Record Breaking Number of Work Permit in Canada Issued!

Record Breaking Number of Work Permit in Canada Issued!
Did you know how many people received work permit in Canada in 2022? Read the whole news to know the shocking number!

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How many Canadians were issued Work Permits?

The statistics show that more than 608,000 people got work permits in Canada in 2022, so they would be able to stay and work in the country for a period of time. However, why is this number so shocking? It is, because this high number is not just an average rise, it is, in fact, a record breaking number of work permits granted.

The shocking number of people who got their work permits in 2022 even beat the number of people who got their work permits in 2021. In the year 2021, only around 414,000 people got work permits. This indicates that around 200,000 more people got work permits in 2022.

Understanding TFWP and IMP

The TFWP or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, along with the IMP or the International Mobility Program grants Canadian employers the power to issue work permits to temporary foreign workers. The programs started allowing employers since Canada has been facing a labor shortage. Did you know that TFWP and IMP also grant temporary foreign workers rights that are almost the same as Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens?

If we take a look at the percentage of people who got their work permit through the IMP, it would be around 77%. Therefore, in terms of numbers, it would be around 472,000 work permits issued. On the other hand, the TFWP issued around 136,000 work permits.

Province Wise How Many Work Permits Were Issued?

Canada is divided into various provinces and territories, and the temporary foreign workers receive work permits to work in any one of the provinces or territories. Both IMP and the TFWP issue these important work permits. Why don’t we do a province wise work permit analysis now?
  1. Prince Edward Island:- 3,800+ permits
  2. Nova Scotia:- 12,600+ permits
  3. Quebec:- 89,700+ permits
  4. New Brunswick—9,640 permits;
  5. Saskatchewan:- 10,500+ permits
  6. British Columbia:- 102,800+ permits
  7. Northwest Territories:- 260 permits
  8. Alberta:- 43,500+ permits
  9. Nunavut:- 60 permits
  10. Ontario:- 221,200+ permits
  11. Newfoundland and Labrador:- 4,200+ permits
  12. Manitoba:- 19,700+ permits

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