Know the Latest BC PNP Draw! 169 ITAs Issued

Know the Latest BC PNP Draw- 169 ITAs Issued

British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program’s Draws just came in, and it looks like this time around 169 invitations to apply are available. To know more on BC PNP Draw 28 Feb, don’t forget to read the whole news! 

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Latest BC PNP Draws: 28 February, 2023

The latest BC PNP Draw, issued on 28 Feb, invites around 169 candidates to apply. And the minimum score is 60. Whereas, on the other hand, the maximum score to apply is 83. 

Just like the rest of Canada, British Columbia is also in dire need of workers. The growing economy welcomes as many skilled workers as it can get. This draw is a way for foreign workers to take this opportunity and immigrate to Canada. 

As a foreign worker in Canada, you have the opportunity to elevate your social status. You can have better educational opportunities, better healthcare, and the kind of exposure to a vibrant and diversified society that only a few other places can offer. Canada is one of the best countries, it also has one of the most stable societies in the world. Its education system, healthcare facilities, and natural landscapes are just a few of the most awesome things to name. Thinking whether to settle in Canada or not? We recommend that you, absolutely, do!

Below, we have posted the images from the official website so that you can look at the ITAs for yourself.


Invitations Issued: Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration

From the images above, we can see that invitations are for qualified skilled workers. These invitations are for tech, healthcare, and childcare. 

For the tech field, the total number of invitations are 145, however the minimum score that a candidate should have is 83. For childcare related workers, there are 18 ITAs, and the minimum score is 60. Whereas for the healthcare skilled workers, a total of 6 ITAs are issued, and candidates should have a minimum 60 score.  

In case you wish to know more about the previous draw that was held on 22nd Feb, we have got the images for that as well. Go ahead and take a look!

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