residence to IRCC. 

Step 6: Apply for PR

Now that you are nominated, you can directly apply for Canada PR to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You must submit a completed PR application to IRCC within the validity period of the nomination certificate, which is 9 months. 

In case you want to get your nomination extended, apply to GNB. It will review your application and decide whether you qualify for an extension or not. You may only apply for an extension if you can prove that you did submit a PR application before your nomination expired but the application was returned by the IRCC later on. 

All in all, the GNB will extend a nomination only once, and that too for a period of 3 months. 

One thing to note here, you have to maintain your nominated status even when your PR application is being processed by IRCC. 

Step 7: Report Landing to NB

If IRCC approves your residency application, you must report your landing in New Brunswick within 30 days of arriving in Canada. Here, landing refers to the interview that you would attend with an IRCC officer and finally be approved as a Permanent Resident. For this, visit your INB account and on My Dashboard, report your PR status. 

Reasons for Application Refusal

These reasons can lead to your provincial nomination application’s refusal: 

  • Not meeting the eligible requirements
  • Not scoring enough points in the selection factors
  • Failed to provide additional information requested by the GNB during the application processing within the time limit
  • Not attending the interview 
  • Not declaring your dependents
  • Failed to provide copies of previous immigration applications and other relevant documents 

There are other reasons that can lead to the rejection of your application. To know about them all, get in touch with Talent Connected Worldwide at +918448386496 today.

Processing Time and Fee

NBPNP will take about 6 months to process your nomination application. 

To get a nomination through the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream, you must pay CAN$250. This fee includes your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children. Remember that the processing fee is non-refundable. 

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