Despite Coronavirus outbreak – Canada continues to accept immigration applications

Despite Coronavirus outbreak – Canada continues to accept immigration applications

During such challenging and difficult times of COVID-19 outbreak, a responsive government is what bonds us together. A government that acts with efficiency, determination and a one that leads by example. Canada continues to welcome visa applications from skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers worldwide who acknowledge that they have an excellent opportunity to live a decent life in the maple leaf country.

Canadian consulates in nearly every country across the world have been driven to shut-down. Since Canadian government employees continue to go heads-down and work diligently from home – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has urged applicants who aspires to immigrate to Canada, to continue submitting their visa application forms along with the supporting documents online.

Immigration Programs You Can Still Apply For A Canadian Visa Express Entry

Express Entry continues to accept applications for immigration and is currently, the fastest way to obtain permanent residency in Canada. If you qualify through one of the below-mentioned categories of this program, you can essentially start focusing on the Canada PR process today itself.

– Federal skilled worker program – For individuals in professional roles such as managers, engineers and physicians.

– Federal skilled trades program – For individuals working in trades that require significant training such as welders and electricians.

– Canadian Experience Class – For people in a professional or skilled position who have already been working in Canada full-time for at least one year within the last 3 years.

You need to build an online profile to immigrate via Express Entry. Once you have created an online profile – your basic information and documents such as qualifications and job offers must be uploaded. You are entered in a pool of applicants, where, by assessing the information and credentials provided in your application, you will be assigned a certain Comprehensive Ranking System – CRS Score. Qualifying candidates are then randomly selected in the frequent Express Entry draws, where they are further issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency.

Quick Tip – Falling short of the CRS cut-off score? Find out some of the easiest ways to boost your final CRS score here.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

It would be the perfect path for you to obtain permanent residency in Canada, whether you choose to live and work in one of the four Canadian Atlantic provinces: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edwards Island. Categories are more flexible given that they aim to support and sustain labour market shortages across a much broader range of occupations. Following are the sub-categories of the Atlantic Immigration pilot:

– Atlantic International Graduate Program – For students who have just completed at least two years in one of the four participating provinces, or have a diploma at the designated tertiary institution.

– Atlantic High Skilled Program – For professionals and skilled workers would have had at least 1,560 hours of experience in their field over the last 3 years.

– Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program – For workers working on the job includes cooks, butchers, food and beverage workers. You also need a high school diploma along with 1,560 hours of work experience in your job within the last 3 years.

Home Support Worker Pilot

The average expectancy of Canadians is quite high, 81 years. This makes it more difficult to cope with day-to-day life, particularly for people who live on their own, to a significant part of the population in Canada today who have been retired. The home support worker pilot is a variant of the old caregiver program that has been upgraded.

The program grants you an open work permit, where you have the freedom to switch job should you wish to. You won’t have to stay with your employer anymore. The Canadian government has adopted several updated initiatives to prevent the creation of abusive situations. To qualify though this pilot program, all you need to do is:

Apply through the pilot and the work visa for a permanent residency (PR) simultaneously. You will be considered for PR status after you have two years of work experience in Canada.

Make sure you have at least one year’s caregiver credential. If you do not have one, you can always enroll in, and complete a course while working in Canada.

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