Which Canada Visa Types Should I Choose?


Are you visiting or immigrating to Canada? Well, you need a visa in that case! But wait, which visa type should you choose? Before that, you must know the types of Canada visas, right? Let’s know that then!

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Canada Visa Types

Canada has different types of visas but Canada Visitor Visa, Study Visa, Work Visa, Provincial Nominee Program Visa, and Permanent Residence Visa are mostly used. Mainly they differ on the basis of their timeline. Some visas are temporary while others are permanent. 

The 5 main Canada visa types are:

  • Canada Study Visa 
  • Canada Work Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Program Visa
  • Canada Visitor Visa
  • Permanent Residence Visa

Let’s discuss the main Canada visa types in brief below.

1. Canada Study Visa

A Canada study visa or a Canada study permit allows an individual to study in Canada for a temporary period of time. Choose the right Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and you can then study in Canada and gain valuable years of Canadian education. 

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2. Canada Work Visa

With a Canada work visa or a work permit, you get to work in Canada and gain immensely needed Canadian work experience which is required if you want Canada PR. 

3. Provincial Nominee Program Visa

If you have a particular province or territory in mind where you want to live and work, try applying for a PNP visa. Basically, when you choose to apply for immigration to Canada in a particular province or territory through its Provincial Nominee Program, you can secure an invitation from that program and then immigrate. Moreover, many provincial nominee programs don’t even require candidates to have higher comprehensive ranking system scores. So, if your CRS score is not that great, a PNP might help you out with immigration to Canada. 

4. Canada Visitor Visa

A Canada visitor visa allows you to enter Canada for a short duration of time. A visitor visa does not have lengthy eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill, rather you just need to pass a few requirements and you can then get a visitor visa to Canada! One thing you must keep in mind is that you have to convince the visa officer that once your visit ends, you will leave Canada and return to your home country. 

5. Permanent Residence Visa

Once you get a Canada PR visa you get to work, study, and live anywhere you want in Canada. You will be entitled to a number of benefits, rights, and privileges that permanent residents of Canada enjoy. 

Which Canada Visa Type Should I Choose? 

Based on your requirements and needs, you should choose the right visa type for yourself. It’s important that you identify the main purpose of your visit to Canada so you can apply for the right kind of visa. 

  • A Canada visitors visa is for an individual who wants to visit Canada for the sole purpose of traveling around.
  • 2 year work permit Canada visa allows individuals to travel in Canada while also being employed as it gives them an open work permit. This work permit can be obtained via the International Experience Canada (IEC) visa. This is for those who are looking to work while traveling, they should apply for a visa visa.
  • Canada business visa is best for people who are looking to start or build their own business in Canada. For this visa, they should apply for a Start-up visa.
  • Spouse visa Canada is made for someone who is looking to sponsor their spouse so they can become a Canadian permanent resident, and can sponsor their family member and relatives as well.

As you can see, you should choose the right Canada visa type only on the basis of your travel or immigration purposes. 

What is a Canada PR visa?

With a Canada PR visa, you get to enjoy several benefits such as being able to live anywhere, work anywhere, and study anywhere you want to in Canada. Moreover, you can also sponsor your family members and others to come get Canada PR as well (if you meet the requirements). 

What’s the fastest visa to Canada?

If you apply for immigration to Canada via Express Entry, you get to enjoy much faster immigration services. Express Entry offers expedited services and it is the most popular way to immigrate to Canada among skilled workers around the world.

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