Know the Eligibility Requirements: Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

Know the Eligibility Requirements- Spousal Sponsorship in Canada-min
Canada government, now, allows Canadian citizens along with the permanent residents to sponsor for their partners so they could also receive the PR. After receiving the permanent residency, the spouses or the partners can come to Canada and study/work there. These spouses can come on spousal sponsorship in Canada. However, this, absolutely, doesn’t mean that any spouse can come. Partners have to fulfill some eligibility requirements. Let’s take a look at these requirements below.

Requirements to Support Your Spouse

The citizens of Canada or the permanent residents of the country don’t have to live far away from their loved ones anymore. Because now, they have the option to sponsor their spouse to become Canada’s PR too!

For those who wish to sponsor their partner or spouse, they have to fulfill some certain requirements. These requirements are:

  • They should be a minimum of 18 years in terms of age
  • They should be living in Canada or should be a Canadian citizen
  • They shouldn’t be in prison, under bankruptcy, under a removal order, or have a charge of a serious offense. Removal order in Canada are of various kinds.
  • In the past 5 years or so, they should not have been sponsored as a spouse.
  • The person who is going to be sponsored should be of at least 16 years of age. They should also not be too closely related to blood by the person who is going to sponsor them.

Who cannot sponsor?

A Canadian citizen or a Canadian PR cannot become a sponsor in some cases. Let’s take a look at which things can stop an applicant from becoming a sponsor below:
  • If they are under a removal order.
  • If they have not paid their immigration loan, a performance bond, or family support payments.
  • In case they receive social assistance but it’s not for their disability.
  • They have submitted an application for sponsorship already.
  • If the person who is about to sponsor their spouse or partner is in jail, a penitentiary, a reformatory or prison, then they can also not apply.
These are some of the reasons that could stop an applicant from applying for a spousal sponsorship in Canada. However, there could be more reasons than these. So, it is highly recommended to know of all the requirements before a spouse or partner goes to fill the application for the sponsorship.
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